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Companion piece to this! This time it’s the beta kids :’D Like Jake, I think Jade would be the one to be able to pick all her friends up with ease! (This was also me putting down similarities and contrasts I’ve already spotted between the Alpha and Beta children~)

Sir Butch by Dave Berg was a very short lived Fawcett character who was a tough egg from Brooklyn who falls down an open manhole cover that turns out to be a time portal so that he ends up in a land of knights, wizards, giants and such, and like Kagome of InuYasha fame from more than 50 years later moves from one place to the other with magic items brought back from the ancient era letting him cause mayhem in Flatbush. 

anonymous asked:

EF: That was a hell of a steamy kiss your daughter just dropped on the pirate.... thoughts? concerns? the desire for massive alcohol intake?

It’s an emotional time for everyone.  Although it would be nice if they engaged in those activities elsewhere.

I have no opinions on my daughter’s love life, other than I hope she’s happy with it.  And that I don’t have to know the details