dave<3karkat<3terezi in a 1950s levittown type place for a bonus round

there were so many 50s suburban prompts, i decided to give one a shot

even though i am not sure if i ship it anymore? i used too but. hm. also levittown sounds really awful according to wikipedia??

i can imagine karkat liking the idea of a cute house w/ a picket fence, though. and dave is ahead of the game with those sunglasses i think they were not popular yet! he is very fashionable. terezi would probably like 50s fashions too, actually, they seem very colourful!

The Pimps In The Crib

AUTHOR: roachpatrol

CAST: Dave/Karkat/Terezi



ADDITIONAL TAGS: Two-fic series, threesome, bloodplay, xenophilia

SUMMARY: In which all sixteen kids live reasonably happily ever after in the Veil.

Alternately: that one AU where trolls have sex by barfing blood into buckets.

EXCERPT: “Terezi, my horny wondergirl, I have come to take you to a land of dreams and rainbow magic, a land undreamt of by any amount of freaky alien babes, and that land—”

DAVE,” Karkat shouts.

“That land is school,” he whispers as huskily as he can, and brings his lips to hers.

rec’d by isadorathegreat, lantadyme

Pale as Moonlight and Kraken Murderbots

AUTHOR: Asuka Kureru

CAST: Bro♦Dave, Terezi/Dave/Karkat



ADDITIONAL TAGS: trollstuck, pesterlogs, ephebophilia

SUMMARY: For this kink meme prompt— So, seadweller!Bro sees lowblood!Dave and it’s pity at first sight. Maybe he’s using weird seadweller rituals or maybe he’s just being his strange self to court Dave. Unfortunately, Dave has no idea why this finface is constantly in his business. Show me how they become moirails, please.

EXCERPT: TG: ((the place is lousy with robots))
TG: ((a lot of them are rusted and havent had maintenance in however many sweeps since the owner died or was conscripted whatever and the programming gets glitchy as fuck))
TG: ((could be doing anything i get attacked and strifed to within an inch of my life with very real blades that would kill me very real dead if i miss my swing and then suddenly the robot will whirr off and im left in a puddle of my sweat on the floor wondering what the fuck))
TG: ((and then the pizza drone will get a bad address and randomly drop me five of my favorite on the house))
CG: … HUH.

rec’d by delviable, marginallyflailing

The Long Game

AUTHOR: everlit

CAST: Terezi/Dave/Karkat



ADDITIONAL TAGS: incomplete, polyamory

SUMMARY: Dave, Karkat, Terezi, and all the ways reluctant understanding is not the same thing as hate.

EXCERPT: She doesn’t say anything for—exactly thirteen and a half seconds, and then she sort of slumps against the counter, her shoulders falling forward. “I’m not ending up as your auspistice. And if I get between you two any more than I am now, that’s exactly what’s going to happen.”

the person who rec’d this chose to remain anonymous