dave z

Jay-Z, photographed at a dinner celebrating Destiny’s Child member Michelle Williams’ 29th birthday, at Ayoush restaurant in London on July 23, 2009.

Hov wore a shirt with a famous Dave Chappelle quote printed on it: “You can’t get un-famous. You can get infamous. But you can’t get un-famous.”


From top to bottom:
Sech(z), real part purple, imaginary part yellow.
ArcTan(z^4)+ArcSech(z^2), real part purple, imaginary part green. 
Csc(z^2)+ArcCot(z^2), real part teal, imaginary part pink. In memory of Dave Grimes.
ArcSech(z), real part blue, imaginary part pink.
ArcSinh (z^4)+ArcTan (z^2), real part blue, imaginary part yellow.
Csch(z^4)+ArcSech(z^2), real part purple, imaginary part teal.

anonymous asked:

I got some more tea for you. For the ones who think A unfollowing Z is nothing. Guess who unfollowed V. Dave Ophilly. Now weren't him and Val just bros not so long ago. 🤔just further proves that V and A were PR with benefits and someone started catching feeling. So the other hit the dip real quick. Dave has been around Z for a min and V never followed him until... in walks A. Now doesn't Dave work in PR. Yeah sounds about right. Once the sham is over no need to continue the broship

This is getting too good!😊😊😊😊


Ive heard that the Steven universe Homestuckers love their fusions. I decided to make something for them. And if you don’t like SU, give it a watch anyway, have a giggle ;)