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First Day Back

I’m still working on more with Davey and Spot, so don’t worry I’ll get it up soon….ish. But I finished this one first so here you go. 

This is about Davey going back to school, and Jack being a caring friend.

This is part of the same universe as my other story, so I guess we can call this a prequel of sorts. And this is also available on my AO3.

This is the other story in this AU

Davey had lived in denial right up until the moment he actually walked through the gate to school.

His father had returned to work, at a new factory of course, towards the end of September, and once his paycheck had come in, he had announced excitedly that the boys would be returning to school.

The dread in Daveys stomach had stayed all the way through the celebratory dinner they had that night. Not even Jack and Crutchie joining them had made it better, he had barely been able to taste the chicken his mother had bought special that afternoon.

As soon as he had been able, he excused himself to go sit on the fire escape in the waning sunlight.

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inspector-starfish  asked:

Give me modern newsies high school au thing with who's in what clubs and on what sports teams go

Alright here we go

  • Jack is a solid D student, except in art class where he makes straight A’s. He isn’t involved in any “official” clubs, but the art teacher Ms. Medda encourages him to come into the art room after school and work on whatever he likes. He also attends all the sports events, not because he cares anything about sports, but because it’s time that he can hang out with his friends, especially Crutchie who goes to everything. 
  • Katherine is a straight A student who writes for the school newspaper that no one reads and the yearbook. She wants to write serious stories for the school paper but no one wants to read the serious stuff so she’s always stuck going to all the sporting events and writing about those. She’s the daughter of the president of the school board. 
  • Davey is a straight A overachiever. He is involved in as many clubs as possible. Whatever could help him get into a good college. Debate team, model UN, student government, and chess club just for fun. He balances all this with looking after his kid brother Les.
  • Crutchie is a decent student, mostly B’s a few A’s. He is the manager/water boy of the football team and is a bigger cheerleader on the sidelines than the actual cheerleaders. He has unapologetic school spirit. 
  • Race barely squeaks by in school, and is the teacher’s worst nightmare. He’s the kid that makes loud comments in class that knocks the whole class off track. He’s often seen outside the football games running a betting pool on the point spread.
  • Spot is the running back on the rival football team. He’s little but he’s fast. (Some people say that they see Race inside the stadium actually watching the game when they play their rivals. But no one’s sure exactly why…)