davey cosplays

Once and for all we won’t carry no banners that don’t spell freedom!

My sister @sickeningly-sweet-honey and I did a photo shoot for newsies lol what a time. 📰❤

Cosplayer Head Canons, Part 2

-Jack is actually the best at body painting/spray painting
-Davey always draws up the blue prints for Spot’s builds
-Spot is forever grateful
-Spot will take his builds to Jack to paint them
-in exchange, he builds Jack an Iron Man suit
-he has to make Davey promise not to tell Jack/let him see the blue prints
-Jack probably sheds a tear because it’s GORGEOUS
-he makes Davey cosplay Bruce (“science bros, Dave. science bros”)
-he paints Davey’s hand/forearm to look like Hulk’s hand
-it looks incredible
-Specs makes people prescription glasses/goggles for their cosplays because he despises contacts with every fiber of his being
-Kath always cosplays book characters
-no one knows who she is usually, but she’s okay with it
-Buttons, Albert, and Davey are the “sew bros”
-they all stay up late seeing because no one else can bother to learn
-except for Jack that one time
-no one likes to talk about it
-but we’ll tell you anyways
-they also no longer sew with the table cloth on the table
-Davey made hogwarts robes for everyone
-the sew bros start setting booths up at the cons
-they do really well, and become a staple at the convention
-jack gets davey to cosplay a male Pepper Potts and they have an amazing Iron Man/Pepper photoshoot
-like seriously
-it’s incredible
-Romeo is the best photographer, and always does the photo shoots for everyone


my sister and I were post-strike Newsies for Halloween!! don’t worry, we soaked ‘em right back!