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shot of the casual dave i wore to a 4/13 meetup over the weekend!! because one dave motif isn’t enough. i want records. i want crows. i want records /and/ crows. i want records breaking apart INTO crows. we’ll call it “the broken recawd.” fucking incredible. 

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anonymous asked:

I only have access to raw n sd & v limited internet, can you explain what's hapoening with Kenny Omega? Cause i dont really know. Did he get hurt??? Like whats happening??? Thank you in advance

Strap in kids. Welcome to Sam’s smark school.


Kenny Omega. This precious little bean.

He’s stated on his twitter account that he’s taking a step back from Japan, while posting a picture of the Terminator giving a thumbs up with a fiery background. That he was going to take some time off to consider all options.

Which promptly caused the Internet Wrestling Community to have a meltdown, thinking Kenny was walking away from from NJPW, that he was hurt, that he was going to be showing up at the WWE Royal Rumble.

Kenny Omega is a very, very smart man. He knows what he’s doing by posting shit like this. He’s brilliant at blurring the lines between kayfabe and reality, where Kenny Omega as a character ends and the man begins. He’s building more buzz around his brand, because right now? He’s the most talked about pro-wrestler in the world. 

He wrestled, with Okada, the first match to have officially been rated as six stars by Dave Meltzer. He took some nasty, nasty, nasty bumps, notably the table spot. It was a 46 minute long match, in which Kenny ate multiple tombstones, four Rainmakers, and a crash through a table, which is longer and more punishment than NJPW’s John Cena, Tanahashi, took. Kenny never hit the One Winged Angel, which is sold as this devastating, near fatal finisher on Okada.

Omega, as a character, was defeated. He came so close to achieving what he stated was his dream, winning the championship in the Tokyo Dome, then he choked. Its logical that his character would be in a nasty depression and not want to be around the business.

Now, lets get to the smark part. 

Kenny never hit the OWA. He came close, but he never hit it. They purposely “protected” the move, to set up for a Omega/Okada II, down the road. 

Gaijin, the foreigners, rarely win in the main event at Wrestle Kingdom. The last to do so was Brock Lesnar in 2005. Okada has spoken in glowing terms about Kenny in press conferences following WK. He would have no reason to put Kenny over if he was leaving.

Which brings me to my next point:

If Kenny was leaving, they would have buried him at WK. They would have buried him for MONTHS prior to him leaving. They did it to AJ. They did it, in a way, to Nakamura. They did it to Prince Devitt, now Finn Balor. They would have given him a farewell sendoff, and he wouldn’t have wrestled a mid card match at New Years Dash. 

I think Kenny needs a vacation. He’s 33 years old, with what he calls bad knees, and he hasn’t had a significant amount of time off since before the G1 tournament, which was in the summer of 2016. I think he’s a little banged up and tired and that management in NJPW are giving him some time off to heal up and rest.

Kenny hasn’t accomplished everything he has wanted to in NJPW. I can only see him leaving if WWE is giving him a multi-million dollar, multi year, guaranteed main roster deal. But he’d lose his creative soul, so to speak. Kenny seems like the guy who genuinely loves this business, who loves the art of pro wrestling and the power it has.

Hence why that Terminator photo is so important.

Hint: “I’ll be back.”

A Royal(commodore) Visit


Dave, his squire, and a small entourage of trolls had traveled days on horse and lusus-back to reach the Quartz Fortress, named so for the expansive mine close to the area, which supplied the bulk of the revenue of the town and the burgundy blood lady in charge of it all.

This was supposed to be just another stop on Dave’s rounds- the High Council had backed him on his mission to personally visit each and every military compound on Alternian soil.  He had a way of rooting through bullshit and digging up corruption, not that his finds always resulted in something getting done.  As far as anyone really cared, he was just spreading good will as was fitting for the Scion of the Disciple. 

On a purely selfish level, he was spending time away from Kankri, and there’s little he wouldn’t do to keep away from that lususfucker.

In the moonlight, Dave could only just make out the outline of the fort on a distant hill.  It would be another night of riding before they made it to their destination.

“Your Imperious Majesty,” the bronzeblood troll who had been named the leader of his guard (and whose name Dave always had trouble remembering) said, “the sun is beginning to rise.  Shall we make camp now or press forward?”

“We’ll stop here.  Go on and set up camp.”  He was aware, and terrified, that the trolls would probably ride with him in broad daylight if he commanded it, even if it ended up with them being burned or blinded.

While his squire scouted ahead, Dave took some time to himself and walked not far from the encampment, surprised at what he managed to find.