It’s my last 5 weeks of college. Im super busy building my freelance illustration business.

Hypothetical Illustration for January 2011’s Esquire Magazine. The article “How A Man Lives*” *If that man happens to be ridiculously wealthy.

“For the 8th year in a row, we’ve taken a beautiful home-this time a 1968 house in Los Angele’s Hollywood Hills neighborhood that was custom renovated for this project-and with the help of renowned designers and luxury brands, turned it into the ultimate living experience. This year’s house features a revolving sitting area, a three-thousand square-foot patio, and a six-foot-tall picture of a moose. What we’re most proud of, however, is the money it helped us raise for charity. Although the moose really is extraordinary.”


Steve Leach and Chris Lueck are two talented young film makers that I am lucky enough to have known since the good old days at Valley Central High School. I’ve been working with them on some video projects recently and this our most recent collaboration. It’s an entry to Doritos annual Crash the Super Bowl commercial contest. You can view it on the offical website here.