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Mullette Bridal Shop AU Headcanons

So I have this modern au in my mind where Herc and Laf own a bridal shop. 

  • Hercules designs and makes the wedding dresses/tuxes
  • Laf designs and bakes all the wedding cakes
  • They are the classiest bridal establishment in Manhattan, celebrities like George King have shopped there
  • Hercules will fight anyone who says “you probably don’t have this in my size” 
  • Laf takes his baking very seriously, and does not neglect the taste for the appearance: “It would spoil the wedding if they swooned over a pretty cake for hours then found it to be inedible once cut, non?” 
  • Hercules frequently gets Laf to model his new dresses or suits he’s designed, sometimes while he’s sewing them
  • “I’m sorry, your body just makes a perfect mannequin!”
  • “I do not know whether to be flattered or offended, mon chou” 
  • Herc usually ends up destroying the initial product in a rush to undress his bf and fuck him in his workshop tho oops
  • Alex and John tried to pull the friendship card to get their wedding stuff for free but Herc was having none of it
  • “If you think I am about to give you two assholes a $1,300 outfit out of the goodness of my heart, you are-” Herc sighed, “Probably right.”
  • Laf can frequently be heard screaming in anguish from his kitchen if he places a single chocolate button wrong 
  • “Laf, cakes are for eating. Nobody cares if it’s missing a patterned dot from the left side.”
  • “How dare you?!” 
  • Herc eats all the “reject” cakes Laf tosses out. (i.e., the cakes that are missing one chocolate button or one icing rose that bleeds too far into another) 
  • The irony of them owning a bridal shop is that they have been together for ten happy years and have never gotten around to a wedding of their own… supplying such events has given the two men an insight into the true meaning of a partnership, without all the material necessities


  • “I am gonna bake your cake so hard, babe-”
  • “Yes, yes Hercules, roll it in the oven for baby et moi, ah, zut!