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I love that book cover thing in the Paradox space comic, so I had to draw it :P


Rosemary AU where Rose is a local sorcerer who does stuff like tell futures and knit magical stuff, and Kanaya is the youngest daughter of the Maryam family, who are the least subtle vampires that you could ever hope to meet. Like, Kanaya acts like it’s this Big Secret, and whenever she and Rose meet in the woods she always drops these hints that she thinks are Very Clever And Subtle And Add A Charming Mystique To Her Opaque Demeanor. Rose is head over heels so she goes along with it, but also it’s… so obvious that Kanaya is a vampire. Sure, she gardens, she’ll venture out with a parasol, but she also wears a massive cape, lives in her Big Secret Caste with other Maryams, and constantly drops hints because she thinks it’s Romantic. Kanaya is fooling nobody. Rose is just completely smitten with her, though, she’ll magic up gifts and do these things to impress her.

Dave is Rose’s “familiar” (sorcerers come from a magical bloodline, so I headcanon the Strilondes as coming from a long line of those with Fair Folk Blood, they come from an Unseelie bloodline, Rose and Dave were twins but Rose is a human with a cat form and Dave is a crow with a human form. Fae are weird), and he’s always like “rose she’s a vampire”. Rose is playing along and she’s all “Well… perhaps there’s some charm to the theater and romance of it all, you might consider it an art form” and Dave’s just “rose she thinks it’s a secret”.


i’ve been super stressed about art lately!! so i did this. these are all my headcanons for the characters as far as ethnicity goes, if you want specifics, you can absolutely ask. 

it’s 4/13
it’s 4:13
it’s time to post these assholes

listen i really don’t want to be that one person but hussie still hasn’t changed homestuck’s status from “in progress” in the archive and it’s been a year


spending 4 days drawing homestuck; boss battle edition™