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Mullette Bridal Shop AU Headcanons

So I have this modern au in my mind where Herc and Laf own a bridal shop. 

  • Hercules designs and makes the wedding dresses/tuxes
  • Laf designs and bakes all the wedding cakes
  • They are the classiest bridal establishment in Manhattan, celebrities like George King have shopped there
  • Hercules will fight anyone who says “you probably don’t have this in my size” 
  • Laf takes his baking very seriously, and does not neglect the taste for the appearance: “It would spoil the wedding if they swooned over a pretty cake for hours then found it to be inedible once cut, non?” 
  • Hercules frequently gets Laf to model his new dresses or suits he’s designed, sometimes while he’s sewing them
  • “I’m sorry, your body just makes a perfect mannequin!”
  • “I do not know whether to be flattered or offended, mon chou” 
  • Herc usually ends up destroying the initial product in a rush to undress his bf and fuck him in his workshop tho oops
  • Alex and John tried to pull the friendship card to get their wedding stuff for free but Herc was having none of it
  • “If you think I am about to give you two assholes a $1,300 outfit out of the goodness of my heart, you are-” Herc sighed, “Probably right.”
  • Laf can frequently be heard screaming in anguish from his kitchen if he places a single chocolate button wrong 
  • “Laf, cakes are for eating. Nobody cares if it’s missing a patterned dot from the left side.”
  • “How dare you?!” 
  • Herc eats all the “reject” cakes Laf tosses out. (i.e., the cakes that are missing one chocolate button or one icing rose that bleeds too far into another) 
  • The irony of them owning a bridal shop is that they have been together for ten happy years and have never gotten around to a wedding of their own… supplying such events has given the two men an insight into the true meaning of a partnership, without all the material necessities


  • “I am gonna bake your cake so hard, babe-”
  • “Yes, yes Hercules, roll it in the oven for baby et moi, ah, zut!

Paring: Daveed X Reader
Word Count: 2306
Warnings: Alcohol, and cussing.
A/N: This is my first Daveed fic! Hope you like it!

You sat on the couch with a blanket wrapped around your body like a tortilla. You glanced up at the figure in your kitchen waiting for the popcorn. He was dark skinned and had a wild mess of hair on his head, his dark brown eyes and his smile gave you butterflies every time. Eventually, he got the popcorn and poured it into a bowl. He walked over to you and set it on the coffee table.

He laughed at the position you were in. “What are you doing?” He asked.

“I’m being a burrito, Daveed.” You answered, smiling up at him.

“Well, you’re a cute burrito,” Daveed said laughing and sat down next to you.

You blushed slightly and tried to wiggle out of the blanket. Sooner or later you huffed in defeat. “I can’t move.”

He, once again laughing, looked for the beginning of the blanket. Once found, Daveed unwrapped you and pulled you close to him. You snuggled up against his chest as he laid the blanket over the two of you.

You grabbed the remote from under the blanket. “Ready?” You asked.

He snaked an arm around your waist and kissed the top of your head. “Yup.”

You smiled and pressed play on ‘the imitation game’.

Are you paying attention? Good. If you’re not listening, you will miss things…” the TV rambled on. You tried to your best ability to stay awake yet to no avail, you dozed off, settling into Daveed’s warm embrace.

Eventually, you were awoken by the gentle shaking of the man next to you. “Y/N…” he whispered.

You groaned in response and he laughed. “The movie’s over, come on let’s go to bed.”

He stood up which allowed for you to plop fully on the couch. You opened your eyes slightly to see Daveed turning off the TV. He came back over to you and you closed your eyes again, resisting a smile.

“I can see you smiling.” He said, standing over you.

You opened your eyes allowing the smile to form fully. “I’m still not moving from this couch.”

“I guess I’ll have to move you myself then,” he swooped you up and held you bridal style.

“Daveed!” You screamed.

He laughed and carried you to your room. He gently laid you on the bed and moved to the other side. “Why couldn’t you just let me sleep on the couch?” You whined.

“Because,” he said sliding into bed. “I don’t like sleeping without you, and I know you can’t sleep without me, admit it.”

Smiling, you snuggled closer to him and he held you in his arms. “Yeah, your right.”

Sleep overtook you as you listened to Daveed’s steady breathing, which steadied your own. Your eyes drifted close and your mind settled into rest.

You opened your eyes and looked at the sunshine, you smiled, you had always been a morning person. You turned to look at the sleeping giant next to you, his tangle of curls fell over his face and covered his eyes. “Daveed,” You whispered.

He groaned and turned the other way, you laughed and got an idea. You sat up and moved on top of him, with your back to him. You leaned back and flung your limbs over the bed. Your hair was sprawled out over Daveed’s shoulders and face, you felt his hands gently move it out of his face. His chest vibrated with laughter as he wrapped you in a hug. You began laughing and curled your knees to your chest. He rolled off the side of the bed still holding you.

“Put me down!” You laughed, wiggling in his grasp.

“You asked for this,” he responded burying his head in your shoulder.

He set you down and turned you towards him, his hands on your waist. He leaned down and kissed you deeply. You squeaked and returned the kiss as your eyes fluttered shut.

“What am I going to do with you,” he smiled at you as he broke away from you.

You smiled a sly grin. “Well…” You moved to him grasping the edges of his shirt. He smiled wider and raised an eyebrow at you. “You can..” Pulling at his shirt, you pushed him back. “Catch me.” Your eyes sparked with mischief, and you ran out of the room, past the kitchen and into the laundry room.

“Y/N…” you heard Daveed groan. You climbed up onto the dryer and sat in the dark, waiting for the giant to find you.

You stifled a laugh as you heard him trudge through the house. You glanced at the garage door and planned your escape for when he found you. You slowly stood up from the dryer and tried not to make noise, you failed, crashing your foot into a basket. You heard the footsteps stop and began to head in your direction. “Shit.”

You moved to the garage door and turned the handle. “Ah-ha!” You heard Daveed say as you bolted out into the garage. You were too late, he grabbed you and threw you over his shoulder.

“Nooooooooooooo!” You screamed while laughing.

Daveed walked back into your bedroom and plopped you onto the bed. You scrambled to get up but Daveed fell on top of you, holding you down. “You’re not going anywhere,” he mumbled.

You squirmed beneath him. “Get off!” You said breathlessly. He wrapped his arm around you and pulled you to him, laying on his side. You gave up and laid sprawled out as he buried his head in your hair.

“Don’t you dare fall asleep again.” You said glancing back at him.

He buried his head further into your hair and mumbled. “Too late.”

“Daveeeeddd,” you groaned. “I’m hungry.”

He sighed and sat up still holding you against him. “Okay.”

You both got up and headed towards the kitchen. You reached up for a bowl, standing on your toes, but someone beat you to it. He reached up and grabbed it for you, “I could’ve gotten that,” You huffed.

He laughed, “No you couldn’t,” He responded looking down at you. You sighed and walked over to the cabinets and grabbed the cereal and to the fridge for milk.

Walking hand and hand, you and Daveed were on your way to a bar to meet up with Rafa. You walked in and made your way through the crowd to the brown haired man.

“Hey, Diggs!” He exclaimed, greeting his best friend.

“Rafa!” He responded hugging him.

“Hey Raf,” You said, walking out from behind him.

“Y/N!” He said pulling you into a hug as well. “Haven’t seen you in a while.”

“Right back ‘atcha,” you said before Daveed slipped an arm around you. He leaned down and kissed the top of your head, you smiled and rested your head on his shoulder.

The three of you moved to a table and watched the band play. Rafa left to get a drink of the bar and you and Daveed just watched the crowds of people. Rafa came back and you took a sip of the beer, not really feeling up to drinking. You glanced through the crowds again then over to the bar, that’s when you saw a familiar face.

“Adam Reed?” You muttered.

“Huh?” Daveed looked at you while drinking his beer.

“Adam Reed,” You said again. “He was my best friend in high school, I haven’t seen him in forever!” You stood up and walked over to him.

“Adam!” You tapped him on the shoulder, he turned, his face showing confusion then changing it to happiness.

“Y/N!” He stood and looked at you.

“Why didn’t you tell me you were here?” You asked.

He examined you, looking up and down your body. “I guess I forgot.”

You shook the weird feeling in your gut and pulled him into the hug. “It’s great to see you again.” You looked over his shoulder to see Daveed watching you closely. You rolled your eyes and broke apart from him.

“You too,” he said holding you by your shoulders. “Uh, you look great.”

“Thanks?” You said uncomfortably.

“Why don’t I buy you a drink?” He asked and sat down at the bar. He called the bartender over and asked for two of the strongest drinks.

“Are you trying to get me drunk?” You asked before glancing back at the table Daveed and Rafa sat at, they were gone. You looked around but couldn’t find them.

“Possibly,” he said handing a drink to you.

You shrugged and began drinking. You spent most of the night catching up with Adam, he was a news reporter and his mom got a promotion last week. He kept buying drinks for you, you stopped after your fifth and refused another. You felt a little dizzy, a voice called out to you. You snapped your head in the direction of the voice.

You turned towards Adam and stood up, “I’m gonna go, I’ll see you later.”

Adam stood up and grabbed you by your waist. You went in for a hug and he went in for the kiss. He kissed you hard and your eyes widened, you pushed against his chest but he pulled you closer.

You turned your head, causing him to stop kissing you. You looked up and saw a tall figure storming out of the bar. “Daveed!” You cried out. You broke free of Adams grasp and raced to the door.

You opened the door and walked outside, Rafa rushed past you and to Daveeds side, he glared back at you. Tears laced your eyes, “Let me explain!” You cried. Tears started falling down your cheeks.

Footsteps came out of the bar and towards you. It was Adam, “Y/N, I’m so sorry. I-I didn’t know.” He grabbed your hand to turn you around.

“DON’T FUCKING TOUCH ME!” You yelled, ripping your hand out of his grasp.

You walked down the sidewalk and headed home, as you rounded the corner into your house you saw Daveed walking out of it with a duffle bag. Rafa was waiting in his car, he saw you and looked towards Daveed.

You ran to him and grabbed his arm, “Daveed, wait,” Daveed looked at you tears threatening to fall from his own eyes.

“Why don’t you go cry on the shoulder of Adam.” He said his voice filled with poison.

“No, Daveed it wasn’t-” You began.

Daveed cut you off, “You spent the entire night with him and when I come to get you, your all over him.”

You let go of him and he opened the car door. “Daveed it was an accident!”

You watched them drive off, you walked through the house and collapsed in front of the couch. A few moments later someone came walking through your door, you looked up and saw Jasmine staring back at you.

“Adam called me…” She trailed off.

The next couple of days you didn’t eat, you barely slept and you didn’t go outside. Jasmine came over every day to check on you. She tried her best to keep you company and to sooth you, but your only remedy would be Daveed.

Daveed sat on Rafa’s couch and stared blankly at the TV. Someone knocked at the door and Daveed looked at Rafa who was at his desk. “Expecting someone?” he asked.

Rafa shook his head and moved to get the door. As soon as it opened Jasmine stormed through the apartment and glared at Daveed who was now on his feet. He had bags under his eyes and his hair was a mess, Anthony came in behind Jasmine and closed the door.

“It’s been two weeks,” She said here voice stinging with anger. “You haven’t seen her since then, IT WASN’T HER FAULT!” Her voice raised at the end of her sentence. “That, asshole came on to her and you didn’t even give her a chance to explain!”

Anthony placed a hand on her shoulder in an attempt to calm her, Rafa stood frozen at the door. “I-I…” Daveed attempted, at loss of words.

“She hasn’t eaten, I’ve barely managed to get her to drink something! She doesn’t sleep except for moments when she’s too exhausted and she cries herself asleep.” She stared at Daveed her gaze softening. “My best friend is falling apart because… because of you…” her voice cracked.

“Oh my god…” Daveed whispered. He looked at Rafa who opened the door and headed to his car, with Daveed following close behind.

He got to your house and opened the door looking around frantically for you. You sat up in the bed as Daveed opened the door. He looked at you, your eyes were red and you also had bags under your eyes, your mouth quivered when you saw him standing there. Tears began flooding your vision. He rushed over to you and pulled you into his embrace.

“Shh…” He whispered tears falling from his eyes as well. “I-I’m so so sorry.”

You leaned into him and he gripped you tighter like he never wanted to let you go ever again. Rafa walked in the room with Jasmine and Anthony behind him. He turned around and rushed them out. They left the house and left you and Daveed alone.

Daveed laid down on the bed dragging you with him. “I will never leave you again, I’m so sorry.”

You buried your head into his chest. The tears began to subside and you relaxed your tense body. You haven’t been able to sleep or be comfortable in two dang weeks. He was back, he was holding you like his life depended on it. “It’s okay,” You whispered.

He sighed in relief and kissed your head. “I love you, so much”

“I love you too.” You said as you fell into a comfortable sleep. Daveed laid his head on yours and cuddled you.

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