The Other Side Of Nirvana

The point of this post is to inform people that there is another side to Nirvana. A more experimental side that really took risks, and was diverse, and creative



2.All Apologies (Acoustic Band Demo) 

3.Underground Celebritism

4.Bright Smile

5.E-Coli Jam


7.Burn My Britches

8.Talk To Me

9.Pennyroyal Tea (Acoustic Band Demo)

10.Jam After Dinner

11.Unknown Song From Montage Of Heck (Bootleg Name:Come On Death)

12.Aero Zeppelin

13.Hairspray Queen


15.Horrified (Daniel Johnston)


17.Do Re Mi (versions 1-3)


19.Drunk In Rio w/Courtney Love

20.Buffy’s Pregnant

21.Sound Of Dentage

22.Bambi Slaughter

23.Spank Thru

Check these tracks out if you’re new to Nirvana

all excellent choices,

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my room: a mess

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