Facts about Dave

-He came out to bro at the tender age of 6 about being transgender/a boy
-Bro put him up for adoption when he kept insisting because he (at the time) had no money to raise a transgender kid
-Dave bounced around in foster care for 3 years until he landed in the Lalonde home
-Bro was a friend of the Lalondes so he came over often to hang out with Dave and to help raise him.
-Bro adopted Dave back when he got the money to, but because of his busy schedule he often had to stay at the Lalonde home
-Dave has really bad dysphoria that can send him into panic attacks if someone doesn’t pick up on it
-Because of a bad home he was dropped in in his foster care time he has PTSD, an attributing factor to his panic attacks
-Dave is small, only 5'5" though if you call him short he will drop you
-He is Demisexual and Panromantic
-Dave is literally the best listener, he will listen to your problems for hours and offer whatever help he can
-Even though he is a good listener, he cant sit talk to others very well, another problem that can be attributed to his PTSD
-He can however, talk well online, which has always been his safe haven
-If he goes on a rant, online or off, he is about to have a severe panic attack
-Usually he has at least one panic attack a day, though they are usually very very mild and don’t need attention
-He is very defensive about his gender, and will smite anyone that calls him a girl, but online, because he cant talk well, unless it happens often, in which case he will knock them on their ass and have them crying for their guardians
-Going along with above, he will flinch (visibly) when someone calls him a girl, and will say as loudly as he can (usually just above a whisper) HE and correct them even if they don’t hear him
-Unfortunately, the day after they started their game wold have been Dave’s top surgery, so he still has to struggle with binding
-He wants to save everyone, no matter what the problem. He cant stand people getting hurt, so he will purposely put himself in harms way if it means deflecting it away from someone else
-He is moderately skilled at signing, and will sign if he meets some one who is mute/deaf because it is also an easier way for him to talk
-When bro died in his game, he found himself unable to say ‘Bro’ out loud, so he leaned towards man, dude, or brother, because he could not make himself say Bro now that his brother was gone.

afkhjlsdfsadhjfaldnmy ralyl good friend and i started an alpha strider au that was supposed to just be a “abc’s fresh off the boat comedy au” but it escalated so quickly to a hurt-comfort au and its just really good i wanna talk about it but tw for family death, abuse, etc under the cut

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Taken from the book “Cobain Unseen” written by Charles R. Cross.

“As Nirvana’s success slowly built, Sub Pop hired noted photographer Micheal Lavine to shoot the band in New York in April 1990. This shot captures Kurt just on the cusp of fame. Slightly over a year after, Lavine would also photograph the interior imagery for the Nevermind album.”