Things I find soft in relationships :

  • Stealing clothes. The size doesn’t matter, the article of clothing doesn’t matter. Underwear, hoodies, shirts, pants, etc. That shit is sweet and soft
  • Sleepy morning kisses
  • Gentle kisses on the back of the neck during spooning
  • Helping to cook meals. 10/10 bonding
  • Mild PDA (small kisses, hand-holding, loving smiles, light flirting, etc)
  • Holding each other tight and close at night
  • Letting each other be as open as ever about anything
  • Going to the park and swinging on the swings
  • Taking a quiet walk side-by-side at sunset
  • Sitting close on porch steps and chatting
  • Cuddling on the couch with soft blankets and pillows, also a lot of snacks and a Disney movie
  • Bonding over similar interests
  • Shamelessly doing some talent or skill around the other (singing, dancing, drawing, etc)
  • Person a waking up early to prepare person b’s favorite breakfast
  • Helping with menstruation (such as buying pads/tampons and chocolate, running a hot bath, etc)
  • Reading books beside each other
  • Sharing smoothie/milkshake/froyo/etc
  • Helping with anxiety/depression/any mental or emotional issue really

I’ll probably add more along the way,,

You know what I love? Soulmate AUs where you fall in love with the one that isn’t your soulmate.

  • Oh, I started seeing colors when this person came into my life, and we’re trying to make it work, but then you came into my life and I feel deeper for you than I’ll ever feel for them.
  • I’ve had massages appear on my arm, but nothing was a heartbreaking as reading how they found someone else. But then you started comforting me and I don’t think I mind anymore.
  • My soulmate and I are better at just being friends, and as such they tease of the really cute guy that just arrived to the city.
  • I know my clock is supposed to stop when I find my one true love, but instead, my heart stopped when I saw you.
  • We’re dating, and we aren’t soulmates, haven’t even found them yet, but I promise you I won’t leave you.
  • I met my soulmate yesterday, and I don’t know how to explain that I have a lovely girlfriend and that I don’t want to break up with her.

it’s 2kgayteen and I still lowkey ship johndave,,,