dave wip


WIP #18

Dave Malloy as Pierre Bezukhov (Natasha, Pierre, and the Great Comet of 1812).  Pencil, ink pen, colored pencil, Copics marker, gold Sharpie, and white acrylic, on fiberboard.

In chronological order:

1.) The initial beginnings of the drawing on the fiberboard (you have to go really light on the pencil lines at first, because it’s a bitch to erase on fiberboard).

2.) The completed pencil drawing.

3.) Lineart all inked now, ready to be colored.

4.) Lots of coloring complete (skin, hair, eyes, coat fabric), but still no fur or background.

5.) The finished piece.  (This might be a photograph, because the coloring is a little off from the real thing.)

6.) The finished piece, signed by Dave.  :)  (This coloring is closer to what the piece looks like in real life.)

7.) The finished piece, detail.

Javid AU where everytime Jack and Davey have a movie night, they watch the titanic and Davey makes Jack sit on the floor while he sits on the couch and they hold hands the whole time.