dave x mindy

Finnally I saw movies

So I have seen three different movies since last Saturday

  • Kickass 2: I have to say that I LOVED IT, I had no idea what to expect about this one. It really surprises me, this was a lot more “strong” or violent than the first one *-* (cool move). Mother Russia is a badass female she was an awesome opponent of Hit Girl and the fact that she was the best of the super villain group was perfect. I have found a new OTP David and Mindy♥ Also I read that they are in production if the third one and apparently they are gonna kill them all T.T

  • This is the end: This movie is hilarious, I really enjoyed this one and I laugh so hard, this kind of movies are awesome, the fact that they make fun of each other and that the attitude they portray it’s exactly like the tabloids show, vain and egocentric actors.
  • Pitch Perfect: AWESOME MOVIE. I finally decided to watch this and I don’t regret it at all. I mean In the middle of the movie I was confused did I have a crush on Becca or Jesse, I couldn’t just pick one… Rebel Wilson was increible funny well actually everyone was. I WANT THE HOLE SOUNDTRACK ON THIS MOVIE♥ I NEED IT. I really like Becca and her way to think and act I relate to her, the fact that she is so “alternative” and that she is so lonely and that she doesn’t have so many girlfriends, that she also push people away, not really into feelings or show them, also that she doesn’t like to be the damsel in distress that needs to be saved by a guy♥ Really love her. There was a point when I though that I was actually seen myself in the screen