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So, ignore my ugly ass smile in all this pictures but, I went to the We Resist concert on Thursday, (with the babes @imaginebeinghamiltrash and @helplesslylins) and honestly, boy. If you had the chance to go and didn’t you really did miss out, the concert was so moving and beautiful and so very inspiring, and I got to meet all the amazing artists afterwards and thank them for their artistry, they were so kind and amazing and I’m still so shook. (I have other vids that I may upload soon, just a heads up)


emmyraver: II FAM. II

anthony_ramos_nyc: Thank you @savetthewales, @avenueny, and @bernyce21 for giving us a great night out. Dioe exoerience coming off of the @numberproject banger. #fam #it‘sMonday! #Monday? #homies

daveeddiggs: Thanks so much for having us @avenueny! We are super #lit right now. Shout to @bernyce21 and @savetthewales for the hook up. We love y'all!

bettcm: Homies. So good to see all these people last night! #hamilton #broadway #nyc #ny #friends #party #celebrate #homies

emmyraver: II THE. HOMIES. II


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