I just finished Homestuck and I’m honestly crying.. Homestuck is too good to be true… I love it so much, all the characters, the plot, the beginning, the ending, everything in the middle and everything it took to get to where it is.

It’s sad because I can never have that FIRST experience again, I can NEVER read it for the FIRST time again and I just wish I had taken my time in reading it because now I’m going to miss it so much..

I’m happy and sad and my feelings are just everywhere right now.

I’m really excited to be able to fully join the fandom though without any spoilers. 

Homestuck is so so amazing and exciting and happy and sad and confusing but it’s so good. 

And confusing. Did I mention that?

I’m just so sad but so happy and I can’t stop smiling and laughing in between my sobbing.

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What about Roxy taking care of Dave and Rose like a mother?

Rose don’t want the motherly love, she knows it all too well and Dave is regretting sticking around to relive his childhood fashions.


Since I’m leaving to go find my inner Dipper camping for a few days tomorrow,( excited!!) Imma leave ya’ll with this! (i did schedule for more paper posts while imma way Beta kids dolls is the them for the next few days) 

Finally, the mystery shoe project has been revealed! Please enjoy, these were all super fun to make and now I can hang with my Beta gang anytime.