Day 2 @dirkweek : Happy Dirk!
Family movie night. Jake picked the movie, which really should probably never be allowed because he’d be happy with anything anyone else picks. Karkat is pointing out the many flaws, and Dave and Dirk are enjoying the movie ironically, everyone’s enjoying spending time with loved ones, and I’m rolling around from the cuteness.
Also babbling again. Sorry. :x

a davekat comic thing

Twelve years postgame wherein Dave and Karkat have an overly-heartfelt conversation, and Dave makes a confession.

(Contains non-canon events.)

Posting this (kinda late) for davekat week day 7, which was a free choice. So, I decided to do this! :D I’ve been working on this quite a bit for the past few days, so I hope you enjoy! BD

KARKAT: Is something wrong?

DAVE:… yeah.

DAVE: i’ve just had a lot of things on my mind lately.

DAVE: little things, big things.

DAVE: …hey, I just wanted to ask. have I ever…told you how I feel about you? like, as a person?

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