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I’m clearing out my ask box, so here’s a rapid fire bunch of answers to the 43 questions in there! A lot of these I wanted to draw a comic or do a little animation for but just never got the time or energy, and others I didn’t know what to say, but I think that some response is better than no response, so while these are all going to be either text or doodles, I wanted them all to actually get answers.

Below the cut because this’ll be a hella long one~ Plenty of Zelda doodles in there though so if you just wanna see doofy drawings click too!

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Godhood Isn't All It's Cracked Up To Be - Chapter 8 - Weevilo707 - Homestuck [Archive of Our Own]
An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works
By Organization for Transformative Works

Chapters: 8/?
Fandom: Homestuck, MS Paint Adventures
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Dave Strider/Karkat Vantas
Characters: Dave Strider, Karkat Vantas, Rose Lalonde, John Egbert, Kanaya (mentioned) - Character
Additional Tags: Davekat Week, Day Six, Hurt/Comfort, Sadstuck, mentioned pale vriska/terezi, mentioned aradia/sollux, Reincarnation, They win the game but only the godtiers survive, all others are reincarnated with no memories, First Meetings, sort of, Depression, mentioned john/roxy, Suicidal Thoughts, the rosemary is pretty minor i will admit, mentioned rose/kanaya - Freeform
Series: Part 6 of Davekat Week 2015

They won the game. They all worked hard to beat that skeleton fuck and create a universe safe from the mechanics of the game. But when they walked through that door, Dave felt the hand he’d been holding tightly in his fade away.

Everyone who wasn’t a god tier had been wiped away the second they walked through that fucking door.


okay so it’s been like seven, eight months? But finally got a new chapter up. sorry for the wait ya’ll 

The Killers Interviews Masterpost

The interviews are organised by year. If you notice any discrepancies please let me know. Likewise, if you notice there are any interviews missing and/or incomplete, send me a message (and a link if possible) and I will update this post accordingly. I will also update this post with new interviews as they happen. Last updated 20/07/2017.


T In The Park Interview

On Set - Mr Brightside [1], [2], [3], [4], [5], [6]

The Killers on Loveline

Brandon Flowers and Ronnie Vannucci AOL Sessions

Brandon Flowers and Ronnie Vannucci MTV Interview

The Killers Much Music Interview

The Killers Teen People Interview

Glastonbury Interview

The Killers Electronic Press Kit (EPK) & The Making of Somebody Told Me

The Killers Mick Rock Photoshoot (Behind The Scenes)

V Festival Interview

V Festival Interview with Dave & Brandon

The Killers at the Movie Premiere of ‘Alexander’

Interview with Dave & Brandon

Artisan News Service Interview

Nardwuar vs. The Killers [2], [3a], [3b], [4a] [4b]

The Killers on Album de la Semaine


The Killers at the NME Awards

Planet Rock Interview

Glastonbury Interview

Austin City Limits Interview

The Killers Pre-XBox Special Interview


Brandon Flowers, Ricky Wilson & Zane Lowe sing a-Ha’s Take On Me

Live8 Interview

CNN Headline News Interview

Making of Smile Like You Mean It

GO TV Interview

Brit Awards Interview (Brandon & Ronnie)


Making of When You Were Young

MTV Gonzo Special Interview [1], [2], [3], [4], [5], [6], [7]

Brandon Flowers Interview

Vodafone TBA [Mr Brightside] [All These Things That I’ve Done] [When You Were Young & Read My Mind] [Somebody Told Me]

Interview with Joe Mace

Interview with Alex Zane

Jools Holland Interview

Brandon Flowers Talks About Pet Shop Boys on Channel 4

Alex Zane with The Killers (Drunk Dave)

D99 Interview [1], [2], [3], [4]

Celebrity Style Interview

The Killers - When They Were Young

The Killers Discuss Their Favourite Movies

The Killers on Freshly Squeezed

The Killers on Jimmy Kimmel

Toazted Interview [1] [2]


Interview with Brandon Flowers in Brazil

The Killers at T In The Park 2007

Glastonbury Interview with Brandon

Glastonbury Interview with Dave

J-TV Interview

Making of Read My Mind

Interview with Dave & Brandon

V Festival Interview with Mark

Artisan News Service Interview [1], [2]

Q 104.3 FM’s Jonathan Clarke Interviews Dave Keuning

VH1 Interview with Ronnie & Mark

Brandon & Mark on MTV Ask

MTV2 Takeover with Ronnie & Brandon

Interview with Mark

The Killers Talk to Dave Fanning [1], [2]

MTV interviews Dave Keuning


The Killers Accept NME’s Best International Band Award with Mike Tyson

Making of Human

Leeds Festival Interview

Reading Festival Interview

NME Awards USA Interview

ATL Interview with Dave & Ronnie

The Killers on The Hour with George Stroumboulopoulos

Q Radio TV Interview with Brandon & Ronnie

Backstage with Brandon at KROQ

Fuse Interview

Associated Press Interview - The Killers Get Playful With Quirky New Album

Brandon Flowers at the GQ Awards

ITN Interview with Brandon & Dave

Dave Keuning Interview [1], [2]

Claudio Rodriquez Interview

Ronnie Accepts NME’s Best Track Award for Tranquilize

Strip Poker on Jimmy Kimmel


The Killers on Q TV

TMF MTV Videography with Brandon & Dave [1], [2]

Hyde Park Interview

The Killers walk onstage at T In The Park

Perez Hilton interviews The Killers at the 2008 EMAs

V Festival Interview

V Festival Australia Interview with Brandon & Ronnie

Shockwaves NME Awards

Holy Moly Interview

Nardwuar vs. The Killers

Friday Night With Jonathan Ross

Brandon at Yahoo! Guitar Hero Fridays, San Diego

Interview with The Killers on French TV

Interview with Brandon & Ronnie

Hard Rock Calling Interview

The Recipe for Success Interview with Ronnie

Ronnie Vannucci apologises about the cancelled Amsterdam Heineken Music Hall gig

Ronnie Vannucci Edge FM Interview

Revu interview with Ronnie Vannucci

The Killers TMF MTV Videography with Brandon and Dave [1] [2] [3]


Brandon Flowers & Ronnie Vannucci MTV Interview at São Paulo [1] [2]

Brandon Flowers on Q TV

Brandon Flowers Flip Interview with Zane Lowe

A Date With Brandon Flowers [1], [2], [3]

EM Article Interview

Brandon Flowers Interview with Zane Lowe

Amplified: Brandon Flowers

Brandon on MTV Canada [1], [2], [3]

Brandon Flowers Fuse Interview

Brandon Flowers NME Interview

Jimmy Kimmel Web Exclusive [1], [2], [3], [4]

Brandon Flowers Interview

BBC Radio 1’s Zane Lowe Interviews Brandon Flowers


Ischgl Interview - Quality isn’t great but the original was taken down off YouTube

NME Interview with Brandon Flowers on The Killers’ Future

At Home With Brandon Flowers - Spin Magazine Interview

Brandon Flowers in Mexico - Sony Spin

The People vs. Brandon Flowers

Lollapalooza Chile Interview

BBC Radio 1’s Zane Lowe Interviews Brandon Flowers & XFM’s Steve Harris interviews Ronnie Vannucci


MSN Interview with Brandon Flowers

Werner Herzog Mini-Documentary - AmexUNSTAGED

All Roads Lead to AmexUNSTAGED

Fans Go Face to Face for AmexUNSTAGED

American Express UNSTAGED Trailer

The Bass From Outer Space - AmexUNSTAGED

Dave Warms Up - AmexUNSTAGED

VH1 News Interview with Brandon Flowers & Ronnie Vannucci

ALT 98.7 Interview

The Killers Talk New Album

NME Interview

Inside Battle Born Studios

The Killers Talk New Album

The Killers interview with Zane Lowe

Brandon Flowers on Republic of Telly

Brandon Flowers interviewed by ODE/Absolute Radio at the Q Awards

Brandon Flowers vs. Richard Dawkins

Shortlist TV Interview

Zane Lowe Interviews Brandon & Ronnie at The Forum

Brandon Flowers Interview

Get More Into Music Interview

ANDPOP Small Talk Interview with Ronnie [1], [2]

V Festival Interview

Zane Lowe Interviews Brandon Flowers

AP Interview with Brandon & Ronnie

Coke Festival Interview with Dave Keuning

Ronnie Vannucci 91XRocks Interview at 91Wrex the halls, San Diego


Action News Interview at Life Is Beautiful

Radio.com Life Is Beautiful Interview

Brandon on The Making of The Killers’ Direct Hits

Exclusive Battle Born Tour Footage (Samsung)

The Killers Walk Onstage At Isle of Wight Festival

Isle Of Wight Festival Interview

Dave & Ronnie at Isle of Wight Festival

Fuse Interview about Battle Born Follow-up and Vegas Pride with Jack Osbourne

ALT Nation Radio Interview

The Killers Live From The Artists Den Interview

The Killers BBC Radio 1 Stories

Dave Interviewed by ICRT Radio

T In The Park Interview with Greg James

Maida Vale Studios Interview with Zane Lowe

Old Man Jimmy (Is Soon To Die) Skit

Ronnie Vannucci - Sound Legacy Interview for Zildjian

Ronnie Vannucci Cool FM / Phantom 105.2 Interview

Ronnie on CCTV News (Beijing)


V Festival Interview

Joel The Lump of Coal (Skit & Song)


How I Wrote That Song: Brandon Flowers “Can’t Deny My Love” with Darren Beckett on Jimmy Fallon (23/03/2015)

Brandon Flowers Interview with The Kevin & Bean Show

Brandon Flowers - The Late Late Show with James Corden (14/05/2015)

Brandon Flowers - The Late Late Show with James Corden (Dressing Room) (14/05/2015)

Brandon Flowers (with Kylie Minogue, Simon Pegg & Michael McIntyre) on The Graham Norton Show (15/05/2015) - Performance & Interview

Brandon Flowers Interview - Absolute Radio (Audio) (17/05/2015)

Brandon Flowers Interview - Absolute Radio (Video) (Recorded 15/05/2015, Aired 17/05/2015)

Brandon Flowers - Guitar Center Interview (May 2015)

Brandon Flowers - Radio 5 Live Interview (May 2015)

Brandon Flowers - The Andy Greenwald Podcast - Grantland Channel (20/05/2015) - Video no longer available, audio only

Brandon Flowers - Gigwise Interview (20/05/2015)

Brandon Flowers - NME Interview from Brixton Academy, London (21/05/2015)

Brandon Flowers - Free Radio Interview with Adam Wilbourn (24/05/2015)

Brandon Flowers - BBC Radio Scotland Interview with Janice Forsyth (25/05/2015)

Brandon Flowers - BBC Breakfast Interview (27/05/2015)

Brandon Flowers for LVCVA Vegas Season (15/06/2015)

Billboard speaks with The Killers at Firefly Festival (21/06/2015)

Brandon Flowers speaks with Mike Jones of DC101 (29/07/2015)

B-Sides On-Air: Interview - Big Talk Talks About New Album, Old Lakers

Brandon Flowers speaks with AMPIllinois at LouFest (12/09/2015)

Brandon Flowers Talks 2015 Life Is Beautiful Festival (27/09/2015)

Brandon Flowers speaks with KSL (28/09/2015)

NME Interview: “ Brandon Flowers: ‘We’ll Turn Things On Their Head For Next Killers Album'” (02/10/2015)

Brandon Flowers speaks with BBC Radio 2′s Jo Whiley (15/10/2015)

Brandon Flowers on Elton John’s Rocket Hour for Apple Radio’s Beats 1 Show (Aired 09/11/2015)

Brandon Flowers at Hellow Fest 2015

Dan Wooton speaks with Brandon Flowers for Lorraine’s Showbiz News & Gossip

Brandon and Mark on Nightly News (20/12/2015)

Brandon Flowers interview on Mercedes In The Morning (07/12/2015)


Brandon Flowers’ interview with Armani Sounds

Brandon Flowers for Clarín (Lollapalooza 2016)

Fran Healy interviews Brandon Flowers for Absolute Radio


Brandon Flowers & Ronnie Vannucci speak to Radio 104.5 backstage at their Birthday Show (11/06/2017)

Brandon Flowers’ interview with Annie Mac after The Killers’ new single “The Man” was debuted (Radio 1) (14/06/2017)

Brandon Flowers’ Facebook Live Q&A Session following the debut of The Killers’ new single “The Man” 14/06/2017

Brandon Flowers speaks with Triple J (Australia) following the release of The Killers’ new single “The Man” 15/06/2017

Ronnie Vannucci speaks with CFOX following the release of The Killers’ new single “The Man” 15/06/2017

Brandon Flowers and Ronnie Vannucci speak with SiriusXM about their new sinle “The Man” and their upcoming album “Wonderful Wonderful”

Brandon Flowers & Ronnie Vannucci backstage at Tinderbox Festival, Denmark 22/06/2017

Brandon Flowers & Ronnie Vannucci’s post-Glasto interview with Jo Whiley 24/06/2017

Brandon Flowers & Ronnie Vannucci on Vice News’ ‘This Week’s New Music’ Segment

Brandon Flowers & Ronnie Vannucci Interviewed at Provinssi Festival (Finland) 04/07/2017

Brandon Flowers & Ronnie Vannucci at Exit Festival (Serbia) 06/07/2017

Brandon Flowers & Ronnie Vannucci at Bilbao BBK Live (Spain) 07/07/2017

Brandon Flowers & Ronnie Vannucci speak to Sarah Champion of Absolute Radio at BST Hyde Park (11/07/2017)

Brandon Flowers & Ronnie Vannucci speak to NME about their upcoming 5th studio album ‘Wonderful Wonderful’

Brandon Flowers & Ronnie Vannucci speak to Jo Whiley of Radio 2 about their upcoming album 13/07/2017

Brandon Flowers & Ronnie Vannucci speak to Gordon Smart of Radio X ahead of their upcoming 5th studio album ‘Wonderful Wonderful’ 17/07/2017

Brandon Flowers & Ronnie Vannucci speak to Edith Bowman of Virgin Radio about their upcoming album ‘Wonderful Wonderful’

Ronnie Vannucci & Brandon Flowersspeak to Annie Mac of Radio 1 and pick their ultimate party playlist 20/07/2017

Homestuck fanfics

Just gonna post & link some of the HS fanfics I like (Mainly Stridercest) :3

Stridercest/ Alpha Stridercest:

StriderClan: A collection of Stridercest fanfics (rating from fluff to smut) that includes: Dave Strider, Dirk Strider, Bro Strider, D Strider (Alpha Dave)

The Morning After (Not the pill, you dunce - the apocalypse): Dirk Strider/ Dave Strider (Rating mature) Zombie au, twin Strider’s.

Will You Hear Me: Bro Strider/ Dave Strider (Rating mature) Cant really describe this one…. you just have to read it.

Prodigy : Alpha Dave Strider/ Dirk Strider (Rating Teen and up) THE BEST ALPHA STRIDERCEST I HAVE SEEN YET!!! <3

Drunken Mishaps: Bro Strider/ Dave Strider (Rating explicit) I just love this one~ <3

Heat: Bro Strider/ Dave Strider (Rating explicit) Omegaverse~!

The Cat of the House: Bro Strider/ Dave Strider (Rating explicit) Bro Likes cats. Dave decides to tease him about it.

Other Pairings:

Somewhere I Belong: Dad/Dave Strider (Really cute, just fluffyness <3) Neko Dave.

Oh, I Miss the Kiss of Treachery: Dave Strider/ Karkat Vantas (Rating explicit) Beta kids are in a band, Karkat is a fanboy. Human au.   

Youtube is Not a Dating Website: Sollux Captor/ Aradia Megido (Rating mature) Adorakable.

Growing Up Without You: Cronus Ampora/ Kankri Vantas (Rating mature) childhood friends, human au.

Blackeyed: Mituna Captor/ Kurloz Makara, Sollux Captor/ Gamzee Makara, Helmsman/ GHB (Rating Teen and up) Love love love love love <3


Alpha Gayla: Dave and Rose get ready for a fancy event. Dave doesn’t take things seriously. (Sorry for shitty quality!)