Rock Stars in Drag!

Sugar and spice and everything nice, wasn’t made for only girls. ;)

David Bowie & Iggy Pop:

Anthony Kiedis & Flea (Red Hot Chili Peppers):

Corey Taylor (Slipknot):

Dee Snider (Twisted Sister):

Maynard James Keenan (Tool):

Eddie Vedder and Dave Krusen (Pearl Jam):

Alice Cooper:

Duff McKagan (Guns N’ Roses):

Kurt Cobain (Nirvana):

Billie Joe Armstrong (Green Day):

Freddie Mercury (Queen):


k so i’m a huuuuge pearl jam fan and i’m actually writing a thesis about them and i’m looking for someone who owns a copy of pearl jam an illustrated story and would be willing to literally check just one thing for me? it’s hella important bc degree and all that



(same if you’ve got any pics/sources regarding pearl jam’s impact on feminism, racism, gun violence and politics in general)

Capitolo 44 - L’appuntamento, il non appuntamento e il mancato appuntamento (Seconda Parte)

Nel capitolo precedente: Angie convince Meg a parlare con Mike per chiarire una volta per tutte la loro situazione. Stone incontra Grace fuori dalla galleria, si viene a sapere che Stone ha indagato per scoprire chi fosse il ragazzo con cui lei era uscita ed è andato poi a tormentarlo nel negozio dove lavora per dispetto, Grace capisce che è stato lui anche se nega, chiarisce che quello è solo un amico e propone a Stone di uscire insieme la stessa sera. Stone accetta. Eddie vede la macchina di Angie nel parcheggio di Roxy a un orario insolito, entra alla tavola calda e scopre che la ragazza sta facendo un turno diverso e che finirà di lavorare tra poche ore, decide di cogliere l’occasione per chiederle di fare qualcosa insieme e lei accetta di uscire. Quando torna indietro, Eddie rimane chiuso fuori dalla galleria mentre la band suona e non lo sente, mentre aspetta che gli aprano inizia a buttare giù il testo di una canzone basandosi su quello che sente attraverso il portone e ispirato dall’incontro con Angie.


“Ehi Mike, stavo cominciando a perdere le speranze” apro la grossa porta di metallo e lo stato in cui Eddie mi appare dall'altra parte mi fa capire che ha rincominciato a piovere. 

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Chapter 44 - The date, the non-date and the no date (Part Two)

(Not proofread because why should I)

In the previous chapter: Angie convinces Meg to have a talk with Mike to finally clear up things between them. Stone meets Grace outside the gallery, it turns out Stone did some research and found out the identity of the guy she’s apparently dating right now, he also went to the shop where he works to spitefully torment him. Grace knows it was him although he denies, she explains that guy is only a friend and directly asks Stone out for the evening. Stone is surprised and says yes. Eddie briefly leaves the gallery after Stone comes back, he spots Angie’s car parked outside Roxy’s in an unusual time of the day, he enters the diner and meets the girl, who tells him she’s working a different shift and it’ll end in a few hours, Eddie takes a chance and asks her if she’d like to hang out together after work and she accepts. When Eddie goes back to the gallery he’s locked out, the band’s playing inside and can’t hear him knock on the door. While he’s waiting outside under the drizzle he starts jotting down the lyrics of a song based on what he can hear through the door and inspired by his latest interaction with Angie.


“Hey Mike, I was beginning to lose hope” I open the large metal door and the state of Eddie as he appears on the other side suggests that it must have started raining again.

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