dave krieger


Why do I have such an affiliation with asshole characters.
Like they’re either abusive, are vanilla jackasses most of the time, have anger or drinking problems, inflated sense of self worth, or are just straight up psychopaths, and I feel drawn to them despite all that. I don’t really get it.

(Have fun guessing which adjective fits which character)


Barry: Is anybody gonna ask how and why I knew to show up here?

Archer: Is…? Okay, I’ll bite.

Barry: By tracking the satellite signal from Katya’s internal hard drive, which Doctor Dipshit over there bought from the KGB.

Archer: Krieger!

Krieger: Yeah, but…the savings.

Barry: Like, eighty bucks you saved.


For fans, Tebow is almost a drug. He seemed to make many of them forget that the Broncos are now 1-4, three games out of first place just five games into the season. He provided excitement and hope. He’s sort of the Broncos’ version of that hopey-changey thing. The offense under Orton is now in a persistent vegetative state, so there is no reason not to let Tebow continue. But how he fares against defensive game plans designed for his skill set remains an open question.
—  The Denver Post’s Dave Krieger
on Tim Tebow and the Broncos’ comeback try (h/t Dan Monson