dave justice

Someone: Have you ever witnessed a crime?

Me (In a bitter tone, thinking about the 2017 Tony Awards): Something like that…


At 3:56 you get to hear Anita yell at Sargon IN REAL LIFE.

This is fucking GOLD.

Anonymous said: Hello! Oh gosh, did you read the upd8 yet? What did you think about it and would you ever consider doing the draw of Dave hugging Dirk because I am not over it i am crying holy shIT! ;3;;;
Anonymous said: could you draw the upd8 where the striders r hugging? bc i love your arts so much 

Super late to the party but I just had to doodle a little something for it. This must have been one of my favourite upd8s this year ahhh ;o;


Misheard Lyrics Part II - Tumblr Edition!

(Part I

Would love to hear everyone else’s lyrical flubs! These have been fun to make if you excuse my shoddy photo-editing skills. 

And I can’t figure out how to make a funny picture of it, but my own personal misheard lyric is in “My Shot” where the gang spells out Alexander. I know it’s his accent, but every time I pick out Lafayette’s voice, I hear “A-N-E-X-A-N-D-E-R” instead of “A-L…”, and I just picture Lafayette shrugging it off like. “Yo, I just met this dude. Excusez-moi for not remembering his name, when I can barely remember my own.”

Special thanks to ask-francis-kinloch, ask-aaron-burr, and tiggit (soon to be et-cur-non) for their contributions. 




If you don’t think free speech is important, remember Count Dankula is going to prison for teaching his girlfriend’s pug the Nazi salute as a prank.