Operation Ivy - “healthy body”

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schlong | medley 

(Dave Mello from Op Ivy) 

Funny story:  Dave and his brother Pat were like, the scariest guys ever back in my time at Gilman Street.  Dave played drums 1000 times better than me, so I never said shit to him except to borrow sticks.

I was ringing doorbells one summer for some shitty environmental group I worked for, and at this one house a really nice lady invited me inside for some cold drinks and snacks.  Turns out it was their mom.  Dave came home and I was hanging out with her, on his couch, eating a cheese sandwich.

Dude, your mom is awesome.

Operation Ivy - "Here We Go Again"

Analyzed the world I was born into
But I could never understand,
Knew I never wanted to grow up if that meant being a “man”,
Dominating strict competition is the meaning of our lives,
Stomping on the weak keeps us the winner of the battle in our minds,

Tensions in our lives that are destroying our minds,
Unite themselves together to make our consciousness blind,
Conditioned to self-interest with emotions locked away,
If that’s what they call normal then I’d rather be insane,

Relax yourself from giving up what you want to do with your life,
Ease up from giving up things like control of your own mind,
If you’re never gonna ask any question
Then you’re never gonna get no answer,
Always be wondering what do you want
While you keep getting older faster,

They call it a scene I call it disaster
Down here the kids grow up faster
Scared they’re scared to the bone
Like a pack of wolves they don’t run alone
One on one they won’t look you in the eye
But when the pack’s together there’s a battle cry
I saw it fifteen on one
When the crowd dispersed the kid was done
—  Operation Ivy

Sound System gonna bring me back up
One thing that I can depend on.


Officer - Operation Ivy