dave x eridan

inside andrew hussies mind

hussie: *creates beloved character*
brain: kill em
hussie: why
brain: you gotta

Naka Kon 2017 Homestuck Photoshoot

All Captors.

All Serkets.

All Amporas.

All Trolls.

Red-Vriska x Meenah

Pale-Terezi x Sollux

Red/Black- Eridan x Sollux

Black- Mindfang x Dualscar

Patron- Terezi x Dave

Red- Nepeta x Karkat

Red- Dave x Karkat


Davepeta Rise

Red- Dead Sollux x Dead Eridan

Red- Dave x Nepeta

Red- Dirk x John

Red- Meenah x Dave

Black- Cronus x Meenah

Red- Dave x John

Red- Cronus x Muelen

Red- Dave x Jake


Red- Aradia x Sollux

NOT THE BEES (Vriska x John x Sollux)

Roxy x Dave

Red- Jake x Dirk

Red- Aradia x Nepeta

Red- Dave x Nepeta x Karkat

Black- Vriska x Aradia

Red- Eridan x Dave

Dead Trio

Black- Eridan x Vriska

Dave x Terezi

Eridan x Dave

“The prince gazed upon his knight, who held his blade infront of him, staring into his shades to glimt some red eyes blinking back behind them.”

Eridan: “Get the dirty swword out of my space, knight” -growls-
Dave: ”Whoa… chill my Prince, my duty is to protect you from any harm possible, tho I cant save you from those ridiculous princely poof pants and yellowish banana suite.”
Eridan: “The only harm here is your sharp swword and the sharp tounge of yours…” -shows teeth-
Dave: “Im sorry my prince” -gets closer- “I guess I just want to make sure you are well protected”
Eridan: -gently touches Dave’s blond hair and flushed skin-


ANYWAYS Drew this ship for a friend of mine who really likes Eridan and Dave… I can ship this~ uvu <3
The text was just random just has the clothes and theme for the ship xD

I would like to see more of this ship tho~ o3o

((I ship ALL things tbh LMAO))

Wait a moment. I’m not the only one who ships Dave and Eridan? I thought that was just me, I thought I came up with a shitty ship and I was the only one on it. I guess it makes sense, they’re both pretentious Hipsters that like to wear caps and shades, also the whole “Knight and Prince” aspect, because let’s face it, Dave is more Knightly than you know who