"A Family" (1/1)

Title: A Family
Author: Nina (betweenacts / Nina)
Rating: PG-13 
Characters/Fandom: Catherine Tate/David Tennant, David Tennant/Georgia Moffett (in a way); Catherine Tate, David Tennant.
Disclaimer: They are real people and this was not written to offend anyone. 
Word Count: 1,121
Summary: David always wanted a big Family or at least one as big as his had been, with a new baby on the way, that’s exactly what he would have. A Family in the same size as the one he grew up in.
A/N.: This fic is unbeta’d. I dedicate it to Rachel. Congratulations, David. :D 

ok, challenge time:

An Anon asked for it and I had the idea:

summer is here, most of you guys are in summer vocations. Shakespeare/Tatennant AU Challenge.

Each of us needs to chose one Shakespeare work and turn it into a Tatennant AU story. 

rules: no one will have Much Ado About Nothing. when everyone ends their tasks with the plays they promised to work, we will all colaborate together in turning MAAN a Tatennant fic. (I thought this would be more fair because we would all want it)

Teela a.k.a. vocallife volunteered to beta everyone’s fics.

and Merve already chose Othello.



The DoctorDonna gifset per episode - 4.04 The Sontaran Stratagem  

“Well, if that’s what you want. It’s a bit soon. I had so many places I wanted to take you. The fifteenth broken moon of the Medusa Cascade, the lightning skies of Cotter Palluni’s World, the diamond coral reefs of Kataa Flo Ko. Thank you. Thank you, Donna Noble, it’s been brilliant. You’ve saved my life in so many ways. You’re… you’re just popping home for a visit, that’s what you mean?”