hi, everyone! It could have been a fragment of a beautiful map, which me and guys wanted to finish way back in 2016, but something went wrong. I felt badly about this fragment being made in vain. For a long time it was kept on my computer, where no one could see it, and finally I’ve decided - 4/13 is a great opportunity to show it to you!
enjoy it and subscribe to my channel, it’s not the last time I post my animation!

the best thing in all of homestuck is when we saw what the kids would be like if they didn’t play sburb and grew up, jade, rose, and dave all became dedicated anti fascists who literally rebelled against a dictatorship and murdered important members of the regime, while john literally was just A Stand Up Comedian


i’ve been super stressed about art lately!! so i did this. these are all my headcanons for the characters as far as ethnicity goes, if you want specifics, you can absolutely ask.