I’m reading the Captain America: Death of the Red Skull TPB, on issue 299, and it’s pretty awesome. Why?

As the Red Skull makes clear time and again with his derisive comments, Steve is friends with a lot of different people.

We have, of course, Sam Wilson, who was the first Marvel African-American superhero (but not the first black hero). He’s a long time partner of Cap (it was called Captain America & the Falcon for a long time), he recently ran for local government, although he lost, and he’s a social worker. Pretty awesome.

We have Bernadette “Bernie” Rosenthal, who is Jewish. She’s Steve’s fiancee, a glassblower and ceramics teacher, will later go on to become a lawyer and represent Bucky Barnes in court, and loves trashy action movies and WWE. Pretty awesome.

We have Arnie Roth, who is gay. Steve’s oldest friend from childhood, he’s aged whereas Steve hasn’t. He’s fat and balding with a terrible combover. Steve will one day ask him to run the store beneath Steve’s secret future headquarters. He’s dealt with grief and pain, the loss of his partner, the suffering at the hands of Cap’s enemies, but he still goes on. Pretty awesome.

We have Dave Cox, who is disabled. He fought in the Vietnam war, where he lost his right arm, and became a staunch anti-war advocate and pacifist. Even when mind-controlled, he refused to kill. He has a lovely wife and toddler son, is a confidant of Steve’s and a friend of Sharon’s, whom he misses. And although I’m unsure of his fate, I hope he pulls through, comes out of his coma. Pretty awesome.

Then there’s Jack Monroe, who I know much less about and sort of breaks the pattern. Youth one may say, since the young aren’t taken seriously. Youth is what the Red Skull suggests. But Steve still believes in him, even if Jack frustrates him with his inexperience, rashness, and problematic views.

Anyway, look at that. Steve’s got all sorts of different friends, and they all have lives and hopes and dreams. It’s really awesome. The Red Skull mocks all that, but Steve believes in his friends. He knows what they are capable of. He knows that they are awesome.

It’s so great.


Brendan Coyle ♥

42 characters in small gifs

 1- Fool’s Gold Brink’s - Sgt. Benwell - 1992
 2- Thief Takers - Bob “Bingo” Tate - 1992
 3- The Bill Radio Waves - Chris Bailey - 1992
 4- Ailsa - Miles Butler - 1994
 5- Dangerfield - David Walsh - 1995  
 6- The Glass Virgin - Manuel Medoza - 1995
 7- Silent Witness Darkness Visible - Liam Slattery - 1996
 8- Soft sand blue sea - Gerry - 1998
 9- Paths to Freedom - Jeremy Fitzgerald - 2000
10- Bombmaker - George McEvoy - 2001
11- Conspiracy -  Heinrich Müller - 2001
12- Mapmaker -  Robert Bates - 2001
13- Rebel Heart  - Michael Collins -2001
14- Single - Paul Barton - 2003
15- Amnesia - Ian Reid - 2004
16- North.and.South - Nicholas Higgins - 2004
17- Rockface - Douglas McLanaghan - 2002/2003
18- Ghost Squad Heroes - Ralph Allan - 2005
19- The.Jacket - Damon - 2005
20- Offside - Duncan Miller - 2006
21- Perfect Parents - Ed - 2006
22- Prime Suspect 7 The Final Act - DCS Mitchell - 2006
23- Soundproof - DI Dave Cox - 2006
24- The Commander - Carl Dirkwood - 2006
25- Alice in the city - MrSinclair - 2007
26- Damage Aidan - Cahill - 2007
27- GoodSamaritan - Lewis Farrell - 2007
28- InspectorGeorgeGently - Patrick Donovan - 2007
29- The.Mark.of.Cain - Davey Gulliver - 2007
30- True Dare Kiss - Kaz Sweeney - 2007
31- Wedding Bells - Father Henry - 2007
32- Lark Rise to Candleford -  Robert Timmins  - 2008/2010
33- Blue Murder Private Sins  - Derek Jowell  - 2009
34- Perrier’s Bounty - Jerome - 2009
35- Downton Abbey -  John Bates - 2010/2015
36- Starlings - Terry - 2012/2013
37- The Raven - Reagan - 2012
38- Noble - Gerry Shaw - 2014
39- Murdoch.Mysteries - Mr. Rankin - 2015
40- Spotless -  Nelson Clay - 2015
41- 12 Monkeys -  Dr.Benjamin Kaplan - 2016
42- Me before you - Bernard Clark - 2016

What are your “Top 3″ Favorite characters?

It’s hard… but you can choose only 3… :)

My Top 3 today: 40- Nelson Clay.  2-Bob “Bingo” Tate and 7- Liam Slattery

anonymous asked:

Hayley Doesn't equal Peggy Carter! Not the same person; not the same opinion. Comic Peggy is incredibly supportive of Steve and Sharon because it's important so…

First of all, I absolutely know that Hayley and Peggy aren’t the same person. But Hayley *does* care a LOT about the character. Much more than a lot of actors do about the characters they play. If there is an actor that “gets” their character, it’s Hayley Atwell. At least in my opinion. 

Second of all, I’m going to need you to cite your sources for your second claim that Peggy is “incredibly supportive of Steve and Sharon.” I’ve never read or seen where she’s supportive. RESIGNED, yes, but not supportive. See, I’ve read all of Peggy’s appearances in the Marvelverse. At least I’m pretty sure I have. When your Ask came in, I went and pulled my books, just to check. I own an original Tales of Suspense featuring Iron Man and Captain America #77 (1966)–which is Peggy Carter’s first “on screen” appearance in the Marvel Comics (sorry to brag, but I’m kind of absurdly proud of owning that). 

Okay, in Issue 77, Steve is sitting in his apartment and looking sadly at a picture of Peggy. He’s reminiscing about the war and says losing her was the first great tragedy of his life. It flashes back to their time in the way and the last time they saw each other. Now, keep in mind, that in the original Cap timeline, he’s only TWENTY years out of time. That’s important to know. Steve is assuming that Sharon is probably dead because if she were alive, she would have contacted him by now–because everyone knows who Captain America is now (in the war, Peggy didn’t know his true identity-no one did). However, what he doesn’t know is that Peggy has lost her memory and has had amnesia for the past 20 years (caused by a head injury she suffered). What’s obvious is that Steve is STILL in love with Peggy. 

In Captain America and Falcon # 179, Peggy finds out that Steve is still alive. He goes to her. Peggy is *thrilled* and wants to pick up where they left off. Keep in mind, again, the original timeline. Peggy is about in her early 40s at this point. Steve is in his twenties. So there isn’t a huge age gap between them yet (again the moving timeline). Steve, however, is already with Sharon. Sharon, in the original timeline, is Peggy’s SISTER. And Sharon looks very much like a younger Peggy. Anyway, Steve very callously CRUSHES Peggy’s hopes of them working together again (she wants to also pair up to fight crime) or getting together again. Peggy is CRUSHED. 

In Captain America and Falcon #184, Steve and Peggy run into each other on a SHIELD mission for the first time since he told her that it was over between them. Peggy is PISSED and HURT, still. Steve takes Peggy aside and apologizes for his behavior, which he *knows* was dickish. Now, this is the issue where the comics start the Peggy/Gabe Jones relationship, which I do ship and hope to see in Agent Carter. Anyway, this exchange happens between Peggy and Steve (the bolded is what’s bolded in the book): 

Steve: Mademoiselle, I want to tell you how sorry I am for the way I talked to you outside of Sharon’s apartment that night. I shouldn’t have done it the way that I did. Maybe I shouldn’t have done it at all. 

Peggy: No, you were right, Cap. What we had was thirty years ago. That was a different world, then. I’m like you, I think. I’ve had to learn today isn’t yesterday…and I think it’s a good thing.

Now, the thing about this is, yes, Peggy says that she now agrees with Steve. BUT just two panels before, we SAW that she was still upset and angry. However, what choice does she have here? Peggy has her pride and she’s not going to beg Steve. But Steve was totally still pretty recently in love with her and mourning her. But then he finds out that she’s alive, yay, but…well, she not as young and as pretty as she used be. So he’s with her much younger SISTER who looks JUST like her. Also, Steve and Sharon initially HIDE their relationship from Peggy because they KNOW she’s going to be upset. Not “supportive.” 

At the very end of Captain America: Peggy Carter, Agent of SHIELD, the collected book of Peggy’s canon adventures Marvel released in anticipation of the Agent Carter show, there’s a detailed bio of Peggy in the very back. It’s a synopsis of her entire canon story. It’s very interesting. Let me quote directly from the book, the CANON STORY, in regards to what is says about the Peggy/Steve/Sharon relationship (in bold): 

Taking the codename Agent 13 in Peggy’s honor, Sharon teamed with Cap on several SHIELD missions and they fell in love, partly because of Sharon’s remarkable resemblance to the younger Peggy, though Cap was unaware the two women were related. 

Okay, that? ^^^^ Is very sketchy to me. Remember that Sharon knows who STEVE is because Peggy has told her all about him. In Brubaker’s Winter Soldier story, Steve says to Sharon, AT PEGGY’S FUNERAL, that he thought she WAS Peggy when he first saw her–because they look THAT much alike in the comic books. 

Feeling disloyal to Peggy because of this Sharon repeatedly refused Cap’s marriage proposals and eventually tried to end the romance. Meanwhile, Peggy had sunk into another period of depression and amnesia.

I’m skipping a bit about Dr. Faustus pretending to treat Peggy in order to get insight about Steve’s “psyche.” 

Cap and Peggy  were reunited, and Cap finally learned how Sharon and Peggy were related. Cap also resumed his romance with Sharon, but they initially concealed this from Peggy, not wanting to set back her mental recovery.

This is pretty strong evidence that Peggy is not “supportive” of a Sharon/Steve relationship. 

Her memories of the decades since World War II hazy at first, Peggy had difficulty accepting how much she had aged, assuming her romance with Cap could simply pick up where it left off. After aiding Cap, Falcon and pacifist Dave Cox against the criminal Serpent Squad, Peggy offered to become Cap’s partner in crime-fighting, and was crushed when he rejected her. Still remarkably fit despite her advanced age, Peggy joined SHIELD so she could refresh her old wartime skills AND BE CLOSER TO CAP (caps are my doing).

The bio goes on to tell us about Peggy’s romance with Gabe and Peggy’s further adventures with Steve and SHIELD–which are really cool BTW–and her later work as Communications Officer and Crew Support for the Avengers. 

Here’s the last bit in Peggy’s official bio. It’s regarding her later years in Larkmoore Clinic where she’s institutionalized: 

On her good days, a mentally sharp Peggy entertains the facility’s staff and residents with her stories, the rest of the time, she thinks the war is still on, and that she and Cap are still young and in love.

That’s it. That’s the end. At least until we see her funeral in The Winter Soldier. It’s clear, at least to me, that Peggy never got over Steve. Yes, she “moved on” with Gabe, but….well. I have nothing against Sharon as a character, let me be clear, but her relationship with Steve is problematic on several levels. And always has been. From the very beginning. But maybe I’m wrong and Peggy DID somewhere give her sincere and non-bitter approval of Sharon/Steve. Please feel free to send me the issue numbers or images. But as of right now, my Notp-ing of Staron comes directly from the comics. Yes, I know that Peggy’s story is somewhat different now in the MCU, but the thing is, her MCU story makes me even LESS likely to ship Staron. Why? Peggy has been given a much, much larger role in the Marvel universe. She’s been given a much more influential role in Steve’s story. MCU Steve and Peggy are very much set up as soulmates and parallels in each other’s story. MCU Steve isn’t going to get over Peggy and hook up with her niece. MCU Steve would have never done that if he was his comic book counterpart. Dude, if Steve woke up and Peggy was alive and ONLY in her 40s? He would be comic book Peggy and want to pick up where they left off. 

I think the Marvel TPTB *know* how carefully they have to tread if they are going to do Staron, because it’s so “…..” in the comics. I think the casting reflects this. Emily VanCamp looks remarkably like Sharon Carter from the Brubaker run. It’s really really good casting. However, Hayley Atwell looks nothing like canon Peggy (who’s blonde and blue-eyed). But they could have cast someone who resembles Hayley to play Sharon. But they didn’t. Because that aspect of the history of the Peggy/Steve/Sharon triangle is incredibly damning. So now they look very different and their relationship is another generation away, but… the fans remember (just like the North remembers).