dave kloc


This is a wonderful short documentary about our artist Dave Kloc, conceptualized and created by Alex Jacobs. 


I just put the remaining Comedy Bang! Bang! Nativity Pageant posters up in my Etsy store. There are two editions, a red version that was sold at the show and a blue varient that was given to the performers and the organizers of the event (there are only about 8 of those available).  Each poster comes with a version of just the black line work - so you can color it in as you’d like (while supplies last).  

17"x22" - 100# Classic Linen Cover Stock.  3 screens.  

Red - Edition of 110

Blue - Edition of 45



I’ve been drawing since I was little, I still have comics and things I made in third grade. I wouldn’t attribute that to any childhood exposure to art at all, more so to having access to crayons and goosebumps books and wanting to draw monsters and shit.

Later in life, as you start to get into whatever you’re into, I credit Dave Kloc with inspiring me to continue drawing. One of the first tours I was ever on, I stayed at his place and saw his prolific body of work, and at the time he was doing a creature drawing per day to practice different techniques. I came home from tour and started the same routine. I drew a character of his above. 

As for graffiti, some of it is cool, I don’t really care, I don’t have a discerning eye and I think people freaking out over it as high art is really weird. I used to do my fair share of Shepard Fairey worship; most of the logo work I’ve done in my “career” has been heavily influenced by his designs. 

One of my jobs is booking and producing a standup show called The Meltdown with Jonah and Kumail. I take this job very seriously. 

We started the show on October 27th, 2010, and we are ending it on October 19th, 2016. 

For six years, every single Wednesday, it has been my home and my heart. Our artist Dave Kloc drew this poster for this week’s show and it really sums up what the show has meant to me. It has been the warm glow that has kept me centered and engaged and alive, and it is my home. 

I have a billion other words to say about it but they’re all getting tangled up.

Enjoy this poster. Enjoy live comedy when you can.   


Today is the 4th anniversary of THE MELTDOWN w/ Jonah & Kumail.

Here’s some of the original posters I would make for the show, some are even pre-kumail and emily! 

This show means the world to me and I’m glad people keep coming. 

Thanks to Gaston and Hisami, Meltdown Comics, Dave Kloc, Ed Salazar, Kumail and especially Emily V. Gordon who does so much fucking work on this thing it’s insane. 

I remember being at one of the first M Bar Comedy shows (which would later become Comedy Death Ray/Bang Bang) and Scott Aukerman said “when are you gonna start a comedy show?” I thought to myself “but I’m a comic, I don’t want to be a promoter.” But I’m realizing now that being a comic also means being a promoter. It’s always in your best interest as a comedian to start your own room and book your own room and perform in your own room. You do it so you can meet people, you do it as a sort of currency to swap spots with other show producers, you do it because no matter what your schedule is like you know that once a week you have an opportunity to go on stage and perform. This is pretty common  knowledge now, but at the time I didn’t realize it. 

Our show would go on to have a TV show on Comedy Central. Which is insane. We never set out to make a one, we just set out to have a great live comedy show. Which we have and we are so fucking proud of it. Also because it’s so much fun and it’s an opportunity, at least once a week, to hang out with our friends. 

So, if you are a comedian, find a space and start a show. Not EVERY space can hold a show buy usually ANY space can. Also, just go balls out and do it WEEKLY. You need to have a show people can count on and so they know when it’s _____ night, they can just stop by the show. Monthly is okay too, but promoting the show every month can be a bit more tedious as you have to reintroduce the show to everybody, again, weekly provides you with easier promotion. The previous week is the promotion for the next week. Also, don’t do bi-weekly. I’ve seen it work here and there but, again, people are never really sure when it is.

I’m rambling. I’m just feeling wistful about the 4 years I’ve spent saying “GOODNIGHT DORSEY!”

Last week we filmed season three of The Meltdown with Jonah and Kumail for Comedy Central. This is us on the final night, tired and delirious, standing on the gorgeous stage that Dave Kloc and Gary Kordan, our design team, created for us. We can’t wait for you to see the show, which will premiere on Comedy Central this September!

Left to right, we are: Jonah Ray, host; Mike Rosenstein, producer; Emily V. Gordon, booker and producer; Kumail Nanjiani, host; Lance Bangs, director. 

See you sooooooooon………