RP w/ davestridermotherfuckers

Priya was just waking up from bed, still tired and groggy, but she couldn’t fall back asleep. Today, it so happened to be, was the one-year anniversary of when she beat a video game.

She played this game with her boyfriend at the time, whom she was completely in love with. Though once they had won, he left her, leaving her alone and heartbroken. Since then, she has had no real social interaction, and instead floats on a large meteor throughout the Furthest Ring, which was basically her new home.

She exited her little house on her own meteor, and looked up at the sky–completely pitch black, like it always was. She sighed to herself. She was so sick of that black sky. She was ready for something different, something new.

8 new Disciples await the Lecture

Hell9 every9ne. it is… 10 at night where I am. F9rgive me my lack 9f energy. I will perk up as s99n as I finish my c9ffee. D9 y9u like C9ffee? C9ffee is a very in9ffensive drink. 

Am I really d9ing this a69ut c9ffee? Apparently.

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