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get to know me meme ??

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name: dennis 

nickname(s): ness, denny (only i call myself denny)

zodiac sign: gemini

heigh: 5′7″-ish

orientation: gay

nationality: american

favorite fruit: banana

favorite season: fall or winter

favorite book: uuuhhhhhhhhhhh ,,, ,, im not sure, i read a lot 

favorite flower: daisy

favorite scent: fuck if i know, scents ruined my life 

favorite color: grey or orange 

favorite animal: bears or cheetahs

coffee | tea | hot cocoa: if theres hot chocolate around its already in my mouth

average hours of sleep: th-three or four,, ,,,, ,,

cat or dog person: cats,

favorite fictional character(s): DOUG RAMSEY, conner kent, steve rogers, tim drake, jason todd, jayfeather, dave strider, squirrelflight, kamala khan, julio richter, this list could go on forever, roy harper

number of blankets you sleep with: 1-3 depending on the night. its rlly hot right now but ive always got my threadbare old dinosaur quilt (the origins of which id apparently completely fabricated the memory of), + i have a rainbow comforter and a daredevil blanket taking up precious bed space. ive also got abt 4 extra blankets at the end of my bed Just In Case…

dream trip: i want to travel mike teevee-style through cyberspace into the world of the endless forest online where we literally have no choice but to be silent and not talk to each other (travel is a hassle my ass doesnt need)

blog created: like june last year maybe, ,,

number of followers: 200

tagging: n o

Ms. Marvel is CBR'S #1 Comic of 2014

1. Ms. Marvel
Written by G. Willow Wilson
Art by Adrian Alphona, Jake Wyatt
Published by Marvel Comics

“Long before her first issue hit the stands, Kamala Khan took the world by storm. Much hyped, ‘Ms. Marvel’ had a lot of expectation to live up to – and, boy, did she ever. Awkward yet lovable, Kamala is one of the most relatable teenage characters to hit stands since Peter Parker. In Wilson and Alphona’s capable hands, issue after issue hits new heights as Kamala grows as a hero and a person. With quality this consistently great, 'Ms. Marvel’ wins hearts through its stellar character writing and charming artwork.”

– CBR Reviewer Meagan Damore

“From the very first panel of the first issue, it’s clear that G. Willow Wilson isn’t afraid to confront the realities of a young Muslim girl in a sympathetic, honest and hilarious way. Ms. Marvel has delighted and surprised me all year long and Kamala Khan isn’t just the superhero we need, she’s the one I want to be.”

– CBR Staff Writer Casey Gilly

“Pretty much the most fun you can have in superhero comics right now is 'Ms. Marvel.’ A media darling for its star Kamala Khan, a Muslim teenager dealing with the pressures of school and family life in New Jersey, the series has earned its spotlight through its depiction of a real and relatable young woman who greets the superhero world with excitement and wonder – despite the grief it brings her trying to square things with her parents. Oh, and Ms. Wilson absolutely killed the Obligatory Wolverine Guest Appearance – genuinely funny stuff.”

– CBR Staff Writer Shaun Manning

“I just couldn’t imagine a more lovable protagonist than Kamala Khan. Earnest, kind and almost embarrassingly geeky, she’s a real joy to root for. Add in the artists’ beautifully wonky version of Jersey City, and this book is unbeatable.”

– CBR Reviewer Marykate Jasper

“This is the most important comic that came out this year. I want this to be the most important comic for the next year, too. I want people to covet their copies of 'Ms. Marvel’ #1 and to talk about the origin of the character the same way they talk about 'Ultimate Spider-Man.’ I hope 'Ms. Marvel’ is the most important book for years to come.”

– Robot 6 Writer Carla Hoffman

“Imagine a combination of the great '80s teen films from writer/director John Hughes and the fun of the Marvel Universe. If you’ve read 'Ms. Marvel’ you know exactly what that looks like. Kamala Khan is one of the most likable and identifiable teen protagonists since Peter Parker, and like all heroic adolescents she’s on a quest to do good and establish her own identity, a quest made even more fascinating by her immigrant roots and shapeshifting abilities. Plus the series is full of weird, wonderful, and funny characters and events.”

– CBR Staff Writer Dave Richards