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Let's all appreciate Thomas. My god.

Let’s all just… 😍💕

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ok let’s be honest. He is so damn cute ( creds to owner of this gif )


such a beautiful man

Always // Stiles Stilinski

Fandom: Teen Wolf
Pairing: Stiles x reader
Word Count:1,982
Warnings: none
Request from @ilvologivesmetoomuchlife: “Hi there! I’d like to request an imagine with Stiles Stilinski. Could you do something about you being a werewolf. Everyone of the pack knows except Stiles; you couldn’t bring yourself to tell him because you’re in love with him and you’re afraid of losing him. Eventually, something happens and Stiles sees you change. Something  with a happy ending please :)”

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Home // Stiles Stilinski

Part 1  Part 2  Part 3

Fandom: Teen Wolf
Pairing: Eventual Stiles x reader
Word Count: 883 (future parts will be longer!)
Warnings: A few swear words
Request from @a-queen-is-better-than-king​: “Hi could you do an imagine where the reader is Deucalion’s daughter and she leaves with him but returns to beacon hills. And she goes to see stile but it’s not really him it’s the nogitsuni. And since he was to feel pain he breaks her heart and tries to make her loose control please and thank you”

A/N: I loved this prompt wayy too much just to make a one-parter out of it so this will actually be a mini-series instead! Hope you don’t mind! Enjoy! P.S sorry if there are any grammatical errors! I wanted to quick post this before I had to go out!

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1985. Tales Of Terror

is the first album by the band Hallows Eve.

Hallows Eve was founded on Halloween 1983, The band name is a name for this American holiday.

1985 saw the album Tales of Terror. Ronny played a Apoldt the drums since Tym Helton was approached recently by a truck and was hospitalized. The album quickly played Thrash Metal, but also includes melodies. The production suffered from time and budget constraints. The texts deal with horror and science fiction themes. The album will be well received by the scene, followed by a tour with Slayer, Exodus and Nasty Savage.

it’s a great album, with great speed, energy, & humorous lyrics but the production and the short time nock it down a few notches.

David Stuart Skullator   Ronny Appoldt  Tommy Stewart      Stacy Andersen

Brains Over Beauty (Part 3) // Stiles Stilinski

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Part 1  Part 2  Part 3

Fandom: Teen Wolf
Pairing: Stiles x reader
Word Count: 1,835
Warnings: None :) 
Original request from @hungergamesteenwolf:  “Hi could you make an imagine where the reader is a veela (a beautiful supernatural creature with hypnotic powers) and everyone gets attracted to get because of her looks but only her soulmate gets attracted to her because of personality and until she finds out who her soulmate is the world is in black and white and she finds out stiles is her soulmate who she has been friends with since childhood. Thanks.” 

A/N: Here’s the next part finally! Part 4 should be up in a couple of days! Enjoy!

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