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So these guys are being considered for Han Solo:

And Anthony Ingruber isn’t?????

He played a younger version of Harrison’s character in the Age of Adaline.

And fans have been wanting him to play young Han for quite some time. And they’re definitely upset.

Just check out his Han Solo impersonation:

The decision is expected to be made within a couple of weeks and no one seems happy about the shortlist.

If you haven’t listened to Daveed Diggs’ solo album, Small Things to a Giant, or checked out clipping., his band, and are either a rap fan or Hamilton fan, or both, please do so ASAP. Daveed is a national treasure and his music is basically transcendent. I cannot stress this enough, it is well worth the listen and criminally underrated.


Dave Franco tells Andy Cohen about auditioning to play Han Solo and says nice things about actor Alden Ehrenreich, who ended up getting the role.


Look, I’m glad we’re getting an Ahsoka book, and a pop figure, and probably some more Ahsoka in Rebels season 3, but I still feel let down after that panel.

Firstly, it once again showed just what we were robbed of when CW was canceled, and secondly. after the reveal that Saw Gerrera is in Roque One, anything less than a movie appearance or her own movie were just bound to be a disappointment.

I really have no interest in a Han Solo film, or a Boba Fett film, but I would happily pay to see an Ahsoka film again and again. Instead we’re getting a book created from the leftovers of a canceled TV show (which I will most certainly buy, obviously), and maybe two or three extra appearances on Rebels. 

That’s just not enough. Ahsoka is probably the greatest character the prequel era produced, and she deserves more than this. 

We deserve more than this.

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Han Franco?


Outtakes from the Laundry Room interview with Barrett Jones. Cute.

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