Introducing DGSM: The Agency for Everyone

A Social/Digital Media Creative Agency that my friend and I (Just two college kids) decided to start. We were tired of the corporate BS that exists in the ad agency world so we decided to create our own. We don’t know when the creative world got so corporate but we want to bring it back to its roots. We cut our costs and exist to solely help business, both small and large, grow. We help them by offering prices 40-70% than almost any other agency

Today we launch the first phase, the creative network. 

Here’s how it works:

We want you all. The ones that are “too young”, the ones with “ideas too bold”, the ones with a “useless major”. Whether you’re a 40 year old creative or a poly-sci major who loves design. You’ve found a home.

We offer experience, freedom to let your wildest ideas fly, exposure and the best part of all is that we pay. For any given project you work with us on you will never earn less than an average of $15/hour.

So creative people of tumblr, we need and want you. Let’s change the ad industry and put all of our best abilities together to make something awesome. We have a lot of big ideas and we hope you’ll be a part of them.

Join us and learn more here


The whole album is hauntingly gorgeous yet depressing :( ALSO to make it worse, those angelic voices at the beginning are screaming “what is happening”

It is! It’s one of the most beautiful and honest albums I’ve heard! It’s so sad though? The lyrics are just so sad and so brutally honest. It’s making me so sad. :(

SERIOUSLY??? I didnt catch that hahaha! I’ll listen to it again. And yeah, that does make is worse. Ugh that’s just so sad. :(

daveedgamboa replied to your post:daveedgamboa replied to your post “GUYS IS THIS…

Yeah :( But it’s beautiful because it ties together themes that he’s been singing about since X&Y (Birds, Stars and tell me you love me stuff) which is sad for him but awesome lyrically. ESPECIALLY AFTER THE ZANE LOWE INTERVIEW Yeah!! It starts wi

It didn’t fit lol… but! It starts with What is happening and ends with don’t ever let go. Two lyrics I didn’t catch but change the flow of the album. The more you know ;) (That should reall be a sad face but still.. hah)

Yeah, it does tie together. But now it feels just more. Real? The Zane Lowe Interview was just perfect. Such a great look into everything. But so sad. 

Really? I thought those voices fit perfectly? HAHAHA! It’s so sad and all, but it tries to be so uplifting and all. Well, knowing what they say definitely makes me feel better. But that entire “what is happening” line is just such a powerful emotion to me. :(