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Meeting Them is Tiring

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Wrapping your scarf tighter around your neck, you hurried to catch up to your long-legged friend Angelica.

You slid and spun on the icy concrete. You cursed under your breath once you almost collided with Angelica’s back.

She turned to look back at you with a raised eyebrow.

“You know you can tell me to slow down right?”

You grabbed onto her coat and smiled at her sheepishly. “I know but-”

“-you don’t want to slow me down. Geez [F/Name]. Start speaking out for once.” She placed a hand on yours. “We are best friends. And I know your very outspoken dear.”

She started walking forward while you hung onto her arm.

You let out a breathy laugh. “Or I should come up to New York more often.”

“Yes! You really should,” Angelica laughed. “Or make permanent residence here. Maybe then you’ll know how to walk on our icy sidewalks.”

“Haha. Very funny. I know how. It’s just that yours are just too icy,” you defended.

Angelica rolled her eyes muttering a ‘yeah sure’ which led you to punch her. Well attempt to punch her and caused the two of you to fall in the middle of the street you were crossing.


“Fuck you, Burr,” Angelica growled.

The two of you just made it to King College’s square where a group of people - mostly men - stood.

An attractive African American male noticed you coming up. He was only able to raise a hand in greeting before Angelica interrupted him.

The hurt look on his face made you want to go and hug him but you didn’t want to invade his space. Hello brain? Still strangers. But it was still funny so you opted to giggle instead.

This caused the others to turn and you moved behind Angelica as most eyes fell on you. Another attractive dark skin male stepped forward. “Why are so mean to Aaron?” His eyes looked over your figure before redirecting his gaze to the eldest Schuyler sister.

And speaking of Schuyler…


You were thrown in a snow pile by Angelica’s other sisters Peggy and Eliza. The two rub their cold cheeks into yours lovingly.

“Oh, I love you guys too. But can we get out of the snow. It’s cold. IT’S COLD!” You pleaded as you waved your arms into the air.

They laughed, wrapping their legs around you. You let out a scream as they continued to laugh but this time manically.

“Sweet Jesus girls. Don’t hog her to yourselves,“ a male voice chided.

Peggy and Eliza squealed as they were pulled from your body. A pair of gloved hands were suddenly in your view and you happily grabbed them.

Once upright, you stared into deep chocolate eyes. And that was the only thing you could see.

You then realized how close you were to the person and stepped back to give room.

The male who stood not that taller than you kept a hold on your hands, leaning down to kiss the top of them.

“Aren’t you beautiful. My name is Alexander Hamilton,” he said as he raised up to stare into your eyes again. You could feel your face grow warm and opened your mouth to introduce yourself before he was pushed aside by a cute freckled face man.

He wrapped an arm around your shoulders. “Forget about that casanova. Name’s John Lauren sweetheart. And if you’re still cold,” he leaned down so his mouth was right on your ear, “I know just the thing to warm you up.”

You squeaked jumping back, knocking over Alexander who just gotten back up.

Angelica marched up to John once hearing your squeak and pulled his ear. He wailed loudly, pulling on her arm. “Are you making advances on her already?!”

She turned her head to Aaron and a tall, caramel skinned male who’s hair was in a large fluffy bun atop of his head. The two held on to Peggy and Eliza respectively. She started pulling John over to them and her sisters wriggled and snarled as he got closer muttering about “Touching their [F/Name].“ The men let the two go and they pounced on the poor man, rolling him into the snow.

Angelica turned back to you with a smile, ignoring the screams. Seeing the look on your face, she reassured you that this was normal.


Startled, you turned around and punched the man from before in the nose. He tipped backwards and Alexander, who started to make snow angels, let out a small yelp before he was crushed under the larger body.

You covered your mouth in shock before rushing to help the both of them up. Alexander groaned as he leaned into you before moving away to stand by Aaron. Hercules still held onto his nose. You thought he was angry but he had a large smile plastered on his face. “Damn girl. You have a killer punch.”

“I’m so sorry. I wasn’t paying attention a-and you scared me-”

He raised a hand up to stop you, still smiling. “Oh no. No need to apologize. But I definitely know now you’re Angelica’s best friend. Spicy. I like it,” he growled playfully.

Eliza and Peggy stopped rubbing snow into John’s hair, snapping their heads to Hercules. He backed up seeing their glares. John used this distraction to push the sisters away, running around the square with them right behind him.

Angelica rolled her eyes, grabbing your elbow and leading you to Aaron and floof ball. It’s not like you knew his name yet.

“And these two are Aaron Burr and Lafayette,” she gestured to each one in turn. “Lafayette here has a much longer name but we just shorten it to that.”

You smiled at the him. “Oh good. I thought I was going to have call you floof ball forever.” He looked at you confused and you motioned to his bun. He reached up, giving it a few squeezes and began to laugh.

“Oh.That makes sense. It’s very floofy, no?” He questioned with a deep French accent. He turned his head to the left and right, modeling his hair to you.

You giggled at this and you heard Lafayette laugh as well. Aaron narrowed his eyes. “Are we seeing a budding romance here?” You hid your face in your hands while Lafayette elbowed Aaron in his side.

“At least I have a shot. She barely glanced you way,” he retorted with a smile. Alexander and Hercules Oh'ed, Angelica busted out laughing, and Aaron feigned being hurt by his words. Aaron swiftly made his way to you, removing your hands from your face. He smiled down at you. “That’s not true of course. I’m sure you only were distracted because you were saving the best for last.”

“Actually…” you drawled, turning your head from him. Out the corner of your eye, you could see his face fall again. You let your act drop and hugged him tightly. He went rigid as you rubbed your face into his winter coat. “Don’t ever look that sad again!”

Aaron rubbed your back, chuckling. In the background, you could hear knuckles cracking and Alexander screaming “Oh Shit!”

You looked to see Angelica being held back, glowering at Aaron. He started singing ‘Why can’t we be friends?’ shakily backing up. Him backing up caused John, who just returned from running behind the building Eliza and Peggy chased him, to run into him, the two falling into a snowbank.

You hurried to move out the way as said sisters jumped onto the them.

You let out an exasperated sigh. “I’m tired and I didn’t even do anything.”

Lafayette placed a hand on your shoulder. “The easiest thing to do is blame Hamilton.” Alexander opened his mouth to protest but he was pulled forward by Angelica. Hercules grabbed into the back of Hamilton’s coat which slowed their motion.

You shook your head. “And to think I was actually considering to move here.”

Everything went still as you said this. Angelica looked at you, eyes sparkling. She escaped Alexander’s grasp and pulled you into a hug. Eliza and Peggy squealed, abandoning the snow covered, and most likely bruised men rushing to join the hug.

“I said I considered it. But meeting your friends was completely tiring,” you let out a small sigh.

Peggy giggled. “Oh I believe it’s too late now. Now that they met you, they’ll do anything to see you again.”

She pulled back to see your horrified face. Eliza pulled away next, smirking. “You might as well just stay since you’re here. You can stay in our house. You know our family loves you.”

You pulled on your knit cap. “You’re joking right?” Just meeting them wanted you to curl up and take a nap. But them to go out of their way to see you and to experience this again? Oh please no.

“I’ll give them your address, phone number, and that nickname you hate,” Angelica whispered into your ear. You evil bitch!

The guys moved into your sight, each looking at you with perfected puppy dog eyes they must have practiced many times before.

You groaned. Moving to New York wouldn’t be so bad after all. You’ll be close to your best friends, celebrities, and once accepted into a college, you’ll be closer to making it on Broadway.

“Fine.I’ll stay.”

Whoops and cheers were deafening and you covered your ears. Yet you smiled. These are going to be some exciting years ahead of you.

I Don’t Say No To This (Philip x Reader)

Request:Could I requested a Philip x reader where the reader is Marias daughter, but Philip still loves her. James is very abusive (physical,emotional) and Alexander and Eliza find out and they’re not happy. Thomas may/may not use this against him but if your uncomfortable writing this than I understand but id love it if you did thanks love ❤❤

TW: Abusive parent, mentions of infidelity

A/N: If I am in anyway insensitive, please let me know. It is not my intention.


You walk through the crowded hallway, holding your books close to your chest. You make it to class fairly early and sit in your usual seat in the back. Philip, your boyfriend, sits beside you and kisses your forehead.

“Hey,” you whisper.

His face falls. “Did he…?” He doesn’t finish the sentence, knowing you don’t like to talk about your dad.

“I deserved it. I was-”

He gently grabs your hand. “(Y/N), listen to me. You did nothing to deserve it. No one deserves it. You’re welcome to stay with us anytime you need to. My parents would love to help you. And my dad would do-”

You shake your head. “Really, Philip. I’m fine. Like I said, ‘I deserved it.’”

“But-” The bell rings and Mr. Miranda walks in, cutting Philip off. This was your last class, and it went by too quickly for your liking. As soon as you went home, you would have to go straight to your room, pretending you didn’t see your boyfriend’s dad walking out of your mother’s room or the large wad of cash he handed your father, and stay there until you had to help your mother with dinner. Sometimes Mr. Miranda would let you help organize his room or grade papers, letting you avoid your family for a little while longer, but today, you were on your own.

You sit for a few minutes after the bell rings. Philip doesn’t notice. He’s in such a hurry to leave, that he gets caught in the crowd. Once everyone has left, you pack your bag and walk down the stairs to your locker, where Philip is waiting for you.

“I mean it. You could-”

You shake your head and put a few textbooks up. “I’ll be fine. I promise.”

“But what if-” You kiss him, cutting off his protests.

“I’ll be fine.”

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when you're upset


When he saw you upset, his first instinct was to fight whoever it was. “Who is it? Was it Jefferson? I’ll kill him. Give me a name!” You’d insist that you were fine and also begged him not to hurt anyone, but he’d give you this look. He knew you when you weren’t okay, and being the resilient man that he was, he wouldn’t let you out of his sight until you told him what was wrong. He’d listen to you rant, and if the case came, he’d even cry with you. He was always reassuring with his words, reminding you of how great you were, calming you down if needed and told you not to let other people get in your head (especially people like Jefferson). He never let you go without a kiss on the head.To you, it meant safety and security. Even at night, he’d send you one more reassuring text that would be enough for you to rest easy.


When you’re upset, he crumples. You’re not the type to get emotional easily–he knows this. He knows you so to see you so sad makes him sad. He takes you somewhere quiet, and just holds you. He listens intently when you talk and rubs your back when it’s hard to get out certain words. Even when you can’t speak, he holds you tightly and rocks you back and forth in his arms to get you to calm down. He’d even make sure you got home okay and even then he wouldn’t let you be alone. Sometimes, he’d pop in a movie and sit with you, stroking your hair and humming softly as he held you. When you fell asleep, he’d stay the night, either sleeping with you or crashing on the floor. Usually you’d be okay in the morning, waking up to hug your best friend and thank him profusely.


The French were naturally very affectionate, so it was no surprise to you that Lafayette could be very touchy. If you were ever in a bad mood, he would cuddle with you and baby you to no end. “Ma cherie!” He’d exclaim, already pouting at the sight of you. “I’m here.” He’d say in English and it meant the world to hear him say those two little words. If he saw a single tear, you’d be pulled into his arms immediately and peppered with kisses to remind you that you were loved. If you weren’t your usual cheery self, he made sure to check up on you or have someone else do so. He dropped everything to be with you. Lafayette was always there for you and although the language barrier was a bit of a problem, it made him a great listener.


He knows you well enough to know when you are upset. It’s usually even before you start crying that he coaxes you into talking. He’ll see your eyes water or your lip tremble, and he’d bite his lip. He might ask “You okay?” just to start and if you nodded no, he’d silently pull you in for a hug. Nothing needed to be said. He understood that you were going through something tough right now. Whether you wanted to tell him or not didn’t matter–he just wanted you to know that he’d be there. You’d rest your head in his chest and his strong arms wrapped you up. Often he didn’t always understand why certain things bugged you, but he’d sit with you and listen and make sure you’re okay. You loved him for it because he’d help you figure the problem out. He gave the best advice and did whatever he could to help you.

Ego - Jefferson x Reader

Prompt: “His ego is so visible; I can almost watch it grow.” x Jefferson

TW: “Uptight bitch” is something that’s said but that’s about it.

Notes: Cliffhanger!! Part 2 if it’s wanted.

A/N: I’m actually updating when I need to wow. For future reference, and I’ll post an official post in a bit of the schedule. I update on Thursdays and Sundays. The rest of the days are my writing days. Look out for a collab on a Wednesday of every month. I’ll post more in depth but that’s the gist.

Word Count: 696

“-Political parties weren’t even supposed to last… -They just made the president’s job harder…”

At this point your eyes were rolled so far back into your head, you wondered if they’d ever come back out. This man was insufferable.

“Jefferson, do us all a favor and shut up” You snapped. He only rolled his eyes and continued talking, irritating you even more.

You leaned to your best friend, Alex, “His ego is so visible; I can almost watch it grow,“ you whispered. Alex snorted in response and choked back a laugh when he caught a glimpse of something. Alex nodded his head toward what caught his eye. You followed his eyes and there it was. In all its glory.

You snickered, “His ego isn’t the only thing I can see growing.”

“(Y/L/N), is there something you’d like to say to me?” Thomas hissed.

“Look down, Jefferson. I see speaking your unwanted and unasked for opinion really gets you going.”

You watched his eyebrows knit together as he looked down, his confidence faltering for a second before his infamous smirk rose from his lips to hide his embarrassment.

“You know you want me, Darlin’.”

At that remark you burst out laughing. After the very anticipated ring of the bell, class was over. Thomas hadn’t shut up and even the teacher’s patience was wearing thin, but you needed his help for class, so you weren’t quite done with him yet.

“Jefferson- I need to talk to you,” you called to him. His cocky smirk spread across his face as he made his way toward you.

“You called? It’s nice to see me, the pleasure is yours. How may I assist you?” He asked much too confidently. God, the arrogant ass he was.

“Shut up for a second, will ya?” You said exasperatedly, “ As much as I’d rather not ask this, you’re probably the best in this class and I need help studying.”

“What’s in it for me?” He bit his lip, looking you up and down.

“Quality time with me, myself, and I. Come on, the test is in three days and I can’t waste any time,” you responded, grabbing his wrist and dragging him along.

He chuckled, “Eager.”

A few hours later, you still hadn’t gotten much done. Thomas was on his phone and not really offering much advice while you were pouring over your notes, trying to figure out what the important parts.

“Off my bed, Jefferson, I don’t know where you’ve been. If you’re going to sit on your phone not even being useful to me right now, why’d you agree to come?” You started to rant, frustrated and stressed.

“(Y/N), chill out for one second will you? You asked me to help you study for the government final.”

“I did ask you. You agreed and you’re not even helping like you said you would!”

You felt anger bubble inside of you when you heard him mumble something about you being an ‘uptight bitch’.

“What’d you just call me?”

“An uptight bitch,” he said all too nonchalantly, “loosen up a li-.” Before he could finish, you had cut him off by roughly attaching your lips to his. You could feel him smirk before his arm snaked around your waist, pulling you even closer. He was a good kisser, you’ll give him that.

You pulled away, panting a little because damn did that boy know how to take a girl’s breath away.

“Why do you hate me so much?” He questioned, looking almost vulnerable, a hint of hurt evident in his eyes.

“I don’t hate you. You just annoy the hell out of me. With your hard, loud, open opinions and your stupid gorgeous face, and hair, and your body, and-” you stopped with a sigh, “I don’t hate you. If I’m honest I actually find you extremely attractive.” You let the words tumble from your lips, silently wishing you knew how to shut up.

“Give me a chance, (Y/N). I may be an arrogant dick in school but I know how to treat a lady such as yourself. You’re beautiful and you deserve to be treated like a queen. Please,” he almost whispered the word ‘please’ which made your gaze soften.


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1800 (Jefferson x Burr x Reader)

I know this isn’t a request, but I had a dream about this idea so I’m rather fond of it.

Words: 936 (and there’s gonna be another part! aren’t you guys proud of me?)

Warnings: Alcohol, heavy making out, fighting, yelling,

You had met Thomas first, at a small pub in France. You continually forgot to order your drink in French, and immediately he pinpointed you, the only other English speaker in the bar. The way he  sauntered up to you, giving an over-exaggerated wink, made you immediately be able to tell he was an asshole. Although, he was hot, and you were tired of only being able to talk in French.

“So, what is that accent I’m detecting?” He asked, leaning close to you. A strong scent of alcohol surrounded him.

“Virginian. Strange that you can’t tell what it is, since you have the exact same one.” You scoffed. He reached out and tilted your chin up with his finger. All you wanted to do was bury your fingers in that beautiful hair of his.

“Attitude. I like it.” He said sensually, his eyes flicking down towards your breasts. You couldn’t resist yourself, and to say the least, he was good in bed.

You met Aaron a few months later. After tagging along with Thomas to one of his cabinet meetings, Burr immediately stuck out to you. He shook his head at almost everything your boyfriend or his opponent said, but continued to remain silent. The other cabinet members yelled out their various opinions, while the man Thomas had disdainfully called Burr kept to himself. There was something fascinating about the way he appeared to be physically holding himself back from inputting in the conversation.

As soon as Washington ended the meeting, you approached Aaron. 

“You were awfully quiet in there.” You said, analyzing him with your eyes. He fiddled with the buttons on his jacket as he responded.

“There isn’t much to say.” He was the opposite of Thomas, which was perfect. You needed some more quiet in your life.

“I’m Y/N, I’m here with Tommy. I mean- Secretary Jefferson.”

“Tommy?” He chuckled, staring into your eyes.

“Yeah..” You mumbled, your heart threatening to beat out of your chest.

You loved your boyfriends. Thomas brought out this fire in you, all of your time spent together was passionate. You sometimes went on adventures together, every second a brand new journey. Aaron was gentle, and kind. You would often be found cuddling, him reading a book to you. He looked at you as if you were the universe, and that’s what you were to him.

“Y/N? I need a hug, today was hell.” Aaron whined as he entered the house that you all shared. You happily obliged, sinking into his arms as he embraced you.

“What happened?” You asked, voice muted while buried in his shirt.

“My assistant wants me to run for president, just because he heard a rumor that another cabinet member is running. I bet it’s Hamilton. Of course it’s Hamilton. Do you think I should do it?” He babbled, still holding you.

“Well I think you would make an amazing president, but what is it that you want?

“I don’t know. I’ll do it, you’re right.” He said, finally releasing you. Suddenly, Thomas came bursting through the front door.

“Y/N? Come on, I need you.” He demanded, making grabby hands at you. You gave an “I’m sorry” expression at Aaron and followed Thomas through the front door as he made his exit, as dramatic as his entrance.

“Hey, what do you need?” You asked as you chased after him as he stormed off into the woods.

“You.” A fire burned in his eyes as he looked at you hungrily. He pushed you up against a tree, burying a hand in your hair as he started to leave sloppy kisses down your neck.

“Woah, hey there. Did something happen today?” You asked, trying to keep your cool as he started to suck on your collarbone. He always was a fan of hickeys.

“Yeah. I quit.” He mumbled, moving upwards to nibble on your ear.

“Okay, okay, slow down,” You groaned, making the difficult decision to pry a very horny Thomas off of you. “Why in the hell would you quit?”

“I’m going to run for president. I can’t let Hamilton beat me.” He whined, biting his lip as he looked over you. Uh oh. Both of your boyfriends wanted to run for president, oddly, they both were doing it to spite Hamilton.

“Fuck. What am I going to do?” You accidently spoke your thoughts.

“You don’t have to do anything, I’ll do all the work, darlin’” Thomas flirted, twisting your hair into little knots.

You scoffed and walked away from him, grinding your teeth. How were you gonna work this out?

“How the fuck could you do this?” Thomas yelled at Aaron. It was only a matter of time before they found out that they had the exact same plan. He threw a chair across the room, causing a loud clatter to run through the room. “You always take everything from me!”

“You don’t own the presidency or Y/N!” Aaron fired back, stepping in front of you protectively. You squeezed your eyes shut and ran a hand through your hair. You never wanted this to happen.

“I never said I owned either!” Thomas screamed, face turning bright red. You stepped out from behind Aaron. Both of their heads snapped to look at you.

“Guys calm down. I’m sure there is some way we can work this out.” You sighed, standing between the two men.

“I’m not living in the same house as him.” Thomas sneered, crossing his arms.

“I agree completely.” Aaron said, refusing to look at the other man. You had a feeling it would be a long couple of months.

Embarrassed? (Platonic, Poly Hamilsquad x Reader)

Summary: originally for @lafayettemoncher but I feel like I could do better. You’re a teacher.

TW: None?


You sigh and slip your heels on. Open house was always the worst. You had already been to school for a few weeks, so the newness had worn off, but the parents were still shocked. You taught primarily freshman English, so the parents were so excited and very involved. You smooth your black pencil skirt one last time before stepping out.


Philip glares at his parents. They adopted him almost a year ago and decided that they needed to make up for the thirteen years they missed. “You promise you won’t embarrass me?”

The four men laugh slightly before Alex speaks up. “Promise.”

Philip rolls his eyes as his dads walk out.


You put on a fake smile as the parents of your third-period class walk in. You watch the couples try to keep each other in line. Most of them were in their forties or fifties, so the romance had kinda worn off. You were about to start when four shockingly young men walk in. “I told you it was 103, Alex,” a man with a French accent mutters.

The man who you assume was Alex responds by gently slapping his arm. You watch as the man with long, curly hair looks over your figure, earning him a punch in the arm from the tall, well-built man, who whispers something in his ear, causing the shorter man to blush.

You clap your hands together and begin your presentation, which you finish early. “Any questions?”

The French man slightly raises his hand. “Oui. Our son is incredibly intelligent. Is he in the right class?”

You laugh slightly. “Well, I am also certified to teach multiple AP classes, so I like to think that my advanced freshman English class will suit him. Any other questions?”

You almost don’t hear the tall man whisper, “Can I have your number?”

You laugh slightly and take other questions. As the parents walk out, you watch the four young men walk out together, wishing you could join them.


Parent-teacher conferences were the worst hours of your life. You had to listen to the parents of terrible children tell you that you were just a terrible person, and the parents of good children ask what they can do to improve.

“Does anyone have a conference slip for me?” you ask a few minutes before the bell rings. Philip Hamilton slowly walks over to you.

“I, uh, my dads are coming. I’m sorry.”

You take the slip and give him a confused look. “There’s nothing to apologize for.”

“It’s just- they’re loud, and the four of them tend to catch people off guard.”

You suddenly remember the four men who walked in on open house. “Philip, you have nothing to apologize for. I’m just surprised they want to meet with me. You are doing wonderfully.”

He smiles slightly. “You aren’t going to judge me based on my parents.”

You shake your head. “No, no, of course not!”

“It’s just-”

“I understand, but I can assure you that you have nothing to worry about. The bell is going to ring soon.”

He nods slightly and goes back to his desk.


You sit behind your desk, waiting for the next parents walk in. The four men look at you, a hint of recognition when you see them. You smile and tell them to pull up chairs.

“Philip’s parents, correct?”

The short man with his dark hair pulled back responds, “Yes, ma’am.”

You smile. “I must say that your son is doing fabulously in my class; I don’t really have anything to talk to you about. Do you have any concerns?”

The man with the French accent speaks up. “How has he been? I know that we just moved here and that our family is a bit different than most…”

You look down. “It really isn’t my place to get into a student’s personal life, but he did apologize multiple times before you came. He was worried about how I would react. I can assure you that he had no reason to worry and that my door will always be open.”

The tallest man with the beanie looks at you. “He’s embarrassed by us?”

The short man looks at his husband. “Oh. Thank you for your time, Ms. (L/N).”


(vía https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hvQTHxZwOvI) This

Election of 2016 (Laurens x Reader)

Summary: You work for MSNBC and announce that Mr. Trump won the election

TW: Politics

A/N: I forgot I wrote this…


Tonight was a long night. You knew that from the moment Trump got the nomination. You are a political analyst for MSNBC. Currently, you’re sitting behind a desk as polling results roll across the screen. You and your co-workers for the night read off the results. You look over at Chuck, who is reading off the states that are too close to call. “Arizona, New Hampshire, and Michigan. Michigan, if you’ll remember was one of the key states for Trump’s success and has almost always voted democratically.” You roll your eyes, believing that Clinton will get the White House. Although she isn’t the ideal candidate in your opinion, she is much more qualified, and if she were elected, people wouldn’t fear for their lives.

The final results roll across the screen at almost 2 in the morning. You look over at Lester, who is just getting the results. He hands them over to you, causing you to nearly faint at the sight of them. You take a deep breath. “Ladies and gentlemen, the next president of the United States is Donald Trump. With 276 votes in the electoral college, Trump takes the presidency.” You sigh and wrap up the show, ready to go home.

“That’s a wrap!” one of the people offstage says. You immediately get ready to leave, not wasting any time talking to others. As you walk back to your apartment, you start crying. You think of your friend who just came out to you, now they can’t. Your neighbor, who happens to be Muslim, is already terrified to wear her hijab. Even your friends of color are being shouted at, now you’re scared for them.

You open your apartment door, to see John staring there with open arms. “Come here, baby.”

You rush over and start sobbing in his arms. You feel him start crying, too. The two of you have always been social justice warriors. You can’t count how many times you went to sit-ins and other peaceful protests with him. Neither of you can see why someone who is so offensive is going to be president.

You both head off to bed. The tears streaming down your faces are ignored; they seem like a part of you, just like your eyes or noses. You go to the bathroom to wipe off your makeup. John follows you, running his arms down yours. You let your hair down and start shaking your head to loosen the hair that has been up since this afternoon. When you turn back, you see John grimacing in pain.


“You hit me with your hair. I never realized how close the sensation of hair hitting your face was to the sensation of needles hitting your face,” he mutters, causing you to laugh. “Welcome to marriage, sweetheart.”

He kisses your forehead. “Sleep?”

You groan and fall face first onto your bed. “Always.”

so like at the end of election of 1800

Jefferson: “burr, next time you see Hamilton, thank him for the endorsement.”

like, how did jefferson know he wasn’t going to see ham before burr did? who would assume that? did burr and Hamilton go out on weekends or something? did burr ever have to say, “oh sorry bros, no plotting against Hamilton this weekend. I’m actually going out with the bastard orphan himself”


Blind Date (Jordan Fisher x Reader)

Summary: generic co-worker setting you up scenario. I have no apologies

TW: Swearing


You walk into your apartment, kicking your heels off as soon as you get inside. You rub your tired eyes, smearing makeup as you do so, but you couldn’t care less. It’s not like you were going to have to talk to anyone. You go into the kitchen and pull out a frozen dinner, putting it in the microwave and waiting for it to cook before sitting on the couch. You pick at the undercooked pasta with decent sauce while flipping through channels. You settle on a shitty home improvement show.

Just as you start to doze off, your phone vibrates. You groan, but you read the text, knowing that it’s probably about work. You are not surprised to see that it’s from one of your co-workers, but you are surprised that she wants to set you up with her cousin.

Hey, Jordan, the cousin I was telling you about, is going to be in town for a few weeks. I know you were looking for someone. Maybe you could go out for dinner with him? Next Tuesday?

You roll your eyes. You were the youngest at the office, which meant everyone was overly involved in your love life because it was all so “new and exciting”. You were only twenty-four; it’s not like you were supposed to have your life figured out yet.

Fine. As long as I don’t have to pay


It seems like the week goes by quicker than usual. It seems as though the universe is anticipating your date more than you are. You know nothing about this guy. Your co-worker wouldn’t tell you anything about him.

“Show up at the place at 6:30. He said he wants to do something after dinner,” she reminds you.

You groan. “I know. I know. I’ll be there at 6:30.” You don’t wait for her response before walking out. Today is one of the rare occasions that you get home before it starts to get dark. You change out of what you wore to work and slip on a black dress that hugs your body. You swipe on a coat of red lipstick and eyeliner. You slide your heels and grab a white leather jacket as you walk out your apartment door.

Once you reach the restaurant, you see the man from the picture your co-worker showed you. You smile slightly and approach his table. “Excuse me, but are you Jordan?”

He nods slightly. “(Y/N)?”

You nod and take a seat across from him.

“I already ordered a water for you. I hope that was okay. She asked, and I kind of panicked.”

You giggle. “Water is perfect. Thank you.”

Conversation flows easily between the two of you. You don’t stop talking when the waitress comes over to give you your food. If you weren’t so hungry, you wouldn’t have even noticed she came at all. After the meal, you both reach for the check.

He slides it closer to him. “Please. Let me.”

You shake your head and pull your credit card out. “I’ve got it.”

“You can get the next one.”

You raise an eyebrow. “Next one?”

The waitress comes over and takes his card. “Yeah,” he responds.

“What makes you think I want to see you again?”

He blushes. “Well, I was kinda hoping that-”

“Of course, I would love to see you again.”


You giggle. “I need to pay you back.”