davey whitcraft


Wifi converted to sound. 2014.

We hosted an exhibition of Jesse Michaels paintings at our studio (Strangeways Academy).

CRIME and WAR: An exhibition by Jesse Michaels

Strangeways Academy is pleased to present Crime and War, by Jesse Michaels. Michael’s paintings take us through the process of civilization representing humanity’s attempt to impose order upon natural forces by exploring two fissures in this organization of society, namely the verities of crime and war. In these recent medium-scale oil and mixed medium pictures, a world of natural power which lies just beyond the reach of law and diplomacy is given free-reign. Thtrough allusions to 1940s cinema and the use of modernist fragmentation, the paintings evoke a parallel univers in which criminality and combat function not as catastrophic inevitabilities but instead as sources of luminous meaning. Outsider-art, humor, and punk candor are presentation elements in a narrative which invites viewers to explore the dark areas of their own psyches.

Jesse Michaels is an oil painter from Oakland, California. Most well known as a Bay Area musician in the 1980s and 90s, Michaels plotted a parallel path in the visual arts which yielded iconic imagery for bands including Green Day, Neurosis and his own group Operation Ivy. In 1998 Michaels embraced a fine-art practice ad after several years of personal study began showing his work in Berkeley and San Francisco.