dave wip


i didnt draw anything else today but mcfucking jefferson


todays stream!

i drew that original pic a year ago today! i just wanted to draw a thank you thing to the people who have been following me since my davekat days on superchronophobia. my arts been an awful rollercoaster, very bad at a lot of times, and i feel like i must have caused u guys a lot of grief with my inconsistency….i dont think im really good at putting across my personality online with text and stuff, so i must seem really boring and all over the place…but nonetheless, i am most thankful for u guys who have stuck with me no matter what. i will love u always and forever with the most precious piece of my heart. 


Caledscratch photo time lapse!

Shout out to the old homestuck music team for letting their songs be used by the fandom! Song is Unite Synchronization by Malcolm Brown!

This is so far from done and being ill has not helped it move any faster, but I will get there and I will fix the things I don’t like… This will be my last post for Dirkweek when I finally get round to finishing it instead of sleeping or being dead from work…

being a full time student and running an art blog means choosing between taking a nap bc you got 5 hours of sleep last night and finishing the rough sketch for a major illo bc god knows when you’ll have time with all the homework this weekend haha amirite guys

the question is am I going to turn this into a painting or lineart+shaded flats