ok so i just wanted to say that i love the biolumi hc the most when i think about dave’s lack of perceived affection throughout his entire childhood because then he gets the dude who cares very loudly AND a visible proof of how much he cares and loves him, like he becomes all glowy and pretty and that’s when he’s 100% certain he’s loved with no reservation, and also that implies karkat eventually learns to actually like showing off his blood color because it made his SO super happy and idk, i’m dying i love davekat and biolumi so much the combination of these two things makes me super happy

No offense but Davekats whole dynamic is really important?? Like they work together like no other pairing including either of them could. The thing that makes Davekat special to me is how they just seem to completely and utterly give each other what they need. Dave needs a partner that will break through his façade and really uncover who he is while also helping him let go of his internalized homophobia he had had instilled in his mind this whole time. Karkat needs somebody willing to see past his façade as well (though less than Dave needed this), while also being able to go panquadrant with him. Daves whole “cool kid” façade was a mask that hid a cracked face that Dave was never able to reveal to anybody. Karkat was the ONLY character that quickly and easily found that mask Dave was hiding behind and disregarded it immediately for the “real Dave” instead. Dave also saw right through Karkat’s shallow angry screaming to see what Karkat was really all about. (This is a quality we see in Knights, which, ya know, they both are.) In order to really unlock the true Dave, we also need to shed his internalized homophobia that he had engraved his whole life. There’s no doubt Karkat was able to do that. And, who else had?? Nobody. Karkat was the only character that had been able to get Dave to really discover who he is. With trolls not having a problem with the gender of their partners, he must have helped Dave a lot with his problems, and vise versa with Karkat and his obvious quadrant issues. Anyway I’m rambling

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You thought it was Sleepy, but IT WAS ME, DIO!!! (4, 8, and 39 whenever you're able to! ^^)


4. First impression of each other? Was it love at first sight?

Need I remind you of penis ouija. Of KK and Dave’s first conversation period. Naw, these two were straight up fucking assholes to each other, and honestly I was first worried I wouldn’t wind up liking them at all when I got to John and Dave: Respond to Memo. As background, I was a bad™ fan coming in because I’d started reading Davekat fanfiction prior to actually getting through the comic. My friend and the goddamn fiend responsible for my current HS addiction was showing me all this cute stuff and I was just ‘huh! this is sweet,’ but because it was such a fucking long comic, I perused AO3 pieces to get a better idea before committing to anything. And the meteor fics I found were really nice, and before long I’d read like…god, at least five to ten, and it was just ‘what am I even doing I might as well read the damn thing at this point.’ 

And I did–and getting to their first interaction was a bit of a slap in the face with how goddamn hostile they were. I genuinely wasn’t sure if I’d end up enjoying the ship nearly as much as I thought I would because it was so unexpected from how fics had set stuff up, y’know? But I know my friend had good taste so I kept up hope and once they started befriending each other post-penis ouija, my heart was stolen. 

Basically, their first impressions of each other was just ‘wow what a fucking tool.’ Which, honestly, they were. Two thirteen year old boys with no idea how to handle their emotions were bound for a rocky beginning relationship, especially as they were rather blatantly crafted as foils. Karkat, wearing his heart on his sleeve with the anger management issues of a wet cat, and Dave, emotionally stunted and incapable of freely expressing himself without the safety of his ‘ironic’ cool-kid cover–it sure as hell wasn’t gonna be love at first sight because they’re clever enough to recognize the other’s 100% full of shit. But being able to see through one another’s facade was pivotal in becoming closer, at least from my perspective. There’s no way to hide and it forces you to come to terms with your own flaws, shortcomings, and problems.

Honestly, that’s part of why I enjoy their relationship so much–just how fucking unexpected it is. You think they’ll be with either Terezi or Jade, but it shows that first loves don’t always–don’t usually–pan out. But that doesn’t mean you can’t find just as much if not more love in another person, even if it’s someone you least suspect. Kinda why I dislike ‘soulmate’ AUs cuz this factor is part of what makes Davekat so much damn fun. 

In short:

8. What do they like best about their partner?

Hoo boy, well there’s quite a many things. But ultimately, I think it comes down to the most fundamental levels of why they work so well together. For Dave, Karkat’s heart sleeve is reassuring as fuck. With KK, he never has to guess what he’s thinking, because Karkat is going to let you know what’s going through his mind, regardless of whether you wanna know or not. It can be infuriating at times, sure, but there’s never a guessing game, no speculation, no manipulation whatsoever. What you see with Karkat is what you get. He’s the antithesis to Bro, who Dave never understood because of his robotic nature and emotionless ‘irony’ shtick. Karkat overflows with emotions and Dave finds comfort in the fact that yes, this person is letting him know absolutely EVERYTHING he feels–with incredible passion and zeal–and there’s never a question that he loves or cares about Dave. 

For Karkat, Dave helps ground him and keeps him from overthinking himself into depression and anxiety. Dave’s got a good grasp on what’s legit and what’s shit, and can always be there to go ‘yo Karkat stop overthinking about XYZ we like you you’re okay.’ More than that, Dave gives KK the attention he craves–they give each other that, honestly. They crave affection and attention (they liked Terezi not just because she was one awesome chick, but cause she gave them so much attention) and having each other helps spread the love they desperately require. Affectionate lil shits like being reminded they have people that love and care about them, and damn if they don’t love that about each other.

39. Who initiated the relationship? Who kissed who first? When did they realize they were in love?

HOO boy… I go back and forth, but I think Dave would be the one to make the first move. KK would likely tell pretty fast that Dave had a crush on him, and his own emotions were vacillating like fuck as well, but would worry about fucking shit up so he’d play the waiting game. It’d be frustrating for KK on that front because it’d be so obvious, and Dave’s struggle with internalized homophobia would only exacerbate that frustration because ‘holy shit why do humans give such a shit about gender????,’ but he’d roll with it outta fear that his shit would poison their relationship. Cuz from post-retcon KK’s perspective, Terezi stopped paying as much mind to him for no reason he could discern other than ‘okay I fucked shit up goddammit,’ so he’s hesitant about everything.

Dave eventually strikes the courage and confidence to admit to KK that he likes him–and their first kiss doesn’t end so well because they’re both jumpy inexperienced fuckers. They end up smashing each other’s faces with the velocity of fifteen nervous-wreck hummingbirds, and Dave’s just ‘oh shit your nose is bleeding’ and Karkat’s torn between pain, annoyance, and hilarity, and finally gives into laughing his goddamn ass off because ‘wow we fucking SUCK at this holy SHIT.’ Both kids start laughing their heineys off until they’re rolling on the floor, and Dave gives him a much nicer/softer kiss when they’re laughing in each other’s arms. KK, the romantic lil shit, is touched, but is also just ‘okay yeah this is really nice and all but my nose is still bleeding let me up you ostentatious behemoth.’ They go and get him cleaned up in the bathroom and Dave finishes it off with a lil peck on the nose and goddamn KK’s heart swells like a balloon. 

Love is harder to determine as a ‘when’ because it was over a long period of time. It was one of those slow realizations, like ‘I really love being with this person and I could spend the rest of my life with them.’ Karkat prolly figures it out sooner, but Dave’s not too far behind.

  • Upd8: has davekat
  • Me: oh god
  • Homestuck fan: Hey! Why do you hate davekat so much you homophobe!?
  • Me: oh no no no no no I don't hate the ship at all. I honestly don't really mind it
  • Homestuck fan: Well then what's the problem?
  • Me: the problem is
  • Me: *dramatically looks to the left*
  • Me: the fangirls....

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Hi :D i really love your art <3 could you please draw more davekat ?

D’aww thank you so much anon! Here is a present in return 

sleepy dave smooching Karkat in the morning ^^

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Since there's so much Davekat going around can you draw some Davejade? It'd be awesome if you can! Thank you ;w;

I have some davejade to finish but I’m not sure when ;v;

Anon:I saw you draw that picture of Dirk as Rin and Jake as Haru from Free?? And I was wondering if you could try to do more Freestuck sometime in the future because that was just great ;v;

I drew this once if it counts lma o it was just a crossover tho, I don’t think I’ll continue it as au hhh

Anon:What tweets from hussie are implying that davekat is now canon? I’m asking because i don’t have twitter 😒

I don’t have it either but anyway they’re here and here

Anon:I like many am exited that DaveKat appears to be canon, but we are overlooking the REAL question we should be asking: are they <3 or <>? What do you think?

I think Hussie is implying <3 but personally I prefer them as bros or <>, I mean I like Davekat and I’ve drawn it sometimes too for fun but in canon I just like them more as pale

Anon:You’re getting a lot of messages about the upd8 so you don’t need to answer this one too but I just wanted to say I needed canon smiling Karkat in my life, thank you very much :)

eheh you’re welcome! but there was already a canon smiling kk in the Karkat<>Gamzee panel 8′) (which didn’t happen in the retcon)

lets be honest. the real reason people dislike davekat so much isnt because they think its abusive or came out of left field. we know its not abusive for this reason and ive already compiled how their relationship developed here. so those are just excuses. no, the real reason people cant get into davekat is because most of the fandom likes the popular ships and like 90% of those ships revolve around dave being paired with somebody else. d*vejade, j*hndave, d*verezi (i censor so hate wont show up in those ships’ tags cause at least ive got some decent fucking manners). literally people will say anything to deny dave isnt dating karkat, often painting karkat in a bad light, so they can hold out hope that their ship will prevail. but hussie isnt an idiot. he checks up on the fandom and sees whats goin down. almost all of homestuck is reactive to its fandom. so the hold out on canoninity isnt to leave people wondering or hoping. hes gonna flip your shit sideways in the most horrendous of ways like hes always done. mark my words. davekat is gonna become so fucking canon its gonna hurt.