dave solo

Listen if you wanna a Jewish POC for a Racebent Star Wars Fan Cast for Han Solo do Daveed Diggs.

He’s Buff

He’s half Black and Half Jewish

He has great Hair

And he is great at playing Snarkers.

Let that idea sink in guys.

please consider

If Iron Maiden ever plays Alexander the Great live the crowd would probably cheer until the end of time itself


I really need everyone to watch this, right now.

Hangar 18
Hangar 18


Long before Guitar Hero II ruined the fingers of young gamers everywhere (including my own), Megadeth’s Hangar 18 has always been one of the pinnacle songs of their career since it’s initial release, thanks to the brilliant call & response between Marty Friedman & Dave Mustaine.  While both guitarists were in their youthful prime, they pretty much spent this whole song dueling solos with each other - Friedman’s solos offering melodic riffs that devolve into a frenzy of notes scattered around the fretboard, and Mustaine’s solos offering the signature crazy combination of speed and technicality that made him famous.  The solos, though plentiful, are surprisingly memorable. If the first track Holy Wars… from Rust in Peace caught your attention the first time you listened to the album, the following track Hangar 18 grabbed you by the throat, thrashed you around, and made your fingers bleed just thinking about all the notes being played.

Megadeth - Hangar 18

If you haven’t listened to Daveed Diggs’ solo album, Small Things to a Giant, or checked out clipping., his band, and are either a rap fan or Hamilton fan, or both, please do so ASAP. Daveed is a national treasure and his music is basically transcendent. I cannot stress this enough, it is well worth the listen and criminally underrated.