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The Simplest Ghost Quartet Summary I Could Manage

Because tumblr is awful it ate an ask @dicnaprince sent me when I tried to answer it, about Ghost Quartet’s plot, so here’s my attempt at answering that question.

This http://officialvaguepost.tumblr.com/post/148906082025/my-attempt-at-a-linear-synopsis-of-ghost-quartet is the most thorough explanation I’ve read, and it’s very good to read once you kind of know the show. However it’s pretty confusing to take in at first, so here is a slightly simpler (slightly), slightly shorter (still very long, apologies) version:

Essentially Ghost Quartet follows the stories of multiple reincarnations of four characters/souls/ghosts, over numerous centuries, in a non-linear fashion. Each actor plays reincarnations of the same character. There are four main contexts the show takes place in: 17th century Japanese/German fairytale, 14th Century Persia (Arabian Nights), 19th century England (Fall of the House of Usher), and 21st century America. 

The fairytale context involves primarily Rose Red (Brittain), Pearl White (Gelsey), The Astronomer (Dave), The Bear (Brent) as well as The Soldier (also Gelsey), The Miller (also Dave) and The Fiddler (also Brent). Rose Red and Pearl White are sisters, and Rose falls in love with The Astronomer, but he uses her and has an affair with Pearl. In her anger, Rose asks The Bear, a magical being, if he will maul The Astronomer, turn Pearl into a crow and trap them in a cave. He agrees, on the condition she gets him four things: a pot of honey, a piece of stardust, a secret baptism and a photo of a ghost. He gives her the ability to move through the different timelines/incarnations of her soul in order to get these things.

Rose Red seduces The Solider for a pot of honey, and kills her, as The Solider asked her to. She then moves through her incarnations in the Arabian Nights context, the House of Usher context, and the modern day context in order to collect the other things (see below). 

She returns to The Bear, only to find he has tricked her and won’t follow through with her request, and tells her to do it herself (however – he does actually end up killing different incarnations of Pearl in other contexts). Rose then pushes Pearl into the river where she drowns. Pearl’s skeleton is fished out of the river by The Miller, who leaves her bones to dry. The Fiddler finds the bones and makes a fiddle from them, which is handed down the generations of his family until it ends up in the camera shop owned by the modern Pearl.

The Arabian Nights context involves Scheherazade (Gelsey), Dunyazad (Brittain), Shah Zaman (Brent) and Monk (Dave). Scheherazade is wife to Shah Zaman, and tells him and her sister Dunyazad a story each night, in order for him not to kill her. Her stories are recollections from her other incarnations, and her ability to recall/tell them comes from her stardust. Scheherazade also tells Dunyazad that the ghost of Thelonious Monk is living behind a door in the palace. 

Years later, after Dunyazad has died, Rose Red visits this timeline for the piece of stardust. Scheherazade gives this to her by telling her a story of a dream she had about meeting her past self. Eventually Shah Zaman kills Scheherazade and becomes the ‘man in Iran’ mentioned in the song The Astronomer. 

The House of Usher context involves Usher (Dave), Lady Usher (Gelsey), their daughter Roxie (Brittain), and their son, who has no name directly mentioned in the show but is called The Fool (Brent). Roxie is occasionally possessed by Rose Red, who describes herself as a starchild to Roxie and describes the spiritual realm to her. Usher and Lady Usher believe Rose is her imaginary friend, and the things she says about Rose concern them, so they encourage her to ‘put her away’ but she never does. 

Teenaged Roxie has an affair with a reincarnation of The Astronomer, and gives birth to a Rose incarnation, who is Starchild, and has spiritual/magical abilities due to Rose Red’s influence. Rose Red steals the child for the secret baptism, and Roxie falls ill. After her death, The Fool leaves, and has descendants that eventually own the camera shop. Rose Red returns to possess Roxie’s body, but finds her dead, and so kills Lady Usher.

The modern context involves two Pearl incarnations – the camera shop owner and The Victim (both Gelsey), The Photographer (Brittain), The Driver (Dave) and The Pusher (Brent). The Victim plays a game on her phone involving a soldier fighting a bear, and when she strikes the bear, The Pusher is overcome and pushes The Victim from the platform into the path of The Driver’s train. Rose Red possesses The Photographer in this moment and takes the photo of a ghost. She then leaves her, and disgusted, The Photographer throws her camera to the ground and breaks it.

She goes the camera shop, where she meets the owner, who tells her the story of Rose and Pearl, and gives her the new camera. The owner also gives The Photographer the number of The Driver. The two meet and eventually have two daughters. 

Starchild is a Rose incarnation who sort of lives beyond time as a spiritual entity, and is generally pretty confused about what she is and what she can do. 

Ghost Quartet also involves a number of songs which aren’t specific to any of the particular contexts (I Don’t Know, Any Kind Of Dead Person, Four Friends, Prayer, Hero, and Midnight), which take place in a spiritual realm outside these physical contexts. These songs follow the souls/ghosts of the characters exploring and coming to understand their experiences in all their reincarnations, as well as further developing the non-linear way the stories are told.

Hope this is helpful and not too confusing!


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