davey a wednesday

  • Pugsley: Wednesday, did you finish building your weapon yet?
  • Wednesday: I have created the most deadly of maces!
  • Pugsley: Awesome! You know, I'm actually pretty proud of mine too. [shows her]
  • Wednesday: ...uh, wha?
  • Pugsley: It is a pine cone tied to a string, and then, I put some flowers on it and drew a face. I call him Davey.
  • Wednesday: ... Fantastic! Ho!
  • Pugsley: Ho!
  • Grandmama, to Morticia and Gomez: You know, when they turn 18, they're the government's problem.

Okay so I am 100% here for the old-tins-used-as-homes-for-creatures, also 104% here for tiny fur creatures being dropper fed, also about 143% here for Dave’s forearms and knees, and care 0% about bad maths


We went down to the deserted beach at sundown, cameras at the ready, and waited. Darkness fell. Then, Alastair [Fothergill, the director] searching the cliff face at the head of the beach with his torch saw a small red dot at the top. Within five minutes there were a hundred or so. Slowly the scarlet curtain descended the rock face. It advanced over the beach. In spite of the noise of the waves, we could hear a vast chorus of clicks made by the astronomical number of legs clambering over one another. Alastair told me to seat myself on a rock at the edge of the lapping waves. Dutifully I did as I was told and allowed the red tide of crustaceans to surge around me. The crabs’ compulsion to rid themselves of their eggs was so strong that the marching millions took little notice of me, but even so, I had to introduce the first of the ‘Trials of Life’ with all the confidence and enthusiasm at my command and several inquisitive crabs climbing determinedly up my trousers.

David Attenborough, Life on Air. 

David Attenborough: My Life in Sound is a lovely little half-hour conversation with his current sound recordist, Chris Watson, about his/their experiences over the years recording sound in the wild. Also lots of old Zoo Quest stories, as well as newer ones. On the iPlayer for I’m not sure how long. This is why I love BBC Radio, especially Radio 4: little gems like this when you are not expecting them.