Hayes Grier - I want you

Request: Hello, can you make an imagine where y/n is dating Hayes and she surprises him @ the studio. & Hayes says how hot Emma is and she gets jealous. Thx! Your imagines are life, tbh


“Okay, they don’t know that you are coming, so it will be a surprise. We will just film a bit, some questions and photos, and then you can stay for the practice, but we have to go to another practice,” Dave, the guy who escorted me through the studio told me as we were heading towards the room where Hayes and Emma were practicing.

“Okay, I get it,” I nodded. The cameraman prepared for the recording and when everything was set up Dave opened the door and let me in.

Hayes was jumping up and down while groaning, maybe a he was tired, Emma was doing something with the music, it was going on and off, but when I stepped in, she stopped it and watched what was about to happen.

“Why did you stop it?” Hayes asked turning towards her. He surely didn’t realize that I was in the room. Emma nodded towards me and when Hayes laid his eyes on me he started to run towards me. We couldn’t meet that week yet because of his dance lessons and everything. “Baby, what are you doing here?” he asked hugging me tightly and giving me a quick kiss.

“Surprise!” I grinned up at him, since he was almost half a head taller than me.

“We thought you could use some motivation, and that would be your girlfriend,” Dave commented smiling.

“Thanks,” Hayes said shaking hands with him and then put one of his arms around my waist.

“Okay, let’s do a short video, some questions and stuff. Let’s sit there,” Dave pointed to some chairs in the corner of the room. We sat down and Emma started to practice some dance moves in the background. Hayes got a mic and then Dave started to ask me questions.

“So, how can you guys deal with Hayes’ crazy schedule?” We looked at each other at the same moment.

“It’s obviously hard, because Hayes has a lot of things going on in his life right now, but I’m just trying to support him,” I said smiling at Hayes.

“And she is the most supportive girlfriend I could ever wish for.” He kissed my forehead and we turned back to the camera and Dave.

“Y/N, how did Hayes tell you that he was going to attend the show and what was your first reaction?” He asked smiling.

“We were spending the weekend with his family and he just dropped it, like it was nothing. We were like, chilling on the couch and he just said it.”

“And you laughed at me!” Hayes added chuckling.

“Yes, because I thought that it was a joke! Until then you only knew how to whip and nae-nae!” I laughed recalling that conversation we had.

“You didn’t think he would actually do this?” Dave asked laughing.

“Yes! But then he told me that it was serious and I changed my attitude and supported him.”

“I wish I could see that, you should have made a Vine about it,” Dave joked. “Okay, one more. Who is the better dancer?”


“Me.” We answered at the same time.

“Woah, that was really fast.”

“She is a really good dancer, I will never be as good as her,” Hayes admitted squeezing my arm.

“Would you mind showing something to us?” Dave challenged.

“Only if Hayes will dance with me.” I looked at him with puppy eyes knowing he would never say no to me. He rolled his eyes at me and then finally nodded. “Yes! I’m irresistible!” I exulted.

We stood up and Emma put on some music. I knew one or two things and loved to dance with Hayes in parties, but it was a bit different now. I noticed, that he was so much better now, his dancing skills improved a lot. He grabbed me by the waist and we moved to the rhythm and we improvised a little choreography which was surprisingly good.

Then Dave said goodbye and the three of us were left alone.

“I think we haven’t met officially before,” Emma said giving me a warm hug.

“Yeah, it’s nice to meet you,” I smiled at her.

“Okay, I think we are done for today, I’ll pack and Hayes, see you tomorrow.”

She was really pretty and I wished I will look like her when I will be older.

“Are you thinking of how beautiful she is?” I heard Hayes murmur into my ears. I guess I stared at Emma as she was gathering her stuff.

“What? Yeah, she is really beautiful, I’m glad that she is my partner,” he agreed and then walked away. I raised my eyebrows at him and turned around to face him.

“Oh, tell me more about how you love to be partners with her.”

He smirked at me and tried to put his arms around me, but I pushed him away.

“Baby, are you jealous?” he asked but didn’t take it serious, while I really did feel a bit bad that he praised Emma. I mean, yes, she is beautiful, but you don’t say it to your girlfriend.

“I don’t know, what do you think?”

“Baby, you know that you are the only one for me and besides, Emma is a bit too old for me, don’t you think?” I was trying to stay mad at him, but as he pulled me to him kissing my cheek and then the corner of my mouth I couldn’t resist. I finally put my arms around his neck looking up at him.

“So I don’t have to be afraid that a practice will get too heated?” I asked quietly, leaning closer, but our lips haven’t met yet.

“Mm, you know that I only have eyes for you, baby, and only for you.” Our lips finally met and he gave me a sweet and gentle kiss. “Are you staying with me for the night?” he asked our lips still touching.

“Do you want me to? Or do you want to spend the night with your dance partner?” I teased him, but he tensed up a bit at my comment. All of a sudden he picked me up by my thighs and pushed me against the wall. Fortunately by that moment we were all by ourselves.

“I want you. Is it not obvious for you?” I loved how fierce he could get over little things. I loved this bad boyish Hayes.

“Let’s go home and you can show me how badly you want me.”

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celebrity crushes: astrology version
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Aries: matthew gray gubler
Taurus: zac efron
Gemini: dylan o’brien
Cancer: harry styles
Leo: miles teller or lee pace
Virgo: jack gilinsky
Libra: mark walhberg or cameron dallas
Scorpio: matt healy
Sagittarius: jesse eisenberg
Capricorn: either of the franco brothers
Aquarius: hayes grier
Pisces: justin bieber