Kanaya grunted slightly. She was tough, but it wasn’t easy to do a hundred push-ups in a row.  Sweat dripped down her face as she tried to draw upon the strength to finish her reps.

Of course, she had a little help.

“Consistency, Kanaya. It’s all about consistency.” Dave said, not bothering to look away from his phone, casually sitting on her back. “Trust me, you don’t get a look like mine without keeping consistent.”

Kanaya stifled a chuckle as she lowered herself up and down again. Dave was something of an unorthodox workout partner, but he was certainly encouraging.  And a bit of extra weight certainly didn’t hurt when you were trying to build muscle.

“C’mon, Kanaya, you got three more in you.”

Gritting her teeth in determination, Kanaya slowly performed the motions three more times, before lowering herself to the ground completely, panting slightly.  Dave casually hopped off her back and strolled to where he had stashed his apple juice.  “Good call, I think it’s about time we took a break.  A couple of buff studs like us can’t be pumping iron nonstop.”

Kanaya grinned. “Oh, certainly,” she said, gradually standing up to stretch and ease her aching muscles. “Karkat will be so impressed with the body you’ve been building.“

Dave didn’t have a response to that, turning his head away so she couldn’t see him blush.  Kanaya looked across the work out to look at the familiar figure in an orange hoodie that had watching with rapt attention the entire time.

“Rose, if you want to work out with us, I promise that there’s plenty of room.” Kanaya said, gesturing around.

Rose bit her lip as she got a good look at Kanaya, glistening with sweat in her workout tank top, muscles bulging, smiling warmly at her. “Trust me, Kanaya, I’ve already got the best seat in the house.”

Something I quick i banged out based on @rose-ebottles‘s headcanon.  Dave and Kanaya would be best friends don’t TRY to tell me otherwise

I just watched GotGVol2. The movie made me laugh and cry at the same time. James Gunn is a fucking awesome director.
Chris Pratt was amazing in the movie and he also proved that he can be great in the dramatic parts.
I’ll watch again and again …

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Groot <3 WE ARE GROOT!!