dave is so cute


- Garmadon is all kisses with his kitten
-Lloyd has mastered the art of scratching the kitty under the chin
-Koko is very happy to have a kitty but doesn’t want her dress to get torn
-Jay has a fear of holding cats but is a-okay standing next to Garmadon so he can get as close to the cat as humanly possible
-Zane is overloaded with cuteness and could care less about the white hair on his suit


Day 2 @dirkweek : Happy Dirk!
Family movie night. Jake picked the movie, which really should probably never be allowed because he’d be happy with anything anyone else picks. Karkat is pointing out the many flaws, and Dave and Dirk are enjoying the movie ironically, everyone’s enjoying spending time with loved ones, and I’m rolling around from the cuteness.
Also babbling again. Sorry. :x