dave haywood


All for love, chapter 11

‘Hey! Oi, Dave’ Charles yelled after Dave. 'Oi! Don’t walk away from me.’ Charles caught up to dave who was purposely ignoring him 'oi!’ He grabbed his shoulder and spun him around 'what are you playing at?!’ Dave turned to look at Charles 'nothing. Just leave me alone Charles..’ He pulled away and continued walking 'DAVID WESLEY HAYWOOD, don’t you dare walk away from me!’ Charles called out again, but Dave walked faster. Charles had no use but to run after him. Through the pain he was going through, he caught up to dave and grabbed his arm tightly 'DAVE! Don’t walk away from me.’ Dave struggled in Charles grip 'let me go! Charles let me go!’ He yelled angrily but Charles wasn’t listening. 'Why dave?! Why her? YOU KNOW HOW MUCH SHE MEANS TO ME! Why?!’ Dave dropped his look towards the ground, still struggling with Charles grip. Charles moved to grab both of Dave’s arms and push him against a wall 'why dave?!’ Charles began to get emotional, wiping his face on his sleeve, he glared back at dave. 'I can’t help my feelings Charles!’ Dave yelled back at him and Charles smirked 'you wanna bet?! You don’t love her dave.. You only think you do.’ Dave moved his arms out and managed to shove Charles off of him, causing him to stumble back into a parked car 'HOW WOULD YOU KNOW! God! Why does EVERYTHING have to be about you!?! Why can’t it be about me, even just for a second! I’m sick of being pushed under the rug every single day of my life! Ohh Charles is getting divorced. Ohh he’s inlove with Hillary… Ohh he’s hurt… You’re always the centre of attention and im just over it! If you hadn’t kept fucking around with her, you wouldn’t be in this mess in the first place!’
Dave was right in his face and Charles had had enough, punching him square in the face ‘YOUVE GOT IT EASY MATE! You have NO idea what I have to go through every day of my life. You don’t know the pressure I’m put under. You don’t understand what the media puts me through. If you cared about anybody but yourself, you’d know this dave. But you don’t. You’ve got it so easy…. You fly under the radar everyday, nobody cares if you fuck up, no one notices. But as soon as I step a foot out of line, everything goes haywire.’ Dave clutched at his face while he laid on the ground ‘I’d give ANYTHING to have what you have. You take everything for granted, this fame thing has gone to your head Charles, because you’re not the same guy I knew in highschool. You’ve got a big head. It’s about time that someone brought you down to size. You don’t love her….’ In the heat of the moment, Dave had said the wrong thing and he knew it. ‘I WHAT?! Are you fucking serious?! She’s the best thing that’s EVER happened to me, and you’re trying to tell me that I don’t love her?! You’re wrong. I haven’t changed, you have. You used to be my right hand man, but now you’re only using me to get to Hillary. I thought we were mates… Well I guess I was wrong. You’re only in this to see me burn, and I’m damned if I’m gonna stand here and let you ruin my life.’ Charles glared down to dave before turning around and walking back towards the tour bus. Dave managed to pull himself up, using the car.
‘Hey… Charles…’ Dave coughed out and Charles turned around ‘what?!’ He yelled back, blood boiling. ‘I-I slept with Cassie when you were together. No hard feelings?’ Dave began to laugh, and Charles clenched his jaw and fists, storming back towards him and grabbing his collar ‘you think this is some kind of joke?! Why?! Why would you tell me this?! It’s like you’re begging me to punch your face in right now! God… If I wasn’t scared of what Hillary would do if I killed you, I would KILL YOU!’ Dave shrugged and his head rolled back ‘give me your best hit. You think you’re some big shot country singer, a perfect angel, I know you’re not. I know you Charles… I know how you work, you’re just about to crack, I can see it… So go on… Gimme your best shot, see if you’re the perfect little country boy everybody thinks you are. You’re not perfect. You’re just like the rest of us. You’re weak.. Insecure… Pathetic, just like the rest of us.. You’re falling apart at the seams, and I’m gonna be there when you finally fall down. This is only the beginning Charles, you can’t stop it now…’ Charles had shoved dave against the wall and stood over him, but he slowly let his grip go and dave fell to the ground. Charles began to realize that everything dave had just said was right, and he didn’t know what to do next. Dave glared up from the ground and snickered ‘I’m right, aren’t i? I can see it written all over your face. I’m right and you know it.’ Charles shook his head and started to walk away, and Dave got up off the ground ‘yeah, you walk away, run back to your girlfriend who is still married, by the way…’
Dave was walking on thin ice, but he wasn’t gonna back down. He’d been holding back all this emotion and anger towards Charles for so long now, it was time to let it all out. ‘You know.. Chris was right about you two… You’re both as pathetic and low as each other, maybe you do deserve to be together. I’m sorry I ever thought that I was as low as that…’ Charles had had enough of Dave’s senseless talking. He turned back and stormed back towards dave, stopping a step or two in front of him ‘look. You can talk shit about me as much as you want, but don’t you DARE tell Hillary that you’re in love with her, and then talk about her like that to my face! You say I’m pathetic, but you’re just as low as me. At least I have the BALLS to act on my feelings, instead of hiding them all away. At least I have the BALLS to confront my best friend when I had a problem with him. AT LEAST I NEVER TRIED TO RUIN YOUR LIFE DAVE! 20 years of fucking friendship and this is what it comes down to?! Well thanks… Thanks for making me feel worse than I ever have… Thanks for making me hate myself.’ Charles let go of Dave and took off in search for a bar to drink at. Dave laid down in the ground for a while longer, deciding where to go.
Charles walked into a bar and ordered a drink. ‘Hey, weren’t you in here the other day… The guy that got beat up?’ The bartender asked him. ‘Yep. Can I have a drink now?’ Charles pressed his fist down Into the bar, and the bartender nodded ‘yes sir..’ Charles laid his forehead down against the bar and a shady looking guy sat down beside him. ‘Youre looking a bit down there soldier..’ Charles lifter his head sideways to look at the man. He had a long, gray beard and wore a beanie. He looked really dodgy, but Charles had lost all interest in anything around him. ‘Yeah, what’s it to you..’ Charles said back coldly, looking back towards the bar. ‘I don’t want to anger you…. I just want to help…’ Charles looked back slowly, Intrigued by what the man was saying ‘….I doubt it.. But go on…’ A smile spread across the mans face ‘you’re interested? Come with me…’ He stood up and Charles did too, following him outside to a small alley way. ‘Youre about to start something that will slowly take over your life… In staying that.. It will make you feel 100x better than what you’re feeling now.’ Charles leant his back against the wall and crossed his arms across his chest ‘all I want to know is, can you help me right now, because I seriously have nothing left.. I’m desperate here..’ The man stepped towards Charles and put a hand of his shoulder, reaching into his pocket and pulling out a small plastic bag. ‘Well, it’s your lucky day my man. Right here is your sweet escape. Take two of these every morning and you’ll find yourself starting to enjoy life a lot more…. And you don’t need to thank me.’ He placed the bag into Charles hand and walked away. Charles examined the bag of coloured pills, before looking up again ‘hey wait, what if I run-’ he called out but the guy was gone. Without thinking, Charles ripped into the bag and took two pills, stuffing the rest back into his pocket and walking back into the bar to drink until he couldn’t stand.
After he stumbled back to the bus at 2:00am, Charles was confronted by an angry Hillary. ‘Where the HELL have you been?! I’ve been worried sick about you! Where’s Dave?!’ Charles walked passed her and fell onto the couch ‘how am I supposed to know where he is?! I don’t give a shit…’ He said angrily and Hillary gasped ‘Charles Burgess Kelley! How can you say that about your best frie-’ ‘he’s NOT my best friend..’ He spat out ‘Best friends don’t treat their mates like shit after 20 years! I don’t care anymore, he can get stuffed!’ Hillary walked around the couch and stood in front of him ‘what is wrong with you?! Where is he?’ Charles stood up and towered over hillary ‘I.dont.know! Gosh can you stop with the questions already? I’m th-sh-beh- I’m tired alright..’ He pushed past her and went to bed. Hillary was overwhelmed with how Charles was acting, and wasn’t too sure with how to deal with it all. She sat down on the couch and got out her phone. ‘Dave… Dave where are you? Please come back… Please….. We can work this out, I promise.’ She only got his voicemail. After trying a few more times, she gave up and walked to bed, sleeping by herself for the first time since her and Charles had ‘gotten together’. She rolled over to look at Charles who had already passed out and had started to snore loudly. ‘What has gotten into you charlie?’ She sighed to herself before closing her eyes tightly and eventually falling asleep.
A few days had passed and dave still hadn’t showed up. Charles had been continuing to take the pills, unbeknownst to Hillary. His mood had changed, and he was acting a lot calmer and happier, until today. Charles woke up in a pool of sweat next to Hillary. It couldn’t had been the weather because it was the middle of winter and it was cold outside. It could have been the aftermath of the sex they had the night before, but it didn’t make sense to him. He sat up, sweat pouring down his stomach and back as he made his way to the bathroom and into the cabinet, slipping 5 pills into his mouth and swallowing them with a large gulp of water. Charles found a pair of jeans and slipped them on. He figured he’d start to feel better after a few minutes, but he didn’t. He felt worse, a lot worse. Charles heard Hillary get up and stuffed the plastic bag of pills into his pocket quickly before she could see. ‘Good morning baby. How are you feeling today?’ She asked, wrapping her arms around him and kissing his back. I’m.. I’m fine.’ He stuttered out, dropping his head down before stepping away from her ‘I’m… Gonna have a shower..’ He said slowly and she nodded ‘ohh okay.. I’ll wait in the lounge. He forced a smile and she left, shutting the door behind her. Charles laid his forehead against the door. Everything inside of him was hurting, like his organs were on fire and he was burning from the inside out. He dropped to his knees on the floor and clutched at his heart, feeling a slow flood of deep sadness rush over him, like someone had ripped his heart out and had thrown it all over the bathroom walls. He began to cry, harder than he ever had before. Charles had cried before, but never like this. He couldn’t control it, he just felt so overly sad that he had no choice but to cry. After a couple minutes, he had managed to get himself up and fall into the shower and wash himself, then stumble out to the bedroom in a towel to get changed.
Hillary walked past him in the hallway and he smiled quickly ‘I’m gonna have a shower now ok Hun? I made you breakfast, it’s on the table.’ She held his waist and he leant down to kiss her ‘th-thanks baby..’ He said quietly before walking out and sitting at the table. He heard Hillary get in the shower and sighed. ‘Whats going on Charles… What’s wrong with you..’ He asked himself. He felt his heart begin to beat rapidly again and the sweat begin to pour out of him. He stood up and lurched towards the sink and washed his face with water, trying to snap himself out of whatever he was going through. He heard the shower turn off and tried to pull himself together before she came out. Hillary picked up Charles dirty clothes and took them to the laundry. She shook out his shirt and dropped it into the washing machine, then did the same to his jeans. After shaking out his jeans, the plastic bag fell out onto the floor, and Hillary leant down to pick it up. After working out what it was, she stormed out to the kitchen to see him bent over the sink ‘do you want to explain this or should I just assume the worst?’ She stood beside him as he threw up into the sink ‘assume what you want, I don’t care…’ He said, lifting his head slightly. ‘Are you freaking insane?! Charles do you know what this is?! THIS COULD KILL YOU CHARLES! DO YOU KNOW THAT?! God! I can’t believe you!’ She threw the bag at him and he dropped his head back down towards the sink, throwing up once more. ‘Thats why you’ve been acting different the past few days, isn’t it?! You’re on drugs! Charles, I knew you were bad, but I didn’t know it was this bad! Why couldn’t you just talk to me?! Charles?! Ch-oh my god Charles!’ He fell from the sink and dropped to the floor, smashing the side of his head on the floor as he hit.