Homestuck Beta Kids Week Day 1: Outside Trip!

John is showing around the neighborhood and Bec is there as Adult Supervision.

Patrick: I’ve been thinking… At first a handshake doesn’t seem like much, but really it’s the thought that counts-

Fran: Hey Spongebob, I just wanted to thank you for this box of chocolates.

Spongebob: Uhh… no problem, Fran.

Patrick: I mean even though I was expecting more-

Dave: Thanks for the roses, Spongebob! Happy Valentine’s Day!

Spongebob: …You too, Dave.

Patrick: And not that it matters that we’ve been friends for so long-

Lady: Hey Spongebob! Thanks for the bike. Can you believe this guy?! I just met him this morning.

Rose is That Friend who hates the sun and carries a parasol whenever she goes out, she lathers on sunscreen every 10 minutes and unless it’s a literal blizzard out she complains about how hot it is…….& pretends not to hear when jade points out that she’s wearing all black
jade on the other hand forgets sunscreen every time the beta kids go out and spends all her time in the sun either exploring, playing sports (her vs john/dave/occasionally rose-she is a team on her own & trounces them almost always), or swimming/attempting to pull rose into the water. She gets horrifically sunburnt every time and is miserable for a week.