Since Candy melt and Demi are married, I supposed WHY NOT MAKE FAN CHILDREN! So here’s Carlos and Dave!

Gender- male
Personally- overprotective, nice,caring,brave, slightly mean, flirty, calm,manly and smart
Likes- being with his bro, FOOD!, Spring (the season), anything cool and OP, anime fights, reading, being with friends and family, YouTube, video games, getting good grades, mangas, being like Demi, April fools, action movies, school, remixes and more..
Dislikes: trespassing, being robbed, getting builled, no WIFI, being in pain, his glasses bring broken, missing an loved one, basement noises, getting embarrassed, pervert people, getting annoyed and more..
Carlos is like Demi, calm, handsome.. He’s loves making his family having a fun time. A lot of people especially girls wants to date him since of his appearance and personality. He had to wear glasses since in the past when he was 7-8 a lot of kids picked on him for having an cut on his right eye that he brought glasses to take the focus on the glasses than the right eye, he doesn’t have a girlfriend cuz he’s single as a Pringles. Demi always calls Carlos “Demi JR” since they both have the same personality. (That’s the info for now)

Gender- male
Age- 14
Personality- helpful, slightly mean, caring, childish, lazy, nice and overprotective and tsundere
Like- Candy, with his bro, summer, waterparks, anything cool and cute, soda, being on the device too much, puppies, seeing Candy melt and Demi being all lovey dovey, adorable clothing, being outside, hanging out with friends, being with his loved ones.
Dislikes-trespassing, NO WIFI, waking up really early, school, getting builled, in pain, Candy melt disliking his personality, anyone fighting, missing an loved one, snakes, heights, someone telling him what to do.
Dave is different in the family since he’s always cheerful and crazy than being brave and mean, he loves being with his family but Demi kinda gets mad whenever he starts acting all childish and stuff, he’s gets picked on since he doesn’t act like his mom and say to him “stupid version of candy melt!” He’s friends with twinkle but acts mean to him since candy melt really hates twinkle but he’s friendly secretly to twinkle. But he’s mean whenever someone takes one of his family members away from him. (That’s the info for now)
Carlos and Dave/ Le moi
Demi/ @a-sinner-insomniac
Candy melt/ @jazminerodriguez0813
(Hope you like the children)

finally this monster is finished. i spent several days just trying to get the line art finished not because it was hard, but i was just being so painfully sluggish. and it took another couple days and lots of flopping between my old and decrepit version of photoshop, and then sai, to get the lighting tweaks correct.

there’s still some stuff i’m not perfectly satisfied with, but given that i NEVER do environments or mood lighting, i’m happy. so please enjoy this contribution of mine to the ship of our hearts TTwTT9