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Buffy classic #46: The Death of Buffy (2002) 

Buffy is dead. A horde of lizard-demons plan to resurrect their fallen leader and paint the town blood red. Can Buffy’s friends face the threat without a Slayer to defend them? Willow finds that she can learn a great deal from these reptilian mystics. And if there’s going to be one resurrection, why can’t there be two?

Writers: Tom Fassbender, Jim Pascoe, Fabian Nicieza; illustrator: Cliff Richards; colorist: Dave McCaig; covers: Brian Horton, Paul Lee.

Dear Webcomic Artists

If you choose to try and make your points through the use of completely fictional characters that are under your control and say exactly what you want them to say and in the exact situations that you want them to say them in, then it might be time to question whether or not you actually have a point. 

See, this is what debating and editorials are for. You know, activities that don’t involve you constructing a caricature of the opposition in order to make your side seem more appealing?

When faced with this, many webcomic authors (you know exactly the ones I’m talking about) will, rather than admitting the faults in their comics, just mock the very idea of bringing up ‘strawman fallacy’. There’s a lesson to be learned. 

If you can’t make sense then you can still try and disparage and insult your opposition. And sadly, it’ll often work.