dave why are you doing this to me

Conversation W/ My Dad About Tumblr
  • <p> <b>Dad:</b> What are you doing?<p/><b>Me, Scrolling Through Tags:</b> Just...looking through tumblr<p/><b>Dad:</b> What's tumblr? Is that like instagram or snapchat?<p/><b>Me:</b> Well I mean...you /can/ post photos but also like...more.<p/><b>Dad:</b> Oh. What are you doing now?<p/><b>Me:</b> Just...reading...<p/><b>Dad:</b> Reading what? Why are there so many pictures of the Hamilton guy?<p/></p>
  • Me: *sweats*
the signs are relatable hamilton moments

Aries: *looks at empty pizza box* I will never be satisfied

Taurus: writes (essays at the last minute) like they’re running out of time

Gemini: Fuuuuuuuuu

Cancer: o shit

Leo: why do you assume you’re the smartest in the room (me @ my classmates)

Virgo: the fact that you’re alive is a miracle

Libra: whaaaaaaaaa

Scorpio: I made every mistake

Sagittarius: eliza’s scream at the end of stay alive reprise

Capricorn: talk less,,,,,

Aquarius: and peggy

Pieces: dAMN

fuck me up

Talk about choking/daddy kink/public sex/fingering/blowjobs and shit in the car (pls do not do that)/female on male oral/hair pulling/denied orgasm (one time)

Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3

“Why don’t you like each other?” your manager asked as you typed on your laptop. “He did something and then didn’t call back.” You told her as you bit your lip, “Anyways, it doesn’t matter. I don’t want to collab with him.” Her eyebrow raised and she shut your laptop.

“Too bad you’re going to meet with him to talk about collabing.” You let out a groan, “Why?” you whined, she smirked softly. “Go get dressed, we’re leaving in an hour.” You gave her the ‘I-am-going-to-punch-you-in-the-face’ look before getting up and walking to the room full of your dresses.

You quickly changed into a black dress that hugged you in all the right places and put on some black heels. You did your makeup and hair and checked the clock. You sighed and sat in the seat at the vanity and played a couple games before posting on Snap.

You took a selfie and posted it when your manager knocked on the door, “What?” you whined, she opened the door and looked in with a huge smile. “Let’s go.” You nodded and grabbed your purse before walking out to the car.

You met Daveed and his manager at the large restaurant and you smiled kindly at the manager. “Y/N, it’s nice to see you.” She said and hugged you, you hugged her back before pulling away, your eyes met with Daveed’s before you looked away. “How about we all go in and eat some food?” your manager said when she noticed the tension between you and Daveed. You followed her inside and waited for them to take you to your table. You could feel Daveed’s eyes burning holes into your back.

You watched as both of the managers sat by each other, leaving for you and Daveed to sit beside each other. You slid into the booth before shuffling uncomfortably. You hadn’t worn underwear because it could be seen through your dress so the cold booth against your thighs, made a chill go down your bodies. You looked at Daveed and met his eyes before he looked away. Memories started to flood your memory; you bit your lip and looked at your menu.

Daveed’s hand touched your hips as you moved against him. Your body swayed to the music as you were pulled closer to Daveed, his hard-on pressed against your ass while his hands moved themselves up your body. You kept your body moving as the song came to the end. “Do you want to go with me?” Daveed whispered, you turned your head to him, his breath reacked of alcohol. “To go where?” you asked, Daveed’s eyes met you. His eyes were filled with lust, “To my place.” You nodded and grabbed his hand. He led you out of the club that both of your friends were in.

He flagged down a taxi and pulled you inside. He gave the man his address before he pressed his lips to yours. He bit your bottom lip which made you let out a soft moan, he pushed his tongue into your mouth while battling for dominance. You let him win, of course.

He moved slightly and pulled your body on top of his, moving your hips on top of his so you were back to grinding against each other.

Your hands moved their way to his hair, your fingers tangled themselves in his messy curls. You pulled softly on them, making him moan. You smirked and did it again, removing your mouth from his. You quickly kissed down his stubble-y cheek and down his neck, your teeth nipped at the spot under his jaw before traveling lower. You sucked on his collarbone and looked up at him with innocence in your eyes.

The cab stopped in front of a small apartment building. You let yourself off of Daveed and walked out of the cab. He threw some money at the man and got out. His hands grabbed your wrist as he pulled you along, he put the passcode inside the keypad and drug you up the stairs before pushing you against the wall.

His lips touched your neck, sucking a deep purple bruise on the nape of your neck. “God, Daveed! Please!” you begged softly, your hands pushing down your pants. Your hands touched his dick, brushing the tip softly with your thumb. He let out a low moan before you heard footsteps coming towards you. You removed your hands and looked at him while walking up the steps, he held your waist against him while you walked to his apartment, and he quickly unlocked and pushed open the door. He pushed your small body against the wall and kicked the door shut with his foot. His hands gripped the ends of your dress and pulled it up above your chest. Your chest heaved as his eyes stared hungrily at your hardened nipples.

He latched his mouth onto the harden bud, sucking roughly on it. Your mouth opened as your head fell back, the feeling of his teeth erupting a loud moan from your mouth.

Your hands pushed his shirt up his body as he moved his head from your chest. His mouth met yours while you unbutton his pants and unzipped them. You pushed them down and deepened the kiss. His hands moved to your butt and squeezed it roughly before he tapped your thighs, singling you to jump.

You body jumped slightly and you wrapped your legs around his waist. His hands grabbed at your ass to hold you up, you let out a shaky breath when his mouth left yours. He carried you to an open door, you couldn’t see much until he turned on the light. There was a large bed with white sheets, and a black comforter, there were many pillows littering the bed.

Daveed threw you on the bed before he climbed on top of your, his mouth meeting yours again.

You crossed your legs and watched as the waiter walked up to you. “What can I do for you today?” The young man asked, your eyes met with him before you sat the menu down.

“Can I have a water with lemon and a Cesar salad?” you asked with a wide grin on your face, the young boy nodded and looked at Daveed and the two managers. Everyone quickly ordered and started to talk.

“Y/N,” your manager began as she sipped on the glass of wine she had ordered, “We both think this would be an amazing thing for your career, both of your careers actually.” She tried to convince, your eyes squinted as you made an unsure face before you shook your head. “I just don’t think we’d make a good duo group.” You shrugged and took a sip of the water the boy had brought to you.

“Even though he did write ‘tonight’ after you,” His manager spoke, you both nearly choked on the drink you had been sipping on. “That’s not tr-” Daveed was cut off by your manager speaking, “And you, my dearest Y/N, wrote ‘only once’ about Daveed.” You shook your head and sat your drink down. “I did not!” you protested, both of the managers looked at each other and laughed. “Yeah, okay.” Daveed gave you a small smirk before mumbling something.

You watched as your food arrived, you smiled and reached for it. Daveed handed it to you and you sat it down. He took his plate of spaghetti before taking a bite. Your legs uncrossed as you stated to eat.

As you started to get close to finishing you felt Daveed’s foot touch yours. You looked at him as he kept eating. You shook it off and kept eating the large salad.

Once you took your last bite you felt Daveed’s hand on your thigh, you basically choked on your food as you felt it going up your thigh.

You hadn’t felt his hands on your skin for what felt like centuries. You missed it and you didn’t even know it. You looked at him and took a drink of your water. His hand slid further up your thigh before they got to your bare pussy. You allowed your legs to spread, allowing access to your center. His fingers brushed against your entrance, before he moved them all the way to your clit, rubbing it softly.

“Y/N?” your manager spoke up, you looked at her before knitting your eyebrows together. You knew what she was going to say. ‘Are you guys fucking under the table?’ is what she was thinking but her voice would say ‘Are you okay? You look flushed.’

And that’s exactly what she said.

You nodded and took a drink of your water again as the waiter came back, you waved your hand at him before you asked for a glass of white wine. Your breath was caught in your throat as you felt Daveed push a couple fingers in your now wet pussy.

Daveed’s lip’s turned into a smirk as he thrusted his fingers in and out of you in an agonizingly slow pace. You looked at Daveed before you took the glass from the waiter, quickly drinking it to keep your mouth shut. You looked around as the two managers finished eating, your eyes meeting with Daveed’s for a quick second.

His fingers started to quicken, he pushed a third one inside of you before grinning. You let out a small moan which everyone ignored. Your face turned red before you close your eyes. You heard you manager speak to Daveed before she spoke to you.

“Are you okay?” she asked, you nodded and opened your eyes. “I-I’m fine.” You mumbled. “Well, I think we should leave.” She smiled as both of them got up, Daveed removed his fingers and looked at you, a smirk plastered on his face. He lifted his fingers to his mouth and sucked on them individually, making you squirm before he got up. “You two were quiet, why was that?” Daveed’s manager asked you looked at her as you lifted from the booth. “I don’t know.” You shrugged and walked out with the group.

“I think I’ll take Y/N,” Daveed said. “She did drink a lot and so did you,” you nodded at your manager, your manager shrugged and looked at you, “Is that okay with you?” she asked, you nodded quickly.

“Okay, text me in the morning and I’ll come pick you up so you can get ready for the first studio session, okay?” she asked, you nodded again and allowed Daveed to walk you to the car he arrived in.

“You know I still hate you, right?” you asked, Daveed laughed softly. “You’ll always hate me.” you nodded in agreement and let yourself in the car. You buckled the seat belt and sat back in the seat. You kicked off your shoes and looked at him as he got in and started the engine. You glanced over his body as he drove down the street.

“You know,” he began, “Your music isn’t half bad.” He told you. You looked at his face before you smiled. “I know.” He let out a chuckle and moved your hand to your thigh again. His hand pushed up your skirt before going back to your center.

You let out a soft moan as his hand touched your clit, you moved your hand so it was on top of his and pushing his fingers to your entrance. His fingers were quickly pushed in as you moaned and threw your head back.

“You’re so tight, kitten.” He nicknamed, you nodded and removed your hand from his to put on his thigh. You lifted your leg slightly and allowed him to continue. Your hand squeezed Daveed’s thigh as he continued.

“Do you like that, love?” he asked, you nodded again before he went faster.

“Use your words, baby. Show me how much of a good girl you are.” You let out a shaky breath at the nickname ‘good girl,’ before you looked at him.

“I love it, daddy. Please don’t stop.” You whimpered and squeezed his thigh again, his lips turned into a smirk again before he moved his thumb to rub your clit. Your legs shook softly as he touched your clit.

“Are you about to cum, kitten?” he asked, you nodded. “Your words,” he demanded. You let out a loud moan and looked at him. “Yes, daddy! I’m about to cum.” He moved his fingers quickly before he pulled them out which erupted a moan from you.

“Bad girls don’t get to cum.” He noted you looked at him and a dangerous glint in your eyes. You unbuckled your seat belt and moved your hand to his growing erection. You unbuttoned his pants and looked up at him.

“Can I suck your cock, daddy?” you asked, Daveed let out a soft moan before nodding. His hand gripped the wheel as you released his dick from his boxers, he hissed at the cold air hitting his sensitive cock.

You looked up at him again before licking his tip, he let out a whimper before you took him in your mouth. You sucked on the head of his dick before pushing your head all the way down his cock. His hand reached for your hair, his hands wrapping themselves in the long locks.

His hand moved your head up and back down softly before he started moving your head faster. He let out a loud moan and pulled into the parking lot of his apartment building. You looked up at him with innocence in your eyes before he pulled you off.

“Once we’re in my apartment, strip.” He told you, you nodded and lifted yourself from your position. You straighten out your dress and waited for him to park. He zipped himself up before getting out, you followed quickly behind him. He did exactly what he did the first time you were with each other, your heart started pounding as you walked up the same staircase and went to the same apartment. Daveed opened the door and walked in, allowing you in before he closed it.

“Strip.” He commanded, you obeyed and took off the restricting dress. You were left in the black bra you had decided to wear. His eyes grew darker as they racked up your body.

His hands went and beckoned you to him, you quickly walked to him. His arms wrapped around your waist before he leaned down and kissed you, this was a much softer kiss than the others which made your heart flutter softly. Your arms wrapped themselves around his neck as his hands went to undo your bra.

You removed your arms as he took your bra off. Your hands went into his hair and pulled lightly on it, his mouth opening slightly as he moaned. You slipped your tongue into his mouth and battled for dominance. His hands moved to your breasts, his hands massaged them softly as you moaned and moved your mouth from his, a string of saliva connecting your lips.

“I missed you.” He whispered, your eyes opened and you looked at him. Both of your eyes connected before your let out a breathy laugh. “You did?” you asked barely above a whisper, he nodded. You smiled and grabbed onto the back of his neck, kissing him again.

He backed you to the couch before picking you up. His bulge pressed against you, allowing you to grind against him. You let go of his lips to kiss his neck. You sucked a deep purple bruise onto his dark skin, making him moan. You smiled softly and felt his hand push through your hair. His hand gripped it and pulled your head up.

“Bedroom?” he asked, you nodded as he started to carry you to his room. His light turned on when his hand left your bottom, you noticed how it looked overall the same. A picture sat on his bedside table instead of the alarm clock he had the last time you were here. His sheets were the same excluding the black comforter; it was changed to a red one.

He sat you down on the bed before sliding his body on top of yours. Your lips meeting once again, you moved your feet to push down his boxers as your body moved closer up the bed. His lips left yours to move down and suck on your neck. His lips moved down to your chest after sucking a bruise on your soft skin, and trailing more down your chest before he stopped and moved all the way up your body. His forearms landed beside your head and you moved your hands to his neck. He moved one of his hands to his cock before pumping himself slowly and pushing himself inside you.

Your back arched as he pushed into you, you let out a loud moan and pushed your hands through his hair again. He allowed you to get use to his size before he started to thrust into you. You let out a soft whine at the way he slowly moved his hips.

“Oh my god!” you let out and pulled his hair. He started to go a bit faster making you moan louder. “Fuck yes!” you whimpered before his hand made contact with your throat. Daveed put a bit of pressure on it, your air supply slowly leaving your body.

You felt your hips push upwards as he let go of your neck, Daveed’s lips met yours, he pulled away and looked into your eyes, “I-I’m gonna c-cum.” You moaned and pushed up to meet him, Daveed smirked and nodded in agreement. His breaths started coming in short huffs before he started to slow his thrusts. Your head fell back as your felt your walls contract against his cock, you let out a loud moan and pulled roughly at his hair. Your body convulsed as you came around him. He let out a loud breathy moan before releasing his hot seed inside you. You opened your eyes and looked at Daveed.

Sweat moved down his face as he pulled from you and laid down beside you. You stared at the ceiling before looking at him.

“Um,” you mumbled, your eyes meeting his. A smile began to grow on his face before he spoke. “Your music, it is really good. I hope you know that.” Your lips turned into a straight line. “Thanks, so is yours.” You complimented and lifted yourself from his bed, “Where are you going?” he asked, you turned and looked at him while pulling on your dress. “Home.” You simply stated.

His eyes left the hope that you would stay when you stated it, he looked down at himself and reached over for a pair of boxers, sliding them up his legs. His eyes met with your body as you redressed yourself.

“You don’t have to go, you know that right?” he asked, you looked behind yourself and let out a sigh. “I guess,” you mumbled, “But what would we do? Have a night of drinking or talk about our feelings?” you asked before laughing, “Maybe we’ll fuck again.” Your laughter died down when you noticed Daveed not laughing, “I did want to talk about you and me, actually.” He mumbled while you looked back with a confused expression. “What?” your voice sounded and he looked down at his feet.

“Please just hear me out,” he whispered as you picked up the shoes you had forgotten you brought in, “Why?” you turned and looked at him, “Because I actually do like you!” he argued, you laughed. “Yeah, okay.” You mumbled and his body trudged up to you, “Please tell me you felt what I felt too.” His eyes filled with hope and you looked at him, before grabbing his face. You pulled his lips to yours in a slow passionate kiss before he pulled away.

“We still have to write.” You mumbled, his eyes opened and he smiled before kissing you again.


  • <p> <b>Dave:</b> when were 40, if neither of us are married, what do you say you and i get together?<p/><b>Karkat:</b> WHY WOULDN'T I BE MARRIED WHEN I'M 40?<p/><b>Dave:</b> oh no no im just saying hypothetically<p/><b>Karkat:</b> OK, HYPOTHETICALLY, WHY WOULDN'T I BE MARRIED WHEN I'M 40?<p/><b>Dave:</b> no no no<p/><b>Karkat:</b> WHAT IS IT? IS THERE JUST SOMETHING FUNDAMENTALLY UNMARRIABLE ABOUT ME?<p/><b>Dave:</b> uh... uh<p/><b>Karkat:</b> WELL??<p/><b>Dave:</b> dear god! this parachute is a knapsack [Throws himself over the back of the sofa]<p/></p>
Perhaps I do- Chris Jackson X Reader

Could you maybe do a fanfic with Chris because I’ve never seen one with him and I’d love to see one written by you

WARNINGS: there is like two swear words

“Oh come on just sing it.”

“Only if you sing it with me. Take it or leave it.” Chris told me, crossing his arms and smiling at me.

“You are a way better singer.” I argued.

“Not true, I love your voice. Which is why we should sing it together.”

“Chris I will fight you over this, you are the better singer.”

“Prove it.”

“Daveed, Oak. What do you guys think?”

“We think you love each other and that you should sing something together.” Daveed said, lounging on the couch opposite from us. He then proceeded to say something that I couldn’t hear and Oak burst out laughing.

“Thank you Daveed for your opinion but we only love each other as friends. And that technically means that I’m right.” Chris pointed out, grinning.

“Y'all are gonna get married just as friends and fuck just as friends as well.” Daveed added and I felt my face grow red.

“I probably should-” He stood up.

“Yeah.” I replied quickly and he left.

“Our break is over. We should get back to practicing.” I mumbled and I headed to the stage where my fellow ensemble members were in place already. I got in my spot and everyone else got in their positions.

I was dancing with Chris for Helpless.

“Boy you got me helpless… look into your eyes and the skies the limit. Helpless… down for the count and I’m drownin’ in them.” I sang in harmony with the others. Chris smiled at me and we followed the choreography.

The song finished and we transitioned into Satisfied smoothly.

“Chris we’ve know each other forever and I know when you love someone and it’s obvious that you-” Lin started but stopped after looking around at everyone else who was actively participating in the conversation. He paused for a moment.

“Anyway Y/N, I told you are an amazing singer.” Chris said, turning the attention to me.

“I believe I told you to prove it.”

“In Helpless. We always dance together- Daveed stop thinking about it like that- and I know that you’re a good singer because I am always listening for your voice.” He said, not pausing despite the fact that Daveed was laughing extremely hard.

“Hey you implied that, not me.” He smiled and I shook my head, smiling a bit.

“Lin can you please talk some sense into this man?” I asked, pointing to Chris. Lin held his hands up.

“He didn’t say a word that wasn’t true.” Lin pointed out.

“Lin is a scoundrel and so it seems you.” I said, looking at Chris.

“Meet me on the dueling ground.” Chris cried in defense although he had a huge smile on his face.

“Behind Denny’s at three am. Everything is legal behind Denny’s.” I laughed which made it hard to understand what I said. I rested my head on Chris’s shoulder, trying to stop giggling. He wrapped his arm around me and I heard Daveed make a comment but he didn’t stop.

“I love you.” I whispered quietly, my laugh dying down. I couldn’t even hear myself say it but I felt him hold me closer.

“Chris, quick question but why did you feel it was nessecary to come into my apartment at three o fucking clock in the morning?”

“I waited for you behind the Denny’s.”

“You’re a dork.”

“I’m a dork who’s tired.”

“Fair. It’s my fault that you were at the Denny’s anyway.”

“I brought Daveed and Oak as well and they put it on their stories.”

“I’m sorry but I thought that it was clear that I was joking?”

“Well yeah but just in case.”

“Do you want me to make you coffee or something?”

“I had a milkshake at Denny’s, no worries.”

“You take the bed.”

“I mean I wasn’t planning on staying.”

“It’s three am and you’re staying here for the night. You look exhausted.”

“You look beautiful.”

“You need sleep.”


“It’s almost sunrise but the sky is still blue.”

“Ámame.” He said quietly, to the point I almost didn’t hear it and I looked at him surprised. He really doubted the fact that I memorized the soundtrack from In The Heights, didn’t he?

“Love me.” I smiled and he looked confused before he grabbed my hand.

“Perhaps I do.”

Things that bother me in DnD #1323432 out of infinity

Why do dwarves and elves and shit have to live so fucking long? Just fucking why? It wrecks havoc with world building. Want a lost temple? Dave the Elf’s dad knows where that is. It was only 2000 years ago. Want something “New” in your world? How new? 10 years old? Humans would have grown up with it, meanwhile dwarves and elves are going to treat it like your grandmother treats the internet. At least that part has some story possibilities.

And don’t you come at me with none of that “oh! Don’t you see the wonderful possibles!” shit. I’ve been at this for over 15 years. I’ve seen it. I just ain’t got time for some dang ol’ tortoises Mr.Owling all over my tootsie pop of a world. What’s the use of a history check when you lived through it? 200 years max man, then you’re dead. I’m telling you that’s the way to go.

“And do I get to dance with the father of the bride?” Killian teased, holding his hand out to David. “Come on, mate. Care to give this old sea dog a spin on the dance floor?”

David erupted in hearty laughter as he got up from his chair leaving Snow and emma in delighted shock as he accepted the newlywed’s offer.

“Why not. I might even teach you a thing or two.”

Laughter and applause swept the room as the two men began to waltz across the floor, chuckling as they enjoyed the unusual act.

“You know, in case you didn’t already know, i’m truly happy for you and Emma. I may not have shown it but, I don’t think I could have found anyone more worthy of my daughter. Welcome to the family, Killian.” 

“Thank you, mate.” Killian replied in ernest, completely in awe of the man’s acceptance.

“I’m not calling you son, though.” David added with faux sternness. 

“That’s fine by me… dad.” Killian winked, earning himself a glare. 

For @xemmaloveskillianx - I hope this cheers you up, you wonderfully awesome lady!!

  • Burr: Why do you assume you're the smartest in the room?
  • Hamilton: Uh excuse me, I don't have to assume. I know for a fact I am the smartest person in the room.
  • Jefferson: Okay seriously how is it that no one has killed you yet
  • Burr: Wait for it

#3 = “Am I supposed to be scared of you?”
#7 = “Are you okay?” “Why do you ask?” “You’re wearing 2 different shoes.”
#55 = “Have I entered an alternate universe or did you really just crack a smile for me?”

Pairing: Lin Manuel-Miranda x Reader

Warnings: swearing

“I’m sure you’ll be fine.”
Your best friend, Daveed Diggs, said as he dropped you off at the front of King’s College.
You had just came from living in France for almost your whole life to America, where everything seemed to bigger and louder.
Daveed, whom you’d known since you were 6, had lived in France until he moved to America when you were 15.
You’d promised to stay in touch, which you did until you were 18, and suddenly you guys had stopped texting each other. You were always regretful as to why you’d let your strong friendship fall.
Your boyfriend at the time had become very jealous of Daveed after you’d introduced them on FaceTime, and he said that he didn’t want you guys talking anymore. You felt ashamed that you weren’t putting your boyfriend first, so you stopped replying to Daveed’s texts and Skype calls.
But after that boy had gone and broken your heart and ruined your reputation in France, you decided you needed a fresh start in America.
So you got in touch with Daveed again, and he helped you make plans to move to Pennsylvania. He knew you had always done well in school, and that you were a hard worker. He helped you compose a strong application to the college, and thanks to him, you’d been accepted.
Although you spoke many languages, English was not one of your strongest.
Others’, other’s, and others? Please.
But you were determined to work hard and make your parents proud, and to show the people of your little town that you were worth more than the title of that boys girlfriend.
You smiled and hugged Daveed, speaking quickly in French to display your gratitude. He patted your cheek, and you opened the door, and stepped into the newest addition to your life. The door shut close behind you, and you turned and waved at Daveed as he continued to his vehicle.
Taking a deep breath, you walked to the admissions desk.
“Hello, um, my name is Y/N L/N. I am a transfer student from France?”
“Oh hello! Would it be more helpful if I get a French speaker to help you?”
You relaxed and smiled.
“Yes, please. Merci.”
The woman left, and returned with a young man with a ponytail.
“This is Lin, he speaks French. He’ll help you around.”
His arms were crossed, and the woman returned to her work. You shifted from foot to foot, and opened your mouth to speak, but Lin interrupted you.
“Yes, hello. I’m Lin, and I don’t know your name but I don’t particularly care, so let’s go.”
You didn’t understand what he meant, but you made out “don’t care” and “name.” So, you closed your mouth, and watched as he started walking towards the doors.
“Are you coming or are you going to stand there stupidly?”
You blushed and hurried to the door, promptly tripping and falling on the rug.
Lin rolled his eyes, and tapped his foot.
“If you wouldn’t mind, I was working when Mrs. Elisa told me to help a new French student. So let’s hurry up.”
You brushed off your skirt, and hurried through the door. You were embarrassed to be humiliating yourself like this, and a bit angry at Lin that he couldn’t be more forgiving that you were new and didn’t speak much English.
He talked quickly, as if he’d forgotten that you didn’t speak very much English, and you struggled to keep up with his long strides.
Even though he wasn’t tall, he still towered over you, and you had to practically run to keep up with him.
“This is your dorm, and you’ll move in your stuff tomorrow, I heard? Okay, that’s all there is too see. I suppose I’ll have to see you tomorrow to help you in what I literally just showed you-”
Your anger was literally boiling over, and you couldn’t help but speak out.
“Am I supposed to be scared of you?”
He turned quickly.
“Excuse me?”
You couldn’t say much, so you ranted off in French.
“Je suis désolé si je suis un fardeau pour vous, mais je suis nouveau ici et j'apprécierais que vous me montriez un peu de bienvenue!” (I am sorry if I am a burden to you, but I am new here and I’d appreciate if you showed me a little welcome!)
Lin stared at you, and then said,
“I have so much work to do.”
Then he was gone.
You were fuming, and felt angry tears coming. So, you dialed Daveed’s number, and told him to come get you.
“Je ne peux pas faire ça. L'Amérique n'est pas pour moi. A quelle vitesse puis-je retourner en France avant que ma fierté ne me fasse rester?” (I can’t do this. America isn’t for me. How quickly can I get back to France before my pride causes me to stay?)
You were pacing around Daveed’s living room, practically tearing out your hair. You had been stressed out since yesterday, and by now you needed to head out to meet Lin for your first classes of the afternoon.
Daveed was trying to calm you down, but you were beyond anyone’s ability to help in your opinion.
“Je ne peux pas parler anglais, comment puis-je faire pour rendre quelqu'un fier? Je vais prendre mes chances en France.” (I can’t speak English, how can I make manage to make anyone proud? I’ll take my chances in France.)
Suddenly, you checked your watch.
“Merde! Je suis en retard pour rencontrer ce connard!” (Shit! I’m late to meet that asshole!)
You rushed out the door, and began to run too Daveed’s car, opening the door and yelling at him to hurry.
When you sprinted into the building, you met Lin, arm crossed, but a nonchalant look on his face.
You hadn’t had time to brush your hair, put on makeup, or eat breakfast. You knew you didn’t look your very best, and you were a bit embarrassed. However, when Lin spoke, his words weren’t hurting or cold.
“Are you okay?”
You were taken by surprise.
“Oui. Yes. Why do you ask?”
He smiled.
“You’re wearing 2 different shoes.”
You looked down at your feet, and groaned. You glared at Lin, and he tried to stop his giggles.
“I still haven’t forgiven you for yesterday.”
His eyes sparkled, and you felt the familiar feeling in your stomach.

Oh no.
How can something that hurt you before make you feel so happy?

“Well, I have my days.”
He looked at his watch.
“Shit. I’m supposed to meet someone for lunch. Listen, I’ll show you to your dorm. And,”
He looked at his feet.
“Do you maybe want to go to dinner tonight? To make up for yesterday?”
You smiled a little.
“Did I just enter a different universe? Or did you just crack a smile for me?”
What a dork.
“C'est un bel univers si tu m'as fait sourire.” (Must be quite a nice universe if you’ve got me smiling in it.)

it was twin day at our school. @need-the-speed (photo cred!) came as dirk and i happened to have a blue wig at school so i tripleted with two groups. 

karkat being like “how sweet would it be if i had a cape” and dave making the incredible reference like “haha NO capes” and karkat doesnt get it so hes like “??? why cant i have a cape. why do you get to have a cape” “no dude it was a joke” “why do you get to wear a cape if i can’t. hand over your cape strider” “no i” “strider give me the FUCKING CAPE” “GET YOUR HANDS OFF OF MY CAPE”

  • Kryten: Why do you wanna throw in with people like that?
  • Rimmer: Because I wanna BE somebody! I wanna have a position of authority on a scout ship exploring uncharted space! Work alongside educated men and women! Officers! People who count! (bends down to Lister) Lister, this is my one chance to seize my dream. (rises) To be with the winners! Look at me, what do you see?
  • Lister: (shrugs) Tell me!
  • Rimmer: You see a sad and lonely guy. A guy who left home at 16 to become and officer and a gentleman - and ended up as a chicken soup machine operative. Is it any wonder my father had four strokes? Is it any wonder he used to sit by the window and dribble? *I* did that to him - ME!
  • Lister: There's nothing wrong with what you did! It's just a job.
  • Rimmer: You ARE your job.
  • Kryten: NOT so, Sir. Now, was Albert Camus a goalkeeper or a philosopher? Was Albert Einstein a clerk in a patent office - or the greatest physicist who ever lived? And of course there's the oft-told tale of the simple carpenter's son who went on to own the largest chain of pizza stores in history, Harry Beedlebaum!
  • Rimmer: Kryten, Albert Einstein didn't spend the best years of his life picking out lumps of desiccated poultry from the end of his nozzle cleaner!
  • Lister: That doesn't make you a failure.
  • Rimmer: It does in my parents' eyes. It does in my brother's eyes. It does in the eyes of everyone WITH eyes. That's EXACTLY what it makes me.

i rlly enjoy headcanoning that like, a lot of the kids never went to school obvs i guess? i.e. jade nd jake living on an isolated island, dirk and roxy living post apocalypse, but also i imagine like, rose being home schooled by some private tutor, and dave never going just because bro never sent him

and like one day dave and rose are talking and shes like ‘i cant imagine your bro teaching you how to read and write’ and hes like wtf no he didnt why would he?? how do u even teach a person to read thats dumb u just look at words and you read them duh i could always read

and rose is just like…. r u trying to tell me.. that my brother….. dave strider… was a child prodigy, who taught HIMSELF to read at an extremely young age? like some kind of…. scout finch from to kill a mockingbird??? and she has like, an existential/identity crisis because shes meant to be the smart one and how did this happen but also like.. a sort of newfound respect for dave and so shes like wow i had no idea you were so into reading! what did you read? (because theyve never had a book chat and she rlly wants to have a book chat)

and hes like ahah nah ive never read a book my whole life homie

and shes like…. what the hell did you learn to read with then

and hes just like shrug.. gamebros that my bro left on the floor

and yep dave taught himself to read from gamebro 

and rose is like lmao ok never mind oh m y god that explains. SO much