davey jones


“A villain is just a victim whose story hasn’t been told.”

  • Charming:So I had the dragon cornered, right
  • Hook:Right
  • Charming:And then when the bastard least expected it I swung my sword down and lobbed the head clean off!
  • Hook:CLASSIC
  • Charming:Right?? Didn't even see it coming!
  • Hook:Oh man you know that reminds me of this one time back in Wonderland. I'd gotten separated from my crew and it was just me surrounded by ten, maybe fifteen soldiers
  • Charming:Been there
  • ~
  • Emma:oh my god
  • Snow:How long has this been going on?
  • Emma:mom i think dad's in love
It'll probably be like
  • Charming:We need your help
  • Hook:*sarcastically* Are you sure mate? I might betray you.
  • Charming:I'm sorry
  • Hook:I'm afraid sorry isn't going to cut it.
  • Charming:fine I'll do it.
  • Hook:do what exactly?
  • Charming:I'll divorce Snow
  • Hook:what? no-
  • Charming:our love is eternal Killian
  • Hook:you're being ridiculous
  • Charming:I've been running away from it
  • Hook:David no.
  • Charming:It's because of Emma, isn't it?
  • Hook:no
  • Hook:It's because of Floor.

#you are hurting my feelings, Charming #you ungrateful little shit #AFTER I helped you to save your daughter #and trying to save your royal ass before you jumped into the water #which is a cute ass btw #I thought we’ll become mates again #your tone sounded quite hostile your highness #is it because I’m a pirate? #is it because i’m fat? #is it because Emma and I are canon?

P.S: As you see, little seagull helped me a lot because of reasons. THANK YOU, AGAIN, MACA. <3 <3