Davesprite x Lil Hal. Parallel World AU? maybe.

In this AU, Hal is a 13 year old boy who has Highlander syndrome. also he’s dirk’s younger brother.
and Davesprite fall in to that AU World. (by sburb error? IDN)

After he fallen down to this AU world Davesprite doesn’t say anything. He can talk but he only make a sound like crows.(*caw* or *peep*) Because he doesn’t want to become intimate with anyone. He’s trying not to trust anybody.

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aaa so today’s my 1 year anniversary of this blog! so i thought i’d do a follow forever to commemorate. ^w^ it’s a little text heavy so i put it under a cut. bolds are favs/ppl i interact with often (all my mutuals are my favs who am i kidding). i hope this next year is great too!!

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“Does THAT answer your question?”
“NEVER do that again!”
“I still don’t know what MLG means.”
-Itoko “Cousin” of All Cosmos
-Galaga Ship
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  • tumblr post:*calls Dave gay*
  • Me:*resists urge to point out that he is actually bisexual, it's like, yeah he's in a relationship with Karkat and probably had a crush on John when they were younger but also he was in a relationship with Terezi pre-retcon and Davesprite was in a relationship with Jade and also he called both Jane and Roxy hot you can't just fucking ignore this hE IS BI*