dave wip

Javid AU where everytime Jack and Davey have a movie night, they watch the titanic and Davey makes Jack sit on the floor while he sits on the couch and they hold hands the whole time.

So this happened! I wasn’t expecting a photo at that moment which is why I look so veyr awkward.

Lorna-ka and I (at opposite ends of the queue!) started our last day at SWCO in-line to meet Filoni and buy a limited charity print. It was well worth it! Filoni loved my Hera and was so lovely. We talked shop - rebels, star wars, costuming, and I quickly managed to share and alleviate a few concerns I had from the Rebels panel. I also managed to give him a @poetryincostume card and pin - he loved the gorgeous logo!

The prints were pretty gorgeous, too!

I’ve been workin’ on this for three days now and I’m still far from halfway TT~TT (May also be ‘cuz I had other stuff in the way XP)

Betcha this is gonna go past 400 frames. Might take another week to get this done so please be patient with me TT^TT Pray for meh guyz

Fanfiction Masterlist

“Here’s a list of all my Hamilton-related fanfics. You can also find them (and my fics for other fandoms)  on my AO3 page

[NOTE]: Most of these fics ARE reader-insert and includes RPF (real people fiction). 

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