Taken from the book “Cobain Unseen” written by Charles R. Cross.

“An image from the very first photo session Nirvana ever conducted, for their debut Sub Pop single. Kurt wore a Harley Davidson T-shirt, despite the fact that he was far too concerned with safety to actually ride a motorcycle. Self-conscious of his acne, Kurt was pleased that many of Alice Wheeler’s shots were done with infrared film, wich distorded his appearance.”


Tour de Fonts

Australian Type Designer and Letterer, Dave Foster, has taken on the ambitious project of drawing a daily typeface concept to coincide with each stage of the Tour de France 2016.

Much like Le Tour, this epic project is a daily marathon but takes in some beautiful sights. Each of the designs takes its inspiration from the individual stage. For example:

Stage 13 of #tourdefonts Today is the time trial and I wanted something light, lean and low to get that hunched, aerodynamic feeling. Inspired by the letters that were stamped and engraved into the steel of old group set components. I tried to approach the design as an engineer rather than a type designer.

Designing a typeface can be a long and arduous process but talking to Dave he said that it’s a great way to explore concepts and test them quickly. “It’s reignited my passion to produce more typefaces. I hope develop a few of the concepts into full families in the near future.”

Follow along for the final stages on tumblr and Instagram


Type & Lettering Advent Calendar

Day 11: Dave Foster

I first met Dave earlier this year in his hometown of Sydney not long after he’d returned from the Netherlands where he’d completed the masters course in Typeface Design at the Royal Academy of Art.

Dave works on a range of type and lettering projects including type design – for own fonts (see Blanco) and for those of foundries such as Commercial Type. Regardless of the application, whether it be fun, decorative lettering or a film poster headline, every one of Dave’s letters feels well-considered and durable.

See Dave’s excellent portfolio of work at FosterType.

About: Each day between the 1st and 25th of December we’ll be revealing a beautiful, custom designed number and artist here on the Type Worship blog.