dave travels

Has anyone done the “immortal and time traveler” au for davekat yet because if not please imagine it, and if it’s already been done, I’m sorry!

But there’s so much that can be done with this AU, I’m surprised it’s not already popular. With Dave as the time traveler and Karkat as the immortal. 

Imagine all the different time periods Dave and Karkat could ensue their antics in. Watching Shakespearean romcoms but its ACTUAL Shakespeare, being real life knights, finding out Jack Noir is actually Jack The Ripper or something stupid like that, making money off predicting historical events. Not to mention all the different time periods, Ancient Greece, Ancient Egypt, Edo Japan, Renascence Rome, Industrial England, 50′s/60′s/70′s America. ANYWHERE and ANYTIME. (assuming Karkat moves around)

Imagine Dave bring Karkat col future things while Karkat just calls the future stupid but he sure does like the “Dane Cook” fella. 

Imagine Dave staying for a couple of months and the whole time he and Karkat would do nothing but talk and cuddle because Karkat missed him so much.

Imagine Dave feeling guilty for making Karkat wait so long, and Karkat feeling worried when it’s been a very long time since he’s seen Dave.

Imagine Karkat getting upset when he noticed Dave is aging, and he isn’t.

Imagine Dave never wanting to leave, and promising Karkat that one day in the future they can get married. 

Imagine them both being there for historical events, totally fucking shit up in the background. 

Imagine each of them giving the other something to remember them by.

Optional, imagine that Dave is from the 2000′s and can’t travel beyond that point, meanwhile Karkat will only be able to say “immortal” until the 21st century (I guess temporary immortality isn’t quite immortality but you can’t die) so after them waiting until the year 2000 to see each other a minute before new years, and then finally being able to lead out the rest of their lives together, normally, while being able to age, linearly, after so many years of waiting and worrying.

Imagine Dave dabbing in historical photos and Karkat doesn’t get it until many years later. 


Around The World In 80 Days: United States Of America, Idaho

Shoshone River
Photo Credit: (Dave Nydam)
Photo Credit: (Scotty Perkins)
Shoshone Falls Twin Falls, Idaho
Photo Credit: (Mark Duffy)

The photographers deserve credit so DO NOT remove credit information. Thank you.

john is a very very alone kid and always gets harassed at school because hes weird and he doesn’t think his dad even cares about him and life is very strange and he kind of hates himself a lot and he doesn’t believe in god but sometimes he prays and he isn’t sure why
and one day he asks for a friend because he always feels like hes just waiting for something to happen and then the next week he forgets about it until in his math class theres a new transfer student named dave who incidentally is placed to sit ON THE OTHER SIDE OF THE ROOM and john is totally floored and stares at him the whole period but never gets around to approaching him and this happens for a long long time until its the last football home game and he more or less stalks dave at this point and knows that dave talks to nobody and likes to sit in the library during lunch alone and always uses the same pencil and wont write with anything other than that pencil and so john asks him if hed like to just go to the game with him and dave has no idea who this kid is but he says yeah anyways because its nice being polite
and hes hanging out with john and johns all nervous because cool!! friend! he has those expensive beats headphones and wears a hoodie that makes him look super mysterious!! and meanwhile dave is just v quiet always bc hes a dork
and then it becomes tradition. they always go to the home football games and john talks most of the time but that’s okay because dave likes listening instead and dave ends up noticing how john talks with his body more than he does with his voice and learns how john only lives with his dad but really wants a pet lizard and wonders why girls wear makeup when they already look pretty and he decides maybe it isn’t so bad being friends with this guy
and then theyre on their junior year and neither of them hang out with anybody else but dave is still relatively cool in the publics eye and he gets asked to prom by a pretty girl with short hair named terezi and john is ecstatic he congratulates dave and confirms hes going too even if it is stag
the time comes around for it to happen and wow dave and terezi look stunning together and she even tidied up her general person and dave looks hella in a suit without sunglasses.
and john is w/e hes used to being on the side so he hangs out with dave a lot but when he looks away then looks back and sees them dancing but its close and intimate and terezi is going to kiss dave something in him changes and he doesn’t quite know what and suddenly everything seems a whole lot different and dave seems a little more like a gift from god to him
and at 2 in the morning when dave drives him and john to the nearest wendys and dave tells him terezi and him are dating john tells him hes happy for him but hes crying and tired and nothing is looking right anymore and this isn’t what was supposed to happen
but hes seen the movies he knows whatll happen when dave is gone

so he kisses dave but neither of them know what to do and dave drives him home in silence

but it becomes a habit and john ends up kissing him more than necessary and dave never reciprocates but never pushes away and they know he has a girlfriend
what ever else happens is up in the air