So hey! Evidently I’m supposed to explain some stuff. (I’m Ardtail btw, and I am not, in truth, a figment of Cecil’s imagination, despite what some may think) So, as I am the writer, I have to come up with a decent or at least somewhat comprehensible explanation for why DKS looks like DKS. I guess I could just say, “because Cecil wanted to draw more than just a floaty glowing thingamabober without legs!” and, admitadly, that would partially be true. Another explanation I can provide is that because Dave, who is the second tier prototype, is Godtier and I am absolutely positive we have not seen a sprite who is, at least partially, Godteir. A sprite who is Godtier would be different from a sprite who is not, and me and Cecil headcanon that they would not be solidly one color. Also, this sprite is different from other sprites because 1) it appears out of nowhere and is not connected to and individual session and 2) both of the things/people prototyped into it are very much alive so, anything could happen to the apperance of this sprite. And Cecils the artist so hey, they get to veto any artistic desisions for their own veiw of what things may look like, and I can’t do anything! (Just kidding, I could probably ask them to change stuff, but I really like the design so… Also I helped come up with it so I can’t complain)

Oh yeah and just so you know in the future when we start taking asks, I will be answering them as I am the one writing this comic/blog/whatever the hell this is and the original creator of this horrifying, beautiful, abomonation that is Davekatsprite. I will post about when and under what conditions I will be taking asks as soon as this story actually gets going and there are things, like the thing Cecil made me write about above, to ask about!