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Το ωραίο στην μουσική είναι ότι τραγουδάς ένα τραγούδι σε 85,000 ανθρώπους και εκείνοι θα το τραγουδήσουν με 85,000 διαφορετικούς λόγους.
—  Dave Grohl.

anonymous asked:

hi, can u please list/name some southeast asian- especially Filipina- actors

H! Coincidentally I’ve been thinking of finally making a tag page for the blog based on actors’ ethnicities. The list is not full, obviously - just those actors I know and have on this blog, also here are only actors that work in Western TV/Film industry:

Actors of Filipinx descent:

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Hamilton Characters as Greek Gods /// Thomas Jefferson as Poseidon

‘Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.’ We fought for these ideals; we shouldn’t settle for less. These are wise words, enterprising men quote 'em. Don’t act surprised, you guys, cuz I wrote ‘em.

God of the Sea and protector of all aquatic features. He was second to Zeus in power amongst the gods. He was considered to have a difficult quarrelsome personality. Combined with his greed and arrogance, he had a series of disputes with other Gods during his various attempts to take over the cities they were patrons of.

* Note: A huge thank you to @thedauntlesschild for helping me to make up my mind on this one… ONLY PHILIP, KING GEORGE AND MADISON LEFT, GUYS!

leftover-rice  asked:

oh heckle dave is tall! or is karkat just really tiny? could we maybe see a little height ref of them?

it is both of these things!! i based dave off of those greek/renaissance sculptures. (yknow, the big ones that are usually partial/full nudes) Polykleitos, for example, is 6 ft 11 inches! <3 karkat i can only ever imagine being tiny lmfao. 

i added kan and rose too. kan is v tall as well <333. 

NYPost: Dave Franco bros out, gets naked in ‘Neighbors’

Dave Franco knows exactly what his fraternity pledge name would have been: “Vertically Challenged.” Luckily, what the 5-foot-7 actor — starring as a loutish frat brother in Friday’s rowdy comedy “Neighbors” — lacks in inches, he makes up for in self-deprecating humor.

Chalk up the defense mechanism to growing up under the thumb of a sadistic older sibling: James Franco.

“[James’] main form of torture when we were growing up, he would zip me up fully in a sleeping bag and tickle torture me from the outside. That’s the definition of torture,” Dave, 28, tells The Post.

“I’d be screaming and crying, and he just happened to be the best tickler of all time.”

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