dave franco oc


Looks alot like Dave Franco

Name: Sean Oserton

Age: Nineteen

Sexuality: Up to roleplayer

Personality: Sean is very kind and sweet, always thinking about others before himself. He loves to read and write and he loves playing his cello. He’s a big comic book dork and loves being alone in his room. He prefers being by himself, but will go out on occasion if there’s a good enough reason to.

History: Sean comes from a big family and is the fourth child of six. His mother and father struggled to support all of the children, so Sean often went hungry, he didn’t mind though. He always thought he was too big for his age, and other kids thought so as well. They all teased him for his bigger size, which caused his to develop anorexia. Hes doing the experiment to try and make his family happy.

Mental Illness: Anorexia Nervosa

Other: Sean is addicted to self-harm and weight loss pills.

Roleplayer: None