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Hottest Metal Male Moments in pictures Pt. 1


Tuesday’s Toss

Kieran Foran Gets His Game On,  And Wolfman Should As Well. Williams Has Proved A Major Disappointment This Season. Still…

Bring It On, Baby!

madamehardy  asked:

Young Folks -- for once John's sex life embarrasses Dave instead of the other way around. What does Dave consider TMI? Or does it backfire, and Dave is seriously and awkwardly turned on?

NSFW on account of Dave’s internal monologue!

It’s John’s fault you’re in Karkat’s closet.

Yeah. Uh-huh. It’s exactly what it sounds like.

Shit, you’re sure Rose would totally cream her rubber psychoanalytical panties if she could see you right now. She must never know.

Also did you mention it was totally John’s fault? It is totally John’s fault. It it was any more John’s fault he’d be a walking supermassive black hole of Karma causing a mass exodus of innocent bystanders (such as yourself) into closets all around the world until the generated homoerotic tension and shame turned everybody into beautiful fucking unicorns freely jizzing rainbows all over the place.

Thus began the era of horses with phallic objects on their faces. John’s fault. All of it.

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