dave's all right

….. it’s over …..you don’t need to tell me….. I hope you find….. someone who makes you feel ….. safe in your sleeping tonight ……I won’t kill myself….. trying to stay in your life …… I’ve got no distance left …….to run ……

this is my newest background for my desktop - hopefully these adorable dorks will inspire me not to fail all of my assessment this term

Darren Criss & Brother Chuck Talk New, 'Unapologetically Fun' Alt-Pop Project, Computer Games

Darren Criss was always destined to make a career out of music. He studied the violin from age 5 well into his teenage years, picking up other instruments along the way, while also pursuing a love for musical theater. But he credits his own musical endeavors to the environment in which he grew up – particularly his older brother, Chuck, who brought other musical interests to the table especially when they were in high school.

“Music has always been the backbone of our relationship and our household,” Darren tells Billboard. “We both had a voracious appetite for music, but I think high school is when we started playing together and being to communicate on a level that changed everything. I think the kind of music we played is probably loud garage rock, because we were just playing in the basement.”

Once they graduated, though, the Criss brothers decided to take their own paths. Darren independently released a solo EP, Human, in July 2010, just months before debuting in his breakthrough role as dreamy choir head Blaine Anderson on Fox’s hit musical dramedy Glee, while Chuck found a home in New York City and became a founding member of indie-rock fivesome Freelance Whales.

With Glee seeing its end in 2015 and Freelance Whales’ most recent album hailing from 2012, both Criss brothers were itching to do something new musically – so they thought, why not relive the days of the brotherly collaborations? And come March 8, 2017, behold, the Criss alt-pop project Computer Games.

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A robot… AU…?

One was built to replace a dead yet unrequited love, one was built to take the place of a beloved granddaughter who may never wake, and one was built… just because

I wonder which is which? :’D


I finally finished me rewatch+features of the Clone Wars, finishing on The Clone Wars Declassified (kindly uploaded to youtube here) which is a wonderful featurette that always reduces me to tears. The love and passion behind this show is never short of astounding.

It also has a number of flick throughs of Filoni’s notebooks, so here are some sketches that I don’t think I’ve seen around.


my precious johndaves,,

Relient K? I can’t stand them.

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kill me with 34

OMG! What the fuck is wrong with you, man? D: Now in revenge, i’ll write other kind of dying.

34. In a pool of your own blood

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Hyde’s day had been a nightmare.

Not only Kelso and Brooke thought it was a good day to have a big fight and leave their eldest daughter with him so they could resolve their crap alone, but the latest album shipment to Grooves was completely wrong. The distributor had screwed up his order, and he was the one who had to fix it.

He hated this part of being The Boss. He tried his damn best, but on days like this he wished he could still be the lazy kid in the basement. But nope.

Nowdays he was the owner of a growing chain of music stores that also supported small bands, giving them a chance to get heard. He was also a very stressed-out-at-the-moment husband and a very worried-for-the-past-week father.

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I tried to do my homework fast so I could have time to make it digital and all pretty but since I really wanted to give you something tonight, I doodled theses babes~ I hope you like it Kriss~! 8D <3 -whispers- I’ll draw more this week if I can =w= 

/OH MY GOSH!! This is so great! Look at them!!

so i was rereading homestuck and i forgot about this panel like okay cool dave and terezi doin whatever they do

but then i noticed karkat in the background and omg

he’s just like angrily watching daverezi happen from behind a treasure chest like karkat please

what are you doing