REQUEST(S):  “Any Race imagine but if it could be funny that would be amazing because I love Race and I’m in the mood for funny. Thank you for doing this!”

“If you wrote race x reader I would love you forever”

SUMMARY: Y/N is breaking one of the most important and enforced newsie rules. And, worse than that, she’s got a crush on her way too attractive selling partner that simply won’t go away.

A/N: okay so apparently i’m incapable of writing short imagines because this’ll have a part two coming soon. there’s not too much race x reader in this one because it’s more of a buildup, but next part will have more of that. i tried my best to make it funny, i guess? and by that i mean i just let the narrator (reader) go with barely any filter on their thoughts so, enjoy!


When it came to being a newsie, there were rules in place that really should be followed. I had never been one to really favor breaking the rules without necessary, so I followed as many as possible:

1. Pay for your papes
2. Do whatever it takes to sell them
3. Don’t steal anybody’s anything
4. Do not come back with papes left unless you want to be eating them for dinner

There are some rules, however, that just have to be broken. Such as lucky rule number five:

5. No girls allowed

This rule in particular was bullshit in my opinion, and really it was there for no reason. Why would The World deny having more papers sold just because a girl was selling them? Honestly, it’s like these guys know nothing. But, you know, it wasn’t too much of a setback. It just meant getting up earlier than all the other boys to make sure all my hair stayed tucked in my cap, wrap up my chest a little bit (since boys aren’t exactly supposed to have breasts) - oh, and no talking. Ever.

Me attempting to imitate a boy’s voice was just too pathetic, and this way I would never slip up. Sure, it takes a lot of restraint to not scream at some of the boys sometimes, but it pays for the food. Plus, the minute the boys found out I was “mute” they rejoiced - according to them I was a gold mine. All I needed was a selling partner, and we’d make easy money.

Race had jumped at the opportunity. Sometimes I wish he hadn’t. It’s much harder to pretend to be a straight boy when your partner’s smile is so cute you’re pretty sure it’s not even legal. And, God, that damn smirk of his. How’s a girl supposed to stay in control when he’s making some dumb joke, sporting that smirk with his hair all messed up from a day of selling papes? It’s just unfair.

And of course I had wished for someone to confide in. I hadn’t talked at all in months, and I could barely remember what my voice sounded like. When I got time alone, sometimes I would whisper to myself under my breath just for relief purposes. There’s just so much to talk about, and I haven’t gotten to say any of it all because of some stupid rule that says I can’t be a girl if I want to sell papes. From the very beginning I had been dying to find someone who I trusted enough to tell without them blabbing to everyone, but I just hadn’t worked up the courage yet. I certainly hadn’t planned to have Katherine find out because I couldn’t keep my mouth shut.

She was walking with me on the way back to the lodge and she was working on an article, thinking out loud at she wrote. “Ugh, I need a good synonym for amazing. I’ve used that word like five times already.” She ran a hand over her face, obviously in distress, and it just kind of slipped out.

“Phenomenal.” Her eyes widened and she looked up from her paper at me slowly, shock overtaking her face. I slapped a hand over my mouth as I felt the panic start to take hold of me.

“You - you can talk? Oh my god, oh my god. Were you just pretending to sell more papers? That’s some damn good commitment you got there…”

“Please don’t tell anyone!” I squeaked, which was very much the wrong thing to do, because up until this point she had only heard me say one word - and gender is kind of hard to determine from four syllables. However, when you’ve said an entire sentence in your much-higher-than-a-boy’s voice, that kind of gives it away. For a second time, she freaked.

“You’re a girl! That’s why you don’t talk! That’s hilarious!” She broke out laughing as I stood there, still scared out of my mind but a little bit calmed by her lack of anger. “I won’t tell any of the boys, promise,” she breathed, smiling. “Oh, but this is so great! Finally, another girl I can talk to about these damn boys!” I laughed at that, and soon we were both giggling like idiots.

Suddenly, her face lit up. “How long has it been since you got to, you know, lose the getup?”

“Don’t know, lost count.” I shrugged and she squealed. Grabbing my arm and dragging me in the opposite direction of the lodge. “Kath, we’re going the wrong way.”

“Nope, you’re not going to the lodge.”

“I’m not?”

“No, you’re staying at my place and you’re going to get to be a girl again for tonight.”


“Hey! Anybody seen Mute?”

A chorus of ‘no’s came as a response, and Race sighed. He’d left his partner with Katherine, but they had yet to make it to the lodge and it was already dark. Jack was worried as well, both of them concerned that something had happened. Mute was a great selling partner with all the sympathy he ignited, but he was a scrawny guy and if someone had attacked them, Race wasn’t sure Mute would’ve been able to fight them off. Eventually, it got too late, and both he and Jack fell asleep.


An hour before the boys woke up for the morning, I came sneaking through the lodge door, already prepped and ready for the day (hair clipped in place thanks to Katherine, and breasts securely flat). I’d spent the night with Katherine sharing stories and finally talking about all the things I’d been dying to say. Saying Kath was excited when I went on a rant about how annoyingly attractive Race was was an understatement - the reporter was ecstatic. I tried to calm her down - “it’s never gonna happen, Kath, to him I am and always will be a boy. And even if he’s gay, I can’t even speak” - but it was no use.

We hadn’t actually ended up sleeping. Instead, we’d spent the early hours making me look like a boy again, with some added improvements. Before I’d left, Kath had given me a book, so when I arrived back at the lodge and there was a little while before the morning bell would ring, I sat on my bunk and read.

The minute the morning bell rang, the lodge filled with noise. All the boys were waking up and fighting for space. In order to avoid the chaos, I walked outside, leaving the book on my bunk. I was enjoying the small noises of a New York morning when suddenly someone was standing next to me.

“You and Kath get back alright last night? Didn’t see you before I fell asleep.” The mere sound of Race’s voice made my face heat up and I hated it. The fact that he had noticed my absence made my heart skip a beat, even though I was sure it was more of a brotherly type of “this kid can’t even talk he needs to be protected” kind of way. I nodded as a response and he gave a little nod of his own.

After the previous night I wanted more than ever to tell Race everything. Maybe if he knew I was a girl things would be different. Maybe if I could actually talk to him, this whole thing would be easier.

“Mornin’ boys!” Jack came up behind us with Crutchie beside him. “Hey Mute, Kath get home okay?” Before I could respond with a nod, Race was talking.

“Why don’t you ask her yourself?” He pointed down the street a little where Katherine appeared to be sprinting toward us at full speed. When she reached us she was panting heavily, attempting to relay what must’ve been important news.

“The Delanceys… they’re coming here… heard something about a girl Newsie,” she said in between breaths. I felt my heart stop in my chest. Being discovered as a girl by the boys or Katherine was one thing, being discovered by the Delanceys was another. They wouldn’t hesitate to take me away for breaking the rules, and I don’t think the fact that I’m a girl would stop them from roughing me up a bit.

“I think we would’ve noticed if one of was a girl,” Romeo said, causing all the boys to laugh. By now everyone was up and gathered. Katherine kept glancing around and I could tell she was panicking. I made brief eye contact with her and I’m sure she could see the fear in my eyes. She was doing a better job at hiding it. I was about to start shaking uncontrollably. In the distance, The Delancey brothers could be seen walking in our direction.

“You smell that boys?” Race called out, smiling as the Delancey brothers scowled. “It smells like we got the bad kind o’ company!”

“I’d shut your mouth if I were you,” Morris growled.

“We got reason to believe one of you maggots has been breaking the rules. Youse hiding a girl in that lodge of yours.” Jack stepped up to Oscar confidently, no hesitation  in his stance.

“What - you sayin’ we wouldn’t be able to tell if we’s had a girl selling papes with us? We ain’t hiding no girls.” I wondered what would happen if Jack knew that he was lying. More importantly, what would happen if the Delanceys started poking around? They so much as knock my cap off my head an I’m a goner. It was too late to pull it down to hide my face more, it would be too suspicious. Plus, it was already blocking my face some, as usual.

I tensed as the brothers started walking through the crowd of boys. They were met with plenty of laughs and jeers, and quite a few jokes made. The world stopped.

And then started again as the Delancey boys begrudgingly left, not having found what they were looking for. The newsies taunted them as they walked away and I let out a sigh of relief.

“That was a close one,” Katherine gave a little laugh.

“Whaddya mean?” Jack asked, and I froze again. “Why was it a close one?” I watched as Katherine tensed up, trying to form some sort of explanation the wouldn’t give me away.

“Well, you know, I - uh…. I thought that, maybe, he was gonna… hit you? Yeah! I thought he was gonna hit you, but he didn’t…. So it was a close one?” Jesus Christ, Kath, really?

Murmurs were starting to get louder throughout the crowd as everyone began to search for the supposed girl among them. Race wasn’t looking at me at all, and I really don’t know whether I was relieved or offended. Maybe he trusted me too much to think I would lie. Not that I ever actually said I wasn’t a girl. Or, you know, said anything at all. If I was any of these boys, I would honestly choose myself as suspect number one. Who trusts someone you know nothing about because they can’t tell you? Ridiculous.

“It’s only a close one if one of us is actually a girl,” Crutchie spoke up. I could tell he was trying to save Katherine, God bless his pure little soul, but Kath and I were in deep shit now.

“Well, I mean…” She shot an almost unnoticeable glance my way, as if asking if it was okay. I almost nodded yes. Almost. Except then Morris Delancey was back and standing behind Katherine, and I was ready to just drop dead because this entire situation was one big piece of shit that I was not planning on when I didn’t sleep at all.

“You got information you’d like to share?” Morris asked Katherine. Her face contorted with anger as she spun on him.

“If I did I certainly wouldn’t tell you!

“I think we left a little too soon earlier, didn’t get a chance to really check.” Oscar Delancey was standing directly behind me and his voice sent chills down my spine. How the hell did he even get there? It’s not even noon and this has got to be the worst day of my life.

And then Katherine did exactly what she shouldn’t have done. She glanced at me. And Morris saw it. In seconds, he was walking towards me. As I prepared to exposed, or maybe even hit, Race stepped in front of me quickly. He stood defiantly, staring Morris down.

“Move out my way.”

“Leave ‘im alone, he ain’t done nothin’ wrong. He can’t even speak.” Okay, maybe not the worst day. Some good things have happened. For instance, Race has showed that he cares about me twice already. Plus, if I looked down just slightly I’d have a great view of his ass (not that I’m thinking about that at all).

“Aw, have we got ourselves a poor little mute?” Oscar taunted from behind me. He was closer to me now, making it much harder to stay calm.

“I said leave ‘im alone,” Race spoke, his voice much more demanding (which was damn attractive but now’s not really the time for that).

“Whatchya gonna do 'bout it?” Oscar Delancey’s hand came down on my shoulder and my entire body tensed up. And then I was off. I sprinted past Race, Morris, and Katherine. I heard the Delanceys shouting and running after me, and I was sure the boys were in absolute chaos because by now they would’ve realized that I’m the girl who broke the rules and became a newsie.

As I reached a familiar alleyway I took a sharp right and tucked myself against the wall, watching as Morris and Oscar ran past my hiding spot. I headed further down the alley, coming to what appeared to be a dead end, but really it wasn’t. Race had shown me this place our first week as partners. After a little bit of squeezing, I was through the other side and strolling leisurely down the street, headed in the direction of the lodge. I wasn’t sure what would happen when I returned, but I really had nowhere else to go.

As I got closer I could sense the commotion. I was positive at least some of the newsies had gone out to sell papes, but Race and Jack would’ve stayed behind to question Katherine. Davey would be there by now, and I wondered if he’d been filled in yet. As I walked into the lodge I got five pairs of eyes all suddenly on me. Race, Katherine, Jack, Davey, and Crutchie were all sitting and talking.

“Mute! Thank god you’re okay, we were so worried!” Crutchie was smiling at me and I couldn’t help but be confused. It was Crutchie after all, but even he seemed a bit happy considering he should’ve just found out that I’d basically been lying to him. No doubt Kath had explained that I wasn’t actually mute, and I had a real name that definitely wasn’t Mute.

“Oscar sure scared ya, but you’re safe with us,” Race smiled at me (and my heart melted).

“Sorry I missed it, Mute,” Davey gave me an apologetic smile. “I can’t believe the Delanceys really thought one of us was a girl,” he laughed.

Wait, what?

I caught Kath’s eye and she winked at me. No way. Absolutely no way. I sprint away while they’re talking about a girl secretly being a newsie and they still don’t figure it out?



side note: I don’t mean to offend anyone with the picture of what a girl is painted in this imagine, I’m basing it more off standards/expectations of girls during the time period

Source Material
It was fine morning. I woke up, ate breakfast, and headed to work.

Fantasy AU
It was a blessed new dawn. My eyes cracked open, I drank a potion at the tavern, and headed to the local guild to grab a quest.

Victorian England AU
It was a grim and rainy night. I awoke and drank down a bottle of good ol’ whiskey and took a puff of my pipe before heading down to the precinct. Somebody’s been murdered.

Edgy AU
The morning was as dark as my soul. I was already awake. I gulped down a cup of murky water and went to work, where I kick puppies for a living. If you can call my miserable existence “living”.

The AU Where That One Character Didn’t Die
It was a beautiful morning. I woke up in the arms of my 100% alive best friend who’s now also my husband. We ate breakfast together and he wished me a good day before I headed out.

Highschool AU
The alarm clock rang. Oh no, I was gonna be late for the first day of school! I quickly gulped down the breakfast my mom made me and headed to catch the bus.

College AU
The alarm clock rang. Oh fuck, I was gonna be late for my afternoon lectures. I quickly grabbed my clothes and fucked off to class before my dorm mate/girlfriend woke up.

Medieval AU
The sun did shine on that fateful day, as I woke from my slumber and walked out of my chambers and down to the court, where mine father was examining a list of possible suitors.

Space AU
Captain’s log, Stardate 2217.5. It is day 1023 of our 20 year mission to explore new worlds and expand the frontier into the unknown depths of space. I’ve taken my nutrition pills and I am ready for today’s adventure.

Pirate AU
Captain’s log, January 29th, 1717. Yesterday I thought would be my final log, as my ship sunk to Davey Jones’ locker. But behold, as I was having my last meal, a beautiful maiden, half woman and half fish rescued me from the depths.

Space Pirate AU
Captain’s log, 29.01.3017. The galactic authority were on my tail, nearly got us last night. I didn’t get much sleep. The ship’s kitchen system is busted too, so no breakfast either. Still, I’ve got alien hotties to mack on.

Wild West AU
Another sunny day in the Mojave. Five-Foot Joe is still out there. A kind lady gave me a jug of milk because I helped herd her cows. I didn’t stick around for her to thank me though. My work is never done.

Post-Apocalyptic AU
I woke up today, I don’t know what day it is. It’s cold. I slept inside the remnants of an old hotel last night. We were safe from the Creeps there, but I don’t know how long I can keep this group together without food.

Prehistoric AU
Gobrak find meat last night. Eat good. Gobrak find new meat today. Gobrak eat good. Gobrak go hunting.

The Really Weird And Specific AU That’s Popular In One Particular Fandom For Some Reason
It was a fine morning. I woke up, ate breakfast, and headed to work. Also half of my friends are intelligent pets.

Look around and see the friends
The ones you left, our friends deserted
See the guys that used to talk and drink with you
Don’t look down your nose at me
‘Cause I won’t ask your sympathy
I won’t be your yes-sir man for anything
Too bad, I’m not losing sleep
I’m just counting sheep
I’m not losing sleep, my friend

285. I’M NOT LOSING SLEEP - Davey Jones: The 1966 Pye Singles




PREVIOUSLY: “I let my fingers entwine in his hair as I pulled his face closer, crashing his lips on mine.”

A/N: this is shorter than the last one (sorry) and even worse tbh but i had writer’s block so oh well, hope you enjoy it


The room went silent. The whole world went silent. It was just my lips on Crutchie’s, my grip still on his vest and my fingers desperately entwining themselves in his hair. And then there was him kissing back, his arm sliding around my waist and pulling me closer, his other hand cupping my face. He was leaning on me slightly without the support of his crutch, but I couldn’t care less. The entire universe existed right here in this moment.

And then the shouts and cheers and hoots returned to my ears as the boys egged us on. They were going absolutely wild. We pulled away for air and his face was flushed red, his hair a complete mess. I imagined I looked the same, right down to the goofy grins on our faces. There were whistles and several congratulations and I went to step away before I embarrassed myself any further, but his arm was still around my waist, pulling me back to him. And then he was kissing me again, and I never wanted to leave.

There were groans mingled with the laughter this time, and I was sure I could hear Les pretending to puke from somewhere behind me, but Crutchie seemed oblivious as he pressed his lips to mine like his life depended on it. How long had we both been waiting for this? How deprived had we been of all the days we could’ve been doing this? We’d had a small taste, and now we were hungry for more.

I could feel it in the way he kissed and held me. He wanted more than this. He wanted to hold my hand as we walked down the street. He wanted to wrap an around me or hug from behind. He wanted to wake up with me every morning. He wanted to brush my hair out of my face and let his hand rest on my cheek. He wanted to keep kissing me forever. I hoped he could tell just how much I wanted all of that, too.

When we broke apart this time we were panting. The lack of air was burning my lungs, but the smile never left my face. I turned around to see Davey, Katherine, and Jack beaming at us like proud parents.

“Hey, Y/N?” Crutchie asked, bringing my attention back to him. “You think maybe ya’d like to go on a date sometime?” I nodded yes vigorously, basking in the way he was looking at me again.

The circle began to break apart as boys came up to us or walked away. Race clapped Crutchie on the back and made a comment about how he’d said I’d be Crutchie’s girl and someone owed him money. I got smiles, congratulations, and many ‘finally’s from the boys swarming around us. Katherine pulled me into a tight hug, squealing. Jack pretended to be sad about how “they grow up so fast” and Davey was giving me a knowing look. Everything and everyone was so happy. I couldn’t imagine ever living outside of this moment.

No nightmares came that night. No nightmares came for a week. Everything was absolute bliss.

Until it wasn’t.

One week of happiness was apparently a little too much according to the universe, so of course some bad luck had to be thrown my way. Who ever decided it was okay for me to go out selling on my own anyway?

Okay, so it may have been me who was very offended by the idea that I couldn’t handle selling papes on my own because I was a girl, and it might have been me who decided I was perfectly fine doing it on my own, thank you very much, but that’s beside the point. The point is I wish I hadn’t gone out alone on this particular day. Or on any day. Ever. If I hadn’t, maybe I wouldn’t have ended up with Oscar Delancey placing his arms on the wall that my back was pressed against on either side of me so that I couldn’t escape.

He had cornered me into in alley, completely alone. His brother was nowhere to be found, but I didn’t doubt that he would magically appear to aid Oscar if I put up too much of a fight. He wasn’t going to touch me, that much I knew at least. I was too dirty for the likes of him. However, that did leave the question of what he planned to do to me. He raised his hand and brought it down swiftly, his brass knuckles grazing my cheek and surely leaving a mark. He grabbed my shoulders and practically threw me at the other wall of the alley so that I landed in a heap on the ground. My lip was bleeding, and I was certain my cheek was to. I listened as he walked away, but made no move to get up once his footsteps had faded. I was pretty sure something had happened to my ankle, because I couldn’t move it without a shock of pain going up my leg. I let myself stay crumbled up, leaning against the wall, sobbing uncontrollably.

I don’t know how they found me - maybe they heard me crying - but a little while later Specs and Romeo were helping me up, frantically checking for any injuries and asking me what had happened. I didn’t speak. I couldn’t get a word out past the lump in my throat. They supported me from both sides and started walking in the direction of the lodge, asking questions the whole way there. It was getting dark out and I wondered just how long I had been in that alleyway.

Romeo was forced to kick the door open for fear of me falling if I lost the support of his arms. All heads turned at the sound of the door slamming against the wall, and I swore I could hear everyone gasp at once. In an instant Jack was helping to carry me to my bunk. Davey was questioning Specs and Romeo, but he wasn’t getting anything. I wished I had told the two of them so I didn’t have to say it in front of everyone now.

There was a sudden path clearing through all the boys, and my heart started pumping faster when Crutchie stumbled next to the bunk and knelt down, grabbing my hand.

“Y/N? Y/N, what happened?” He was whispering gently, trying to coax the answer out of me, but I could see the panic in his eyes. I could feel the pain in him in the way he was gripping my hand a little too tight. I needed him to know I was okay. He had to know I was okay.

“I’m fine,” I choked out. “Just a little roughed up. But that’s the Delanceys for ya, right?” I cracked a small smile in hopes of lightening the mood, but Crutchie’s face became distorted with anger.

“The Delanceys did this to you?” His voice was louder now, and his words sparked angry mumbles in the crowd surrounding us. His grip on my hand tightened even more.

“I’m fine,” I repeated. “I’m fine.” Maybe, if I kept saying it, I’d believe it too.

I could feel my eyes getting heavy. I’d spent the better part of the day crying away all my energy in that alleyway, and now I was exhausted. I fell asleep to the sound of the newsies bickering over who would be the one to pummel the Delanceys for hurting me. I hoped they didn’t follow through, because I didn’t doubt that Crutchie would be the first in line.


The nightmare was back, but it was different this time. My dad was hitting my mom again, and I was shoving her out of the way, letting myself be hit instead. But when his hand came down it was cold and metal. I looked up to find that it was no longer my father’s face staring down at me, but Oscar Delancey’s. He was grinning manically, and then he was hitting me again and again and again and again and again and -

Y/N!” I woke up to Crutchie whisper-shouting my name and shaking me. My face was wet with tears and my throat felt raw. “Are you okay? What happened? Are you alright?”

The lodge was dark and it seemed everyone else was in their beds. I tried to choke back a sob but it was no use. Crutchie wrapped his arms securely around me and let me cry into his chest. He whispered in my ear, trying to calm me down. Somehow, he knew. He knew exactly what I’d dreamt. He didn’t have to say it, but he knew. So he held me tightly as I cried and he played with my hair and whispered that he loved me and that he wouldn’t let anyone hurt me.

And as long as he was still there to hold me when the nightmares came, I was pretty sure I was gonna be okay. We were gonna be okay.




“A villain is just a victim whose story hasn’t been told.”

And I say to myself

That she shouldn’t love anybody else in the world but me

And I say to myself

Forget her now, now, now

She don’t want you

She don’t love you anymore

And I say to myself you’re a fool, fool, fool

She’s don’t love you

She don’t need you, this I know

290. AND I SAY TO MYSELF - The Pye Singles, 1966

anonymous asked:

So which overwatch character(s) would your oc(s) main? (You can mention any oc you want, haha 😌)

WHAT A GREAT QUESTION ANON, jess and chatted some about this earlier so we can drop in some of her kids too since i figure this is probably mostly a maggot boy-related ask so ok let’s see WELL

  • davey would absolutely main reinhardt and be Way Too Aggressive about it and constantly charge straight into the enemy team and die but also be fucking terrifying any time he gets nanoboosted
  • chainey has a high twitch reflex would be pretty decent at mccree but also enjoy going support (zen and ana) (and would probably be pissed at davey every match for overextending)
  • sam would play pharah 100% for her aesthetic (mechsuit babe hell yes)
  • owen would fucking instalock junkrat and spawn camp at every opportunity, sometimes also play genji (you know, red team genji who is always behind your team murdering your healer, always has his ult, and is impossible to hit)
  • parker would be a mercy one trick who gets super salty about his team being idiots and makes a deadly battle mercy when cornered
  • micah (straight from the jess’s mouth) “plays characters too technical for him and ragequits when it doesn’t work out but refuses to budge,” so he’s that sombra on your team that spends the whole match hacking the same health pack way across the map that no one uses, getting shot out of stealth, and translocating off the side of the map
  • bastian plays widow
  • deacon fills but spends every game ragging on bastian (”they have a d.va and a winston fucking switch” “get on the point you wad” “are you gonna get a pick or what”)
  • reth has “0 strategy 0 plan games arent fun unless you’re mashing and playing tank”
  • noemi is the world’s most annoying tracer

Also, @polygonfighter told me this and I cannot stop thinking about it:

Pirates of the Carribean exists in the Kingdom Hearts universe. Davey Jones has no heart. Ergo, Davey Jones is technically a Heartless.

Tho, I did realise that technically that would mean he’s a Nobody given the ass-backwards way these things in KH work, but still, that’d mean his Heart would probably be a boss.

Imagine Sora proudly saying “I’ve got a jar of diiiiiirrrrrrrt! I’ve got a jar of diiiiiirrrrrrrt! “ …