dave strider headcannon

In honor of Dave’s and Dirk’s birthday, these are three things that they do and don’t want anyone to know


1) If there’s any puppets/dolls/plushes in the room when he is getting dressed, he makes them face the other way for privacy

2) He shaves his legs in the winter because he likes how it feels when his smooth legs rub on his pants legs

3) One time in art class, he didn’t like that the teacher was making all the kids draw skyscrapers, so he made all the buildings shaped like massive dildos


1) Used to have a crush on Augustus Waters, and The Fault in Our Stars was his favorite book until he was 13

2) He started playing mini-golf ironically, but now he genuinely enjoys it an uses it to calm down

3) For a long time, he had headaches from lack of sleep, and then with the help of WedMD he concluded he had a terminal illness and made Roxy write his will for him


file this under things that give me life